Industrial Scales For The Cannabis Industry

Scales are quite commonly used in the cannabis industry, from production of THC-infused products to retail medical and recreational dispensaries.

While most of these situations call for commercial digital digital scales, the prodution of cannabis concentrates often involves highly flammable and explosive gases. In a hazardous environment such as this, intrinsically safe, explosion proof scales are necessary in order to maintain quality and consistency in the final product while mitigating the risks involved in working with flammable gasses.

Our ArlynGuard series of flammable and explosion proof scales are used for the extraction process for cannabis concentrates with great success. By “extraction” we mean removing oils and other materials, not for measuring ingredients or amounts manufactured which do not require our Intrinsically Safe scales.

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Digital Industrial Scales For Cannabis Product Manufacturers

There are two main reasons that cannabis producers need to ensure incredibly specific weights. One is that even the slightest amount of extra material could trip a regulatory warning and the other is that inaccurate readings could indicate a waste of product.

The ArlynGuard S Series is designed for both, which is why it is also called the Intrinsically Safe Ultra Protection Scale series. SAW, or Surface Acoustic Wave technology, assist with the precision for utmost accuracy. Use it in any environment; while cannabis production is not hazardous, the attention to safety will assist in helping you meet federal regulations.

In a worst-case scenario, consumers might be upset that they weren’t receiving the proper amount of material and demand returns from retailers. Should that happen it would be the initial manufacturers that all of the retailers would come back to in order to complain.

As a result, it’s extremely important that you take the opportunity to invest in digital industrial scales that offer an absolutely accurate reading. Of course, a scale is only ever as accurate as the attached indicator. You’ll want to make sure that you take the time to work with an ultra-precision scale that’s connected to an appropriate indicator.

Using Digital Scales For Cannabis Concentrate Production

When you attach such a scale to a digital indicator, you’ll be able to export information via USB or simply view it on the attached touchscreen. This is vital for those who are making concentrates since the slightest amount of extraneous tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) could render an otherwise therapeutic compound potentially dangerous.

Keep in mind that all scales have a certain tolerance, so you’ll want to work with weighing equipment that offers a resolution clear enough to work with CBD and THC compounds.

Resolution in this respect doesn’t refer to how big the screen size is, but rather the weighing range of the scale divided by the readability of the display. It’s basically capacity over readability, and many people in the healthcare industry refer to it this way.

While this might be a slightly different definition compared to how the resolution is used in the world of personal computers, it’s completely possible to connect a scale to one. This may be ideal for those producing edibles and topicals.

As producers work on a particular CBD cream, for instance, the scale could be rigged to automatically store certain weight statistics on the compounds being manufactured. That can help to ensure that creams remain perfectly stable and don’t have too little or too much of any particular ingredients.

Counting scales might be of some use in this industry as well since medical technicians and other healthcare specialists need to be able to see how many of a certain object go into a single container. Take, for instance, the idea of a bottle of encapsulated concentrates. You’d need to have a certain number of units go into each container.

Find Your Industrial Scale Solution At Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales is one of the leading manufacturers for industrial scales. It doesn’t matter how large or small your operation is. Whether you’re a local grower or a major state-level production organization, you’re going to only want the most reliable scales on the market.
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