Remote Displays for Scales and Industrial Weighing Equipment

Weighing systems usually incorporate some type of User Interface. Naturally, the person operating the scale needs to see the amount of weight on the scale platform. They often also need to use controls to instruct the scale for specific operations, such as displaying the weight in the correct units of pounds, or grams, or some other unit of weight.

This User Interface can come in many different formats, and is often dependent on the expected use. Most modern weight indicators use monochrome LCD (Liquid Crystal) displays. These are popular because they are generally moderate in cost. In addition, the readout does not get “washed out” by high ambient light conditions in industrial environments.

Some higher quality units, such as Arlyn’s MKE display, feature a high visibility graphics capable LCD. The high visibility provides ease of use to the operator.

While a local display may be commonplace, remote displays are often desired. Under certain conditions, the operator may not be able to be near the scale. Or the operator may have the responsibility of running many pieces of equipment at the same time.

What Are LED Displays?

While LED (light emitting diode) weight displays may often be considered a bit old fashioned, they do incorporate certain features that can be superior to LCD displays under some specific conditions. A bright LED indicator can be perfect in very low ambient light conditions. Although flexible programmable graphics may be harder to implement, specialty graphics shapes can be quite attention grabbing.

Multiple individual LEDs are assembled into a format that can be controlled for showing numbers and letters. The interface may be a standard serial RS-232 connection, or more modern displays may incorporate USB or other standards.

What Does A Remote Display Provide?

Although a local weight readout is suitable for many scenarios, a remote display provides readouts for multiple people to access the weight data in multiple locations. This can be particularly important for Intrinsically Safe Scales. Arlyn Scales provides a number of Configurations that allow weight data to be safely directed from a hazardous area to a remote display in a safe area.

Readouts in Real Time

Data can be collected in a variety of formats for later recall and use. A USB flash drive data logging system is an example. But if you need to monitor the weight readings in real time, a remote indicator is more suitable.

High Visibility Of Readings

Weight readings may need to be visible up to 150 feet from the scale platform. A high visibility full color graphics display would be ideal for this situation.

Arlyn’s UpScale weight indicator is a perfect example of this. The color touch screen is very large, with a 7” diagonal measurement. The screen may be selected for a choice of setup options, including one which is labeled as a Scoreboard.

This project a very large character color display of the current weight reading. Use it as a stand alone unit, or can be connected as a “slave” display of another weight indicator.

There is a “Setpoint” option allowing the user to program targeted weight values for weighing systems. A traffic light 3 color display can appear on the indicator, showing if the weight is below, at target, or above the programmed values.

Additionally, it is a readout for multi platform situations. Readings from up to three platforms can be seen on the indicator at the same time.

A truck scale is another category. Platform truck scales visible weight readings are another specialty application. They are also used for multi platform truck scales.

Bright LEDs

The Setpoint function noted above can be particularly useful in many industrial processes. Excellent visibility is required so that an operator only needs to concentrate on whether the weight value is within the desired range.

Bright LED light towers are also available in the format of a traffic light. Red can show a high reading. Yellow would be too low. And green is within the targeted window.

Wireless Options For Weighing Scales

It is not always possible to connect a remote display by a cable or wire. Wifi has become a preferred alternative method. Fortunately, the UpScale weight indicator previously mentioned does offer an option of Wifi connection.

There is a selectable on screen menu that allows for a search of available wifi connections, very similar to the method used for your mobile phone or tablet computer. Data can conveniently be sent to remote computers.

Explore Remote Displays at Arlyn Scales

Hardware remote displays, either with LCD displays or LED are available. Easy-to-view Scoreboard style color slave displays can be a perfect choice.
Data logging to a flash drive, or USB communication to Remote Indicator software may be suitable. Even WiFi connections to a cloud based system is an available choice. Make sure that you contact Arlyn Scales for expert help in making the right choice for you.