Counting Scales for Counting a Bulk Amount of Identical Parts

Counting Scales for Counting a Bulk Amount of Identical Parts
Above: Arlyn 820-Series Counting Scale with MKE-5 Upgraded Display

It shouldn’t be a surprise for you to learn that counting scales are used to count itemsas opposed to measuring weight like the weight scales we most commonly use. A counting scale works on a simple concept, really: instead of counting the number of identical items, you weigh the sum total of the items then divide them by the weight of one single, individual item. Presto, the scale makes a tiny mathematical effort and gives you an accurate record of the number of items you have, denoted as “pieces” instead of “lb” or “kg.”

What You Should Expect From High Quality Counting Scales

For a counting scale to work properly the key word is undoubtedly ‘precision’. Arlyn Scales are backed with 30 years of experience and technology.

Our counting scales have an industry-beating resolution (precision) of up to .01%. This significantly reduces errors in comparison to other counting scales on the market at this price point.

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You may be counting tiny screws or other very small items, so it’s no good if your scale is excellent at weighing bulk items, but inaccurate when weighing items on an individual basis. When it comes to the counting calculation, the results will not go quite as you’d expect!

You can weigh numerous individual, identical items in this manner such as screws, small mechanical parts, electrical components, or almost any item, for you those of you who work in resale. Imagine having to count coins or screws by hand, coin…by…coin. Now imagine weighing them on a scale that does the math for you, instead of counting them – it’s a real time saver and much less laborious. It’s an absolute necessity for certain industries.

The Problems With Counting by Hand – Laborious and Error Prone!

Counting by hand is likely to encounter errors. It’s okay if you’re counting less than one hundred items, but what if you are counting hundreds? What if you’re distracted during the counting process and you ‘lose count’? There’s nothing more dreadful during your counting efforts than losing track, as that means you have no option other than to start the whole process over again from scratch.

You may think that the odd error in the counting process may not matter, but taken over time all the errors can slowly add up so they can make a significant dent in your profits. Additionally, some customers are finicky – if they order 1,000 component parts from you and they only receive 998, you will have to waste time, energy and effort to get those final two items to them and you’ll damage your future relationship with them, too, even if you’re expressly apologetic.

It’s starting to become clear where a counting scale might be very useful.

Save Time and Money By Using Counting Scales

You might balk at the initial cost of a counting scale, but once purchased and used, you’ll genuinely wonder how you ever managed to survive without one.

Note that Arlyn Scales are very competitively priced considering the high technology necessary for this level of precision.

Within months your scales will have paid for themselves, and many times over. Over their lifetimes it’s almost impossible to calculate the complete financial benefit that a set of counting scales, or indeed several sets, will bring to your business.

There are multiple ways that a set of counting scales can aid your processes. You will be able to manage your inventory much more efficiently, for example, and your stock control processes will improve immensely. No doubt, if you run a business, then you know that you’ll be in for an audit for whatever reason eventually – imagine the hours you will save if you use counting scales as opposed to relying upon a manual counting process.

How Counting Scales Work

Most counting scales have a three-part display. They will show you the total weight of the bulk items being counted, the individual ‘piece-part’ weight of one single item, and the total count of the items that have been calculated.

To get the piece-part weight you can either weigh an individual item or a known number of items, depending upon how small the individual item is. For example, say you are weighing a number of tiny screws. Unless you have really expensive scales, it will be difficult for the scale to weigh something so tiny, so you weigh ten of them instead. Say that the total weight of the ten items is one ounce – you then know that the weight of one item is one-tenth of an ounce.

You then weigh your bulk lot of the same item. The scale measures the bulk weight at two hundred and fifty ounces. The scale will then divide the bulk weight by the weight of an individual item to give you your count. In this example, two hundred and fifty ounces divided by one tenth of an ounce brings the total count to two thousand five hundred items.

Parts Counting Scales provided for you by Arlyn Scales

Sold to you on a Factory-Direct basis (meaning we are cutting out the middle man and supplying your item directly to you, saving you money), our range of parts counting scales will perform all the tasks you would expect from such a device. Highly accurate, these scales can even cope with large batches up to one hundred pounds, depending upon the model that you choose.

The 820 series is perfect for everyday, small-scale use, and comes in four models – X, T, L and C. The 820X has a capacity of ten pounds and a resolution of 0.002 pounds, while the 820C can handle up to one hundred pounds and has a resolution of 0.02 pounds. The ‘D’ version of each scale has twice the precision, while the ‘SAW’ series have ten to twenty times the precision.

No matter your needs, we can help you to find the parts counting scale that’s best for your business, even making customized scales especially for you! To learn more about what the team at Arlyn Scales can do for you, simply get in touch. We can be contacted any time by phone at 800-645-4301, or you can use the online contact form that’s available on our web site.