Ultra-Precision Scales for Agricultural Use

Ultra-Precision Scales for Agricultural UseTo get the optimizing benefits of precision agriculture … you need precision tools. Count on Arlyn Scales for the most advanced technology that offers competitively priced, highly-accurate and durable scales with user-friendly touchscreens. And we can customize them in-house in our own factory. Made in the U.S.A.

Benefits of Accurate Measurements in Agriculture

By taking steps towards focusing on precision you can control costs and possibly increase your bottom line; grow more confident in your analysis of your business; how to go forward with adjustments and also be assured that you are giving the most accurate, transparent weights in dealing with third parties.

Operationally, with precision agriculture and precision scales you can also weigh yield and residue to determine the exact measurement of herbicides and fertilizers are best for each of your fields.

A Washington State University report studied in detail the variations in yield with different degrees of nitrogen as a function of slope and elevation, just to give you an idea.

A 2012 report by the Rural Livelihood Development Company estimated a 40% margin of loss to Tanzanian farmers based on lack of “accurate measuring instruments.”

Imagine. There might be profit you could capture by using a quality scale that is made of weather-resistant materials, can handle a load well, is customized for your business and it gives precise readings.

Arlyn Scales has been in the business for 30 years catering to a variety of clients. We can help you find a  Just ask us!

Precision Scales for Agriculture

At Arlyn Scales we have been truly, passionately obsessed for the past three decades with advancing technology in scales. As a manufacturer in the U.S.A., it’s a thrill to apply the newest science discoveries to our in-house made scales to offer you a great variety of durable, reliable scales – at an unbeatable price.

In our geek-quest, we’ve patented a unique Surface Acoustic Wave Technology (SAW-KL) that renders 10-20 times more accuracy than strain gauge scales. This translates to .005% accuracy. This rivals magnetic force restoration scales, but with no middleman in our direct-to-client sales, we charge about 1/3 of the cost.

Our user-friendly Touchscreen Indicators

Configuring the output to a Setpoint, you can turn equipment such as feeders, mixers, motors, valves, solenoids. You can easily use the setup menu to save weight values that will trigger an action.

Datalogging, exporting data, and more processes are available. Our optional, user-friendly UpScale Display Indicator controller makes this data collection and analysis a cinch.

Large, Heavy-Weight Scales

When it comes to weighing farm animals, such as pigs, or farm vehicles, the durability of the floor scale and components is a major factor when shopping for a scale. In our experience, using four stainless steel load cells (versus the usual aluminum or steel plated load cells) keeps the corrosive effects of moisture at bay, extends the life of our clients’ investment and maintains accuracy for the length of the life. For a more detailed guide, read our article on The Heavy Weight Scale.

Durable materials mean you will have higher probabilities of achieving repeatable, accurate readings in the long term.  Our four load cells ensure balance and accuracy even when the load is not centered on the platform. And how many times do “loads” (i.e. livestock) sit still?

Some of the most suitable precision scales are our line of Veterinary Scales for Livestock, Alpaca and Llamas, as well as sizes for veterinary offices. With 30 years in the business, we understand farmers’ dilemmas, and here we list some of our solutions for swine farmers. Take a look at our Pig Farm Weighing Scales and Automated Pig Sorter.

To assist with correct feeding mixes for each weight category, Arlyn Scales are 20 times more sensitive than that of the average scale, meaning that each animal can be weighed very accurately and will receive the correct mix and amount of food.

The Details

Every detail is thought of to extend the life of your investment in Arlyn Scales and, of course, accuracy. We always aim to always be a cut above the rest. For instance, the scales industry uses a summation board, where each of the load cells are matched with potentiometers. These can corrode, be subject to a myriad of problems and can therefore result in inaccurate readings. Conversely, since we manufacture the load cells ourselves, we group the four based on their identical output readings, ensuring accuracy.

Another detail: instead of using regular paint like many manufacturers, we offer an optional zinc-rich epoxy with mica particles. The epoxies produce a hard surface that is resistant to water corrosion, fertilizers and even chemical solvents.

Basic Models, Upgrades and Customization

Housed in our factory on Long Island, New York is all of the machinery for the sub-assemblies involved in scale manufacturing. This opens the doors for your account manager to customize a scale according to your specific needs. The scales are output matched for quality control, ensuring our workmanship is top-notch.

We believe in our products, so our stock comes with an extended warranty. Available upgrades include:

  • WiFi capability
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • User-friendly, Android-powered Upscale Touchscreen Indicator

Arlyn Scales’ specializes in Load Sensor Design, Microprocessor Instrumentation and Computer Software.

Take a look at our or  Don’t hesitate to ask us questions by email or call us at 800-645-4301. That’s what we’re here for.