Floor Scales for Industrial Pallets and Barrels

Floor Scales for Industrial Pallets and BarrelsFloor scales are extremely versatile industrial weighing scales that are made for an all-encompassing range of business sectors, from agriculture and retail to industrial and manufacturing. Making the right selection for your business will improve your efficiency, as well as helping to ultimately increase your revenues.

There are many types of floor scales available, so it’s always an issue when it comes to finding the correct scale for your business. If your company needs to ascertain the weight of industrial pallets and barrels, then you’ll be relieved to learn that pallet floor scales are designed to make this process as simple as possible.

Such scales are designed specifically for the weighing of pallets, crates, barrels and any other large-scale objects that your company deals with on a daily basis. They’re a common sight in warehouses, production facilities and factories, both large and small in scale. They’re built to be robust (after all, they will spend their lifetimes having very large loads wheeled on and off of them) and if you make a decent selection when it comes to your purchase, any floor scale should provide you with excellent levels of service for many years.

How a Floor Scale Will Help Your Business

The first way in which a floor scale will help you when it comes to industrial pallets and barrels is obvious – you will be able to accurately ascertain the weight of your pallets and barrels before you send them out for distribution, or you place them into storage. Pallets are typically stored on racks, so you will need to know the individual weight of each pallet so you do not exceed the capacity of your racking systems. Just one single pallet that’s too heavy can cause your rack to collapse, causing loss and possibly even putting the safety of your employees at risk.

The best type of floor scale for use with industrial pallets and barrels is a pallet platform scale. These items are heavy-duty scales that simply lie flat on your warehouse floor. A sloped ramp is usually provided for your employees to be able to easily maneuver pallets onto the platform to begin the calibration and weighing process.

Why is it Important to Select the Right Kind of Floor Scale?

In truth, a floor scale is a highly adaptable and convenient tool that can be used for a wide variety of weighing needs. The roll-on, roll-off feature means they are simple to use, and in time will pay for themselves – especially in environments where speed is of the essence. There’s simply no more cost-effective way of dealing with the important task of weighing industrial pallets and barrels.

By using your floor scales you’ll be able to streamline your processing, and to make your distribution procedures much more cost-effective. In addition, you’ll have increased control over your stock, and if your facility is a busy place day-in, day-out, then you will make it a safer place for your employees to work. All this will help to decrease your costs and hopefully increase your profits.

What You Need to Know About Platform Scales

A platform or floor scale has a large, flat area that’s expressly designed for weighing objects that ‘normal’ scales – even large ones – could not comfortably cope with. These durable scales designed to fulfill heavy-duty needs with a large weighing capacity.

If you need to ascertain the weights of your pallets or barrels, then the purchase of a floor scale is a necessity, not a luxury. Your business will certainly run less efficiently without one in this regard, and obtaining accurate figures is much better for your company than relying on guesswork.

Arlyn Floor Scales for Industrial Pallets and Barrels

We can provide you with two main types of scales suitable for the weighing of industrial pallets and barrels – platform scales and floor scales.

Our platform scales can be manufactured from either stainless steel or aluminum. The Stainless Steel 3200 Series is of rugged material and relies on up-to-the-minute technology to aid your processes.

Our ‘Factory Direct’ price is typically much lower than standard industry prices. Because we create the technology, manufacture our own scales, as well as sell our own product, we cut out the middleman.

Accurate to one tenth of a pound, these scales have four load cells in the frame to help prevent shock and abuse.

Our platform scale sizes begin at 20″ x 27″ with a capacity of five hundred pounds, and go up to 48″ x 48″ with a capacity of one thousand pounds. We have a range of sizes, all of which can be configured up to a one thousand pound capacity with a 0.2 pound resolution. There are a number of possible upgrades, including WiFi or Ethernet connectivity, and either label or thermal printing.

Our Arlyn floor scales are expressly perfect for the weighing of industrial pallets and barrels. We have two options – steel and stainless steel, and our 5200 Series will offer your business the complete solution to all your needs.

You can acquire scale platforms in a variety of sizes, from three feet square all the way up to seven feet by nine feet. The smallest version of our floor scale has a maximum capacity of 2,500 lbs, while our largest model has a stunning capacity of 20,000 lbs!

If your work takes place in a corrosive environment, then corrosive-resistant scales can be provided. In fact, no matter your needs in terms of scope or size, Arlyn Scales can cover your needs – just call for details. All the usual upgrades are available too, including Ethernet and WiFi connectivity and data-logging via a USB memory stick.

If you need to find out more about our scales, then there’s one easy solution to that problem – contact us! Our team at Arlyn are all experts in their field, and are ready at all times to help you as much as they can. Simply call us at 800-645-4301, or contact us using the online form that’s available on our web site.