Best Warehouse Scales to Use

Best Scales For Use in a Warehouse  

Many companies want to handle the entire process of the production and delivery of their products. It’s a great way to save money and it’s easier to keep an eye on what’s happening with their products as they are manufactured and then proceed to travel from maker to consumer.

If your company has a warehouse, then we know that you are in need of a reliable and accurate scale to help your business run smoothly. When looking for the best warehouse scale, it is important to consider quality, precision, and environment.

Arlyn Scales offers the best there is to offer in electronic scales and wants to help you find the perfect scale for your warehouse. We’ve been in this industry for a long time and have our hands on the latest technology, so we can ensure our customers accurate results and products that will last for years to come.

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High-Quality Scales Necessary for Functioning Facilities

The environment of a warehouse can be hectic and is always a place of potential danger. It’s important to have a scale that is durable and will last awhile, and also one that can withstand harsh environments and not break easily.

The materials used to make the scale in your warehouse should be high quality so you know that the scale is the best that it can be. When shipping merchandise, warehouses depend on their scales to yield accurate measurements. It is important that your scale is equipped with the best available technology, can withhold the weight of the object you need to be measured, and can operate safely within the environment in which it is being used.

Arlyn Scales’ platform and floor scales are extremely durable, easy to use, and have high capacities perfect for warehouse use. We offer scales in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum so you can purchase the scale that is perfect for your warehouse environment and one that will fulfill your warehouse’s measurement needs. We also supply scales manufactured to withstand corrosive or explosive environments.

Different Types of Scales for Warehouse Facilities

Warehouse operations require precise and efficient weighing systems to ensure accurate inventory management, cost control, and compliance with regulatory standards. Understanding the different types of scales available can help warehouse managers choose the right equipment for their specific needs. Here’s a detailed look at the primary types of scales used in warehouses: floor scales, platform scales, and pallet scales.

Floor Scales

An industrial floor scale is designed for heavy-duty use, accommodating large and bulky items that are commonly found in warehouse settings. It is built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, offering durability and reliability. They are typically installed on the warehouse floor, providing a flat and stable platform for weighing goods.

Warehouse floor scales come in various sizes and capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from weighing pallets and containers to large machinery. Their low profile design allows for easy loading and unloading of goods, enhancing operational efficiency.

Platform Scales

Platform scales are versatile weighing solutions that cater to various sizes and weight requirements. These scales feature a platform on which goods can be placed for weighing, available in different dimensions to accommodate diverse types of items. Platform scales are known for their accuracy and can be used for both light and heavy loads, making them ideal for warehouses that handle a variety of products. They can be equipped with different types of indicators and connectivity options for seamless integration with warehouse management systems, facilitating data collection and inventory tracking.

Pallet Scales

Pallet scales, also known as pallet jack scales or pallet truck scales, are specifically designed for weighing palletized goods. Warehouse pallet scales combine the functionality of a pallet jack with the precision of a weighing scale, allowing warehouse operators to move and weigh goods simultaneously. This dual function significantly reduces handling time and improves workflow efficiency.

A pallet scale is mobile and can be easily maneuvered around the warehouse, making it perfect for operations that require flexibility and the ability to weigh goods at different locations. Pallet scales are available in various capacities to suit different weight requirements.

The Latest Technology in the Scale Industry

Technology and manufacturing improve every day. Arlyn Scales offers strain gauge scale options as well as scales that utilize our own patented technology: Surface Acoustic Wave, or SAW.

Strain gauge scales are the most commonly used weighing device in the world and are useful for weighing small objects; however, Surface Acoustic Wave technology is revolutionary. SAW technology does not use a strain gauge and does not depend on the strain or stress of a spring in order to record measurements. Instead, measurements are gathered in a digital format. Moreover, SAW scales are 20 times more accurate than strain gauge scales.

Arlyn Scales offers SAW technology on our bench, platform, and counting scales in capacities as low as 5 pounds, and up to 500 pounds. We are currently working to expand the SAW technology to our other industrial scale models, including cylinder, drum, and floor scales. SAW scales are perfect for any warehouse in which precision is important.

The Importance of Precision

Every scale is the same, right? They might do the same thing in the end, but, no, they are definitely not the same. Each scale is different in the amount that it is able to weigh, how it calculates measurements and how it is built.

There is a maximum capacity for every scale. For industrial scales, the maximum capacity can be hundreds or thousands of pounds. Whatever your needs are for a scale, you should be sure that the scale’s maximum capacity is higher than what you plan on weighing. Otherwise, the scale can break more easily and will not be usable until repaired.

Precision is a matter of life or death in certain facilities—say a science laboratory? But it is always a good thing to be as precise as can be. You want your scale to be accurate and have a small margin of error, because if your scale is producing inaccurate measurements then there could be problems with shipping and pricing in the future.

Arlyn Scales offers automation systems for all of the scales that we make and sell. If you purchase our setpoint controller, you will have more control over dispensing, filling, and batching. There is no human interaction needed and you can be sure that this tool will help your warehouse make the most out of each product and material being measured.

Can Your Scale Survive Its Environment?

There are a multitude of shapes, sizes, and types of scales. Furthermore, there are a number of warehouse environments in which a scale must be able to withstand.

Whatever you’re weighing—liquids, hazardous materials or any object that requires a unique scale—you must consider the environment of the warehouse and if the scale is suitable for the environment. If you are lifting heavy equipment, know that there are scales with ramps and guides available to help weigh heavy equipment—such as our floor scales.

Arlyn Scales offers strain gage scales, which are perfect for weighing smaller items, like boxes. We sell more durable scales prepared to weigh heavier loads, including floor and platform scales. And we sell intrinsically safe scales, which are manufactured to withstand harsh environments that have hazardous chemicals or flammable fumes, or high quantities of dust present.

If there are flammable or explosive materials in your warehouse, then definitely look into our intrinsically safe scales. We offer intrinsically safe floor, bench, platform, and cylinder scales in a number of styles to meet every need of our customers.

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