Electronic Bench Scales for the Food Industry

Electronic Bench Scales for the Food IndustryIf your organization is in the food industry, you likely understand the importance of a reliable and cost effective electronic bench scale. There are a wide array of different uses for bench scales in the food industry, a few of which we’ll explain in more detail below. Before purchasing an electronic bench scale to be used to weigh food items, it’s important to work with a company that has experience designing scales that are built with food safety in mind.

Purchase a Bench Scale for the Food Industry From Arlyn Scales

The experts at Arlyn Scales have been manufacturing scales for more than 30 years, which shows that they’re well versed in the requirements needed in the food industry. All of our scales are manufactured here in the US, which allows us to be completely in control of every aspect of the scale design and manufacturing process. This allows us to design and manufacture bench scales with the highest quality materials that will allow them to remain in service in your facility for years to come.

Aside from the quality of our bench scales, we’re also able to sell our scales factory direct, which gives us a wide array of advantages over our competitors. First off, we’re able to cut down on our costs, which we can pass on to our customers because we don’t have to employ a team of distributors and sales people who would add significant overhead to the prices of our scales. In addition, because we sell factory direct, we’re able to provide a higher level of customer service and listen to the needs of our customers as we look at additional ways to improve our scales.

Cleanliness is Paramount in Food Production

With food safety being heavily regulated by the FDA, it’s paramount that any equipment that comes in contact with food be properly cleaned and sanitized after each use. This can be difficult due to the types of materials used in certain industrial scales.

In addition, our industrial bench scales utilize stainless steel load cells, which are much more rugged and able to withstand abuse from weighing items that test the capacity limits as well as exposure to chemicals and food ingredients that would otherwise damage scale components. Furthermore, because of the stainless steel construction, our bench scales are less susceptible to damage due to overloading or shock loading, both common issues when using industrial scales.

Use our Setpoint Controller to Automate Dispensing of Food Item

One of the most innovative ways some of our food industry customers are using our bench scales is to help automate the dispensing or formulation of certain food products. Our setpoint controller allows you to set target weight values that when reached can send electronic signals to devices that can instruct them to either stop, slow or begin dispensing a certain liquid or food. Think of the opportunities to literally automate your entire assembly line when it comes to loading and packaging food for distribution. Many of our customers have used our setpoint controller to drastically reduce the amount of labor needed to package their food products, which in turn cuts down on the human element, and potential food safety concerns of handling food items too often.

Additional Features of our Bench Scales

Aside from the features listed above, there are a few other features that seem to be popular among our customers, a few of which include:

Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator

For many years most industrial scales came equipped with a basic digital display indicator. While this was sufficient in many cases, at Arlyn Scales we found our customers looking for more. To offer an improved display indicator, we’ve recently introduced our Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator. This display is actually an Android powered touchscreen computer that allows customers to more adequately control and access weight data compared to the traditional digital display indicator used by most scale manufacturers. A few additional features of our Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator that may interest you include:

  • Color display – A color display allows you and your team to more intuitively control your scale thanks to a visually driven easy to use interface. The goal with this touchscreen was for almost anyone to be able to intuitively understand how to control the scale without having to refer to a complex instruction manual.
  • Email notifications – While the set point controller is available with our bench scales, our touchscreen indicator takes these notifications a step further by offering support for weight print frames to be automatically emailed to you when a target weight has been reached.
  • Large memory capacity – This touchscreen device comes equipped with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, which should allow for ample storage for weight data.
  • Water resistant – This device comes equipped with a water resistant injection molded enclosure, and if you’d like additional protection, a stainless steel enclosure is available for an additional cost.

Ethernet & WiFi Connectivity

Depending on where your scale is located it may or may not be close to a network connection. If it is then you’ll be able to easily connect an Ethernet cable to your scale and instantly have access to control and access weight data. In the event that an Ethernet connection is not available, we also offer WiFi support through our Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator that allows your scale to be controlled from afar, provided that you have an active internet connection. These additional connectivity options offer a whole host of opportunities for those looking to control their scale remotely.

Look to Arlyn Scales for all Your Bench Scale Needs for the Food Industry

If you have any additional questions about using our bench scales and their use in the food industry, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today. We can be reached by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form.