Counting Scales With Network Compatibility

Digital counting scales are the perfect solution when counting by hand becomes impractical. These devices convert the weight of multiple parts into the number of individual items in the batch, which makes the inventory process a lot faster and easier.

Yet choosing one of these scales isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. You need to be certain that the device you buy will give you an accurate count every time. You also want to make sure it can be connected with your existing network so the data can be shared with relevant departments.

5 Factors to Consider

  1. How light are your parts?
  2. Do they have a uniform weight?
  3. What capacity will suit your needs?
  4. Is the scale compatible with your network?
  5. What will fit your budget?

Light or Heavy Parts

As you’re considering different scales, keep in mind the weight of your parts. A piece weight of 0.0459 lbs. will require a much finer resolution than a 1 lb. piece weight, which can help you determine the maximum capacity of the scale you choose.

Resolution, sometimes called readability, is the number of decimal places to which a scale can accurately read. It’s a performance characteristic that can affect the accuracy of your measurements.

For example, a 50 lb. capacity scale could have a resolution of 0.001 lb. This means you could see incremental changes in weight as small as 0.001 lb. This would be the difference between 26.107 and 26.108 lbs.

Choosing Maximum Capacity

Now most of your parts may have a piece weight of 0.0459 lbs. You have a couple of larger items you want to weigh though, so you’re looking to buy a regular counting scale with a 100 lb. capacity.

It has a resolution of 0.02 lb. You are planning on using a sample size of 10 pieces.

For the best accuracy, your scale should read 0.0459 lb for a single part. But because your scale can only read to the resolution, it would really display 0.05 lb. That’s an error of 2.5%, which is pretty significant.

Yet if you chose a 100 lb. capacity SAW-C scale from Arlyn, you could have that same 100 lb. capacity with a finer 0.001 lb. resolution. Using the same sample weight and size, your scale would read 0.459 lb. You would have an error of only 0.3%, which wouldn’t be statistically significant.

Uniform Weight

If your parts have a uniform weight, you can use a small sample size with no issues. But if the weights tend to vary, it can be a bit more difficult to get an accurate count with the same sample size.

To correct this, you would simply use a larger sample size, say 100 pieces instead of 10. This size sample will allow your scale to account for and average out any variations.

Network Compatibility

Handwritten inventory records are obsolete, but how can you be sure that the scale you’re buying will integrate with your existing system?

Do you need an Ethernet or WiFi connection? Have you started storing your data using Cloud technology?

When you choose an Arlyn scale you can choose which I/O port(s) your scale is equipped with, which makes integrating the device into your network a simple and flawless process.

Ethernet connects the scale to your local network using a cable. Any computer allowed to access the network can retrieve data from the scale.

WiFi allows users to access data from any on-site or remote location because it’s a wireless connection.

USB connects the scale directly to your PC and lets you import data into an MS Excel or Access file.

The Arlyn Quick Count Feature

We’ve worked hard to develop a counting scale with no confusing menu functions and a fast, efficient sampling process. The intuitive interface guides you through the sampling and weighing process step by step.

With our unique Quick Count feature, you only need to sample each product once. After that, the piece weight will be stored in the scale’s large internal memory and can be recalled as needed.

This means you can spend more time doing the things that really matter for your business.

Will an Arlyn Scale Fit Your Budget?

As a factory direct manufacturer, we offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry on better quality products. Instead of paying all the dealer fees associated with an intermediary, you’re buying directly from the factory.

While this means lower costs, it also means you’re working with the company that developed and manufactured the product. Whether you need basic support or a completely custom weighing solution, our product knowledge and service is unparalleled.

For example, we recently developed a custom inventory control system using our counting scales and WiFi capability.

The system uses multiple scales that hold shelved bins of products. When a certain weight is reached, an automatic email message is sent to the product manager so they can order more parts and restock the shelves.

This helps eliminate interruptions in the supply chain and ensures that this company never completely runs out of product.

Order your Arlyn Counting Scale today or contact us with any questions or special requests you may have.