Pharmaceutical Weighing Scales and Balances

Weighing medicines and solutions in a pharmacy is a whole other ballgame from most professions. Precision measurements of minute amounts, such as grams and milliliters, is not just a luxury but a life-saving necessity. As a pharmacist, if you mix your intravenous (IV) solution improperly, your patient’s blood cells can burst, or contrarily, the concentration can be so high that the blood cell is straight-jacketed, impeding its proper function.

And who has time to count pill-by-pill, by the way? Arlyn Scales can also be configured to accurately count medication.

Because we make our scales in-house we are happy to talk with you about your specific needs and we will be able to answer any questions

Patented Precision Scale Technology for Pharmacists

Arlyn Scales has patented technology for that level of precision you need when mixing solutions and measuring down to the gram. This is no small fete: the technology we’ve developed is the biggest breakthrough in the past four decades. Instead of relying on a measurement created by registering the physical, analog strain on load cells, and then converting it to a digital value, our SAW scales read the displacement of the spring element with two Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) transducers. The transducers digitally measure the frequency of the wave created from the transducers, which is proportional to the weight on the substrate of the spring element when you place an object on the stainless steel surface.

Arlyn SAW scales are 10 – 20 times more accurate than standard strain gauge scales. For example, our standard 100lb SAW scale has a sensitivity requirement of .001lb (one half a gram!), whereas a strain gauge scale can only read .02lb. In pharmaceutical terms, our patented SAW scale is more than 20 times more sensitive than a standard strain gauge scale.

As sensitive as they are, our sophisticated algorithms also take into account variations in temperature, air current and vibrations. Made in-house in our factory in Long Beach, New York, we take technology and the physical manufacture to the highest standards.

And let’s talk costs: apples to apples our Arlyn Precision Scales are very competitive and there are no dealer services required, since the scale is auto-calibrated. We invented the technology and manufacture the scales so you get a factory-direct price. No middleman.

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Counting Scales

Of course, in a pharmacy you have to count pills for clients, inventory, large manufacturing plans, etc. What if you could save some time by cutting that step out of your day and have the scale simply tell you how many pieces there are?

Just weigh one of the pills on one of our precision scales and then start placing pills on the surface until you reach the desired amount. As you probably already read above on our patented SAW technology, our scales are extremely precise so you can be extremely confident to get an accurate count.

Every time you weigh a new pill, our touchscreen consoles work like a minicomputer, allowing you to name and save the weight of that pill in the console’s memory so that the next time you need to count out those pills you can simply look it up and start pouring pills on the platform.

Upscale Touchscreen Display Indicator

Our basic models come with all of the technology you need in the pharmaceutical industry, but you can upgrade to our touchscreen display indicator for ease of use. Very much like a computer tablet, you can swipe, open menus by touching, and the functions are visually easily found (unlike most consoles from other scales) in the “hamburger” three-line menu just like you would on any app.

You have data logging options to record weight and timestamp at certain intervals and you can program the console to email it to you. With 8G of storage, you can think of this like a minicomputer.

Outfitted with a USB port, you can export information to an Excel format, download information, and more. The Upscale Touchscreen Display Indicator is also WiFi-ready, you can use an Ethernet cable, Cloud, RS-232 and more.