Safe and Precise Chemical Weighing Solutions

safe and precise chemical weighing solutionsWorking with corrosive chemicals requires equipment that can withstand the abuse. If you’ve been experiencing issues with worn out and corroded weigh scales or use too much of your budget to repair and replace them, it may be time to invest in a higher quality scale.

Arlyn Scales has been manufacturing quality weighing devices since 1978. In this time, we’ve developed several ways to increase the durability and reliability of our scales in even the most corrosive environments.


In an oxidizing environment, stainless steel will develop a thin, protective surface film that reduces the rate of corrosion to an almost negligible level.

Our corrosion resistant scales are manufactured with a full stainless steel body that enables them to operate even when corrosive liquids and liquefied gases are present.

It also means they’re able to withstand the heavy use that’s a natural part of the industrial environment. From accidental hits to shock and overloading, our scales can handle it all and provide you with years of trouble free use.


The interior components of your scale are just as important as the exterior, and none is as important as the load cell. This is the device responsible for the accuracy of your measurements.

And yet many manufacturers will cut costs here and use aluminum or nickel designs. Since we do all of our own manufacturing and adopt a factory-direct business model, we’re able to cut enough costs so we can use stainless steel for our load cells as well.

We even coat the electronic components bonded to the load cell in a thin layer of silicone as an added defense.

Caustic fumes and accident spills will not affect the integrity of our load cells or the accuracy of your measurements. This design also increases the accuracy and durability of our scales while further protecting them from abuse.


While the majority of manufacturers will use a simple enamel-based paint to “protect” their scales, this coating really does not protect the scale in any way. It’s easily scraped away, which leaves the platform beneath just as exposed as if it had never been there.

Our polyamine epoxies are resistant to even the most extreme caustics, organic and inorganic acids. They will protect the scale from most solvents as well as petrochemicals, alcohol, water and brine.

Infused with mica and garnet particles, this coating also prevents abrasion that can damage the scale and make it vulnerable.

And while other coatings can be affected by sunlight that strips their protective properties, our epoxies are not as severely affected, even after years of exposure.

You may notice some discoloration of the surface and loss of surface gloss, or even some chalking or powdering of the surface, but the epoxy will still remain intact and continue to protect your scale.


Are the chemicals you work with flammable or post an explosion risk? If so, you’re likely classified as a hazardous location based on OSHA standards. This means you need specialty equipment that has been approved for use in your specific environment, including scales.

Our line of Arlyn Guard Explosion Proof Scales features bench, platform, floor and cylinder scaledesigns that have been tested and approved as intrinsically safe for an impressive range of classified locations. These scales can be used in Class I, II and III environments for both Divisions and all groups from A to G.


As a factory direct manufacturer, we’re able to offer lower prices on higher quality scales. Whether you need a corrosion resistant model or an explosion proof one, we’re available to answer any questions you have. If you need help choosing a scale that will meet your needs for years to come,contact us today.