Hanging Scales

crane-scale-2Scales are used in every industry. Whether you are at the grocery store weighing produce or a cattle rancher in Oklahoma weighing livestock, scales are essential pieces of equipment for determining pricing and quantities. A hanging scale is suspended from a crane or cable in the air and can provide near perfect measurements, because it is not anchored to the ground, and no pressure off the scale will disrupt the reading. These scales require no weights or platforms, and provide measurements by mid-air suspension. In effect, these hanging scales need to be safe and durable for years of wear and strenuous weighing, tugging, and pulling on all elements of the scale.

Many different industries require the use of a high capacity hanging scale. In the steel industry, rolls of steel must be cut and hanging scales help determine the weight of the roll both before and after cutting, improving the accuracy of the steel’s measurements. Overhead hanging scales are also used in shipping to monitor incoming shipments and materials in containers. The digital technology of newer scales easily adapts to the interface technology of the shipping company, allowing the data to be recorded and stored, easily searchable by both sender and recipient. When forging or molding metals, an overhead hanging scale can provide an accurate measurement of molten metals, forging ladles, and produced steel objects. In the ship fabrication industry, it is integral that the ship builders accurately weigh the ship. The weight of the ship translates to safe passengers and freight and a safe journey to the destination. Hanging scales allow each component of the ship to be weighed before being brought on board or added to the construction of the ship. If your business requires the use of a scale to weigh either your products or aid in the fabrication of your product, consider a hanging or crane scale capable of bearing heavy loads. The best scales use stainless steel load sensors for strength and reliability, instead of aluminum or nickel plated steel. The load sensor in hanging scales is generally encased in aircraft-grade aluminum housing. Anyone ready to purchase an industrial grade hanging scale should look for features such as a large and easy to read digital screen, with graphic numbers that can be read from a distance. Other aspects to look for are .1% accuracy of full capacity, pushbutton tare, zero, and optional swivel handle and hooks. For some heavy duty industry operations, you may need a hanging scale that can safely bear up to 2,000 lbs or more. Ultimately, you need a guarantee that your scale is going to work effectively and accurately and last for the duration of your business. Accurate measurements can make a huge difference in pricing, and product quality control in fabrication. Investing in a good quality hanging scale could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Crane scales may be intimidating, but despite their size, they’re much more accurate than their bulk would lead you to believe.