Portable Gram Scales for Industrial Application

Portable Gram Scales for Industrial ApplicationThere are a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical and food that require highly precise weight readings. To ensure accurate formulations, gram precision scales are often required. In the past these scales were typically extremely expensive and had very low capacity constraints.

Thankfully Arlyn Scales has pioneered an entirely new scale technology that allows users to have precision weight readings, at low and high capacities, depending on your needs. This technology called Surface Acoustic Wave, or SAW, works completely different than any other type of scale. For many years, the only option scale owners had when it came to precision readings were force motor scales. While these scales do offer precision weight readings, they’re extremely expensive and have low capacity constraints of around 25 lbs. Because our Ultra Precision Scales powered by SAW technology work completely different from force motor or strain gage scales, they can provide highly precise readings even at capacities of up to 500 or 1,000 pounds.

What Makes Ultra Precision Scales Different Than Force Motor or Strain Gage Scales

While force motor scales do offer precision weight readings at low capacities, they’re also extremely susceptible to temperature swings and must constantly be calibrated to ensure they’re still providing accurate weight readings.

Strain gage scales do offer higher capacity options, they’re not able to offer the precision weight readings found from our Ultra Precision Scales.

With Ultra Precision Scales, you’re not dealing with common issues such as shock loading or overloading due to stress or strain. Instead, our SAW scales measure displacement, which requires a much smaller amount of movement to trigger an accurate weight reading. Ultra Precision Scales feature a load cell that’s made out of a much thicker metal compared to a strain gage load cell, which allows our SAW scales to be much less susceptible to damage due to scale misuse.

When it comes to a portable gram scale, you’ll probably want to take a look at our SAW-X model which has a 10 lb. capacity and a resolution of 0.0001 lb. We also offer SAW scales that have capacities of 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 lbs. depending on your exact needs.

Additional Options You May Want to Consider for a Portable Gram Scale

Accuracy is always incredibly important when it comes to a portable gram scale, but there are a number of other features that you’ll want to ensure are present on the scale you purchase. Don’t be fooled by a sharp salesman who makes you feel as if you’re getting a great deal, when in reality you’re not. Below are just a few of the features that are available for our portable gram scales.

Optional Battery Pack

Depending on where your scale will be located, you may not always have access to a power outlet. This is especially the case with portable gram scales. For these instances, we offer a rechargeable battery pack to ensure you’re able to take weight measurements even if you don’t have access to power.

Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator

While we offer a basic digital indicator, some of our customers will be excited to know that we’ve recently released our Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator which is a significant upgrade from the standard display indicator that has been synonymous with almost all industrial scales for decades. The Arlyn UpScale offers a number of unique features including:

  • Android Processor – This device runs the popular Android mobile operating system, which should give you and your team more than enough power and flexibility to control your scale.
  • 7” Color LCD Touchscreen – A major upgrade from the small digital displays of most industrial scales, this 7” color LCD touchscreen is extremely easy to use and puts all of the major functions of the scale at your fingertips.
  • Water Resistant – The Arlyn UpScale is water resistant thanks to a molded enclosure with a rubber gasket to keep out any moisture. Customers can also purchase a stainless steel enclosure if desired.
  • Ample Storage – This touchscreen display comes equipped with 8 GB of storage, allowing you to store a variety of different weight values.

Easy Access to Your Weight Data

One of the biggest benefits of today’s industrial scales is that they offer a variety of ways for users to gain access to the raw weight data that are generated when an object is placed on the scale platform. At Arlyn Scales our industrial scales offer a variety of communication protocols that can allow you to instantly gain access to weight data as it is recorded. We currently support USB, WiFi, Ethernet, RS232, and a number of other communication protocols. This way you should easily be able to extract weight data directly from the scale and access it on your computer for further analysis.

Work with an Experienced Industrial Scale Manufacturer

At Arlyn Scales, we’ve been hard at work designing and manufacturing the best quality industrial scales for well over 30 years. This level of expertise is hard to beat in our industry. In addition to our decades of experience in the scale industry, we also manufacture and design all our scales here in the U.S. We’re actually headquartered in Long Island, New York where all of our scales are designed and built. This approach is much different than some of our competitors who’ve chosen to move their manufacturing facilities overseas to cut costs. We’re convinced that staying in the U.S., has actually helped us to further cement ourselves as a leader in our industry. By having an experienced team of scale experts who are intimately involved in all aspects of the scale design and manufacturing process, we’re able to continuously improve and release new features based on valuable customer feedback.

Reach Out to Arlyn Scales Today to Learn More About Our Portable Gram Scales

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