Waterproof Digital Scales for Outdoor Use


waterproof digitl scales for outdoor useWhen it comes to utilizing a scale for outdoor use, you’re likely going to be concerned about exposure to the elements. In the past, digital scales were not able to hold up in extreme weather conditions as well as other difficult environments. In some cases, water would cause their components to rust.

That is where Arlyn Scales comes in to help. Whether it’s an off the shelf model that we currently stock or a custom-designed scale, we’re here to help you in any way we can. Our engineers have designed scales to meet your business needs and industrial applications. They want to ensure you operate with ease, and safety.

Aside from our focus on high-quality scales, we’re also able to offer competitive pricing due to our factory direct business model.  We design and manufacture all of our scales in our Long Island factory and sell our products directly to our customers – eliminating any sort of middleman.

This eliminates the need for an intricate dealer network that often does little for the customer aside from increasing the prices of a company’s scales.  We’re then able to pass these savings on to the customer, which results in better scale prices as well as further investment in our scale technology.

Technology Behind Arlyn Scales’ Waterproof Digital Scales

Many of our waterproof digital scales used outdoors are for our veterinary, livestock, or agricultural customers. Other uses for such scales include constantly cleaned warehouses, for example with food processing and pharmaceuticals.

For live animals, accurate weight is a priority in measuring health. Vets and farmers check weight to identify if animals are growing properly, and if not how to adjust their diets. They also need to have sufficient grip so that no creature will slip while getting weighed. Hooves, paws, and claws can also potentially damage a surface so you want to account for that.

These customers need scales that are not only rugged but also extremely accurate. They need to handle creatures of varying weights. Our Series 320 and 620 platform scales offer a variety of functions that make them great for weighing animals of all shapes and sizes.

Stainless Steel Load Cells

Load cells are one of the most important components of any scale.  Many scale manufacturers looking to cut costs will manufacture their load cells from aluminum.  At Arlyn Scales, our waterproof digital scale all use stainless steel load cells to allow them to stand up to the rigors of even the most rigorous outdoor environments.  We also are able to coat and protect our load cells to protect them from corrosive elements.

Our larger platform scales often used outdoors feature four separate load cells.  This allows our scales to produce extremely accurate readings even if an object or animal is not placed in the exact center of the scale platform.  In fact, we’ve pioneered a scale function called “Weight Average and Hold” that provides an accurate measurement even if an animal is not standing still.

Water Resistant Scale Platform

You always need to take care when cleaning your scales. The presence of electricity can either mean the scales are at risk of shorting out or causing a hazard. For this reason, water-resistant scales are better when you have to wash your scales constantly. They mitigate any hazards from water conducting electricity or damaging the equipment.

Our scale platforms are built to handle the abuse of animals as well as the outdoors.  We offer a sealed display housing and load cells to ensure your scale will last longer even when exposed to extreme elements.

Low Profile Platforms

One of the benefits of our recessed stainless steel load cells is that they allow us to use extremely low profile platforms. This makes it easy to load objects on and off our platform scales. 

At just 1 7/8”, our customers continue to appreciate this often overlooked aspect of a large platform scale. They can save their backs, or any relevant loading equipment while making the transition.

Wide Array Of Capacities

At Arlyn, we offer a wide array of different weight capacities to meet the needs of our customers.  We offer waterproof scales with capacities from 10 pounds all the way up to 500 pounds.  Should you need a scale that is outside of these weight constraints, we can also discuss designing a custom-made scale for your unique needs.

No Need For Summation Boards

Because we build our own load cells in our state-of-the-art factory, we’re able to control every aspect of the entire manufacturing process.  In most scales, summation boards (used to calibrate load cells) are one of the most vulnerable parts of a scale.

At Arlyn, we don’t use summation boards in our scales because instead, we are able to sort load cells in groups of four based on the precision measuring of their output signals.  This helps to significantly reduce the problems you may have with your scale over time. It increases the efficiency and accuracy when you weigh, with a smaller potential for error.

Connectivity Options

When using scales for commercial use, you’ll likely want to access weight data for a variety of reasons.  In the past, weight readings would have to be recorded manually, leading to human error and wasted time. Arlyn Scales’ latest line of scales allows you to transfer weight data automatically through a variety of connectivity methods.

  • Ethernet / WiFi – If you have a network within your facility, you can connect a waterproof digital scale that allows you to easily analyze your weight data.  Our scales offer the ability to connect via a hardwired connection or wirelessly.  Adding your scale to your network also offers the ability for you to access your weight data from anywhere in the world assuming you have an Internet connection. You can also upload it to a cloud for added storage and security.
  • USB – For areas that are easily accessible by a PC, you can opt to use our USB connectivity option. Simply connect a USB cable from your scale to your PC and you’ll be able to use our USB Remote Software to analyze data and control your scale.
    This software easily allows you to export data to an Access database or an Excel spreadsheet.  If you’re not able to use either of these programs, we also offer support for a variety of other Windows applications.
  • Datalogging – Some outdoor scales may not be easily accessible with a computer.  That’s why we also offer the option for you to connect a small USB flash drive to your scale to download weight data.  This data can then be brought back to an area with a PC to analyze your data.

Learn More About Washdown Options From Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales, located in Long Island, New York has been able to create digital scales that are waterproof and can even be used outdoors. We specialize in meeting industrial needs, from easy-to-clean models for specialized weighing platforms. With over 30 years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of high-quality digital scales, Arlyn Scales is easily able to handle your weighing needs. 

We hope that you’ve seen all of the different options you have when it comes to purchasing a waterproof digital scale for outdoor use from Arlyn Scales.  If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to contact our team of scale experts today.  We look forward to solving even your most complicated weighing needs. Never worry about your equipment shorting out during important weighing processes.