How to Count Small Parts



One challenge that many manufacturers in various industries must face is the requirement to count a wide variety of small parts. Small parts are tedious and impossible to hand count in an industrial setting without human error, which is why more efficient methods are available.

No matter the industry, small parts are needed. Small parts are used in the manufacturing of plastic goods, electronic components, vehicle manufacturers and even more surprising ones such as the pharmaceutical industry and in food processing. Accurate counting scales are necessary for packaging these parts for shipping. In addition, counting scales may be used in receiving parts to verify that the number of parts in an received shipment is accurate.

When warehouses, manufacturers and other businesses need to count small parts, the best method is with a highly accurate counting scale. Counting solutions for counting objects are readily available however, when counting the smallest of parts, accuracy becomes harder to ensure of eggomatic slot. When using an Arlyn Scales counting scale, even factors like the weight of objects being identical can be measured if applicable.

Counting by Weight

Counting scales may be utilized in industrial applications for bolts, screws, nuts, clips, pins and other small pieces providing each piece is identical in weight. In the electronics industry, counting scales may be used for capacitors, resistors, plugs, sockets, connectors and many other small parts. Many batches of small parts contain parts identical in weight. Therefore, an accurate counting scale is the tool that will accomplish the task of quickly and efficiently counting these small parts.

Some materials are not well suited for counting by weight. Items and parts that vary in weight even if they appear identical will register incorrect measurements. However, small items that consistently have identical weights are ideal for counting by weight.


Parts Counting Scales for Identical Pieces

Though many manufacturers produce counting scales, we manufacture the highest quality and most accurate scales for counting small parts. We offer a variety of scales for industrial, manufacturing, research and other industry businesses understanding how accurate figures play a vital role in each one.

The way that a counting scale is utilized for counting smaller parts is to take a representative batch of a specified number of parts and then weigh the sample. The worker will enter the number of the small parts included in the sample batch into the counting scale control pad. The scale then registers the weight of each piece of the batch. This is known as the piece weight.

For example, if the sample batch contains 10 screws, the worker will place the screws on the platform of the counting scale and then enter the number 10 into the scale control panel. The piece weight of each item is calculated. The scale automatically divides the weight of the load by the piece weight to determine the number of pieces in the weighted load. The worker may then weigh and count the entire batch much more quickly using the counting scale.


Improving Accuracy: Resolution Feature

All scales have a parameter of measurement known as the resolution. However, counting scales must have a very high resolution to accurately count small parts. This means that the scale must be very accurate and the platform must be highly sensitive. One way to lower the resolution for a counting scale is to use a larger sample size. Regardless of the resolution, using a sample size of 100 pieces instead of 10 pieces will produce a more accurate piece weight for small parts.

The worker in charge of weighing the parts has limited time available to weigh batches of small parts. Therefore, a great feature of an excellent counting scale is to enable the worker to obtain a piece weight for a part and then save the individual item’s weight to the scale itself. This means that the counting scale should have a feature that allows the user to save piece weights for several items. This feature makes the worker more efficient while performing the task of weighing small parts. Each time the worker needs to count a batch of the same item, the piece weight for the item is recalled.


Another important feature of a counting scale is that the scale needs to be durable and handle overload. Often, counting scales are used for counting and weighing parts made of steel or iron. The counting scale needs to be able to handle an overload on the platform of the scale. For example, if a worker sets a load of steel parts on the scale, the scale should be durable enough to handle an overload well above the recommended load.

Yet another important feature of a counting scale for industrial applications is resistance to shock. The counting scale platform must be resistant to shock because the possibility always exists that workers will drop a load onto the platform with force.

Arlyn Scales Counting Scales

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As the industry leader in the manufacturing of counting scales, we provide scales that are accurate, feature-packed and durable. The Arlyn 8200 counting scale allows the operator to obtain a piece weight for a batch of small parts, and then save the piece weight into the scale’s memory. A sample of a particular batch of small parts only needs to be weighed one time to obtain the piece weight for the part. The piece weight is saved directly on the scale to be recalled each time that particular part is weighed. Aryln Scales counting scales improve efficiency with the convenient feature of saving piece weight to memory.

Most counting scales manufacturers their load cells with aluminum. Our counting scales load cells are manufactured from durable, heavy-duty stainless steel. Stainless steel load cells offer the durability necessary for industrial counting applications. Stainless steel load cells make our counting scales much more resistant to shock and overload than scales manufactured by other companies.

When an extremely high level of accuracy is required, our Surface Acoustic Wave Scale provides a level of accuracy that exceeds any other scale on the market. Additionally, the SAW scale has a high resistance to overload and shock. The SAW scale’s overload margin is 200% of the load rating to ensure that the scale is not damaged by an overload of or shock to the platform.

Our counting scales also offer communication features that are second to none. In every industry, the feature of the counting scale to gather counting and weight data, and then transfer that data to inventory applications, spreadsheets and other applications saves time and money. We offer communication features for our counting scales, as well as all other scales, that allow the operator to save weight data to a USB device, transmit the data over a network, or export the data for use in other applications. Our engineers are mindful to the needs of various industries and they work tirelessly to develop new methods to ensure that we improve efficiency. Various communication options are representative of the effort of engineers to ensure that we improve efficiency for every application.

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Arlyn Scales, The Industry Leader

Engineered and manufactured right on site at the New York factory, we produce the best scales available at the most competitive price. We are regarded for our high-quality products as we use innovative and premium materials in the manufacturing process. No matter your industry and application, we will provide a scale that offers accuracy, efficiency and convenience. Use our online contact form to learn more about our counting scales and other weighing devices produced by us.