Digital Weighing Indicators Review: Arlyn Upscale v. MKE-5 Display Indicator

Arlyn UpScales Touchscreen Indicator with Stainless Steel Optional
Squinting at a small display is not only irritating; it also increases the chances of making a mistake in measuring. Both the Arlyn UpScale and MKE-5 display indicators have clear retina-pampering displays. Either indicator should work quite well in a variety of use cases. However, taking a look at the two head-to-head is an interesting exercise since the UpScale offers a number of sophisticated features that offers a variety of information. Keep in mind that the UpScale and MKE-5 are both compatible with four-wire load cell connections and come with 5-pin DIN connectors or screw in connector.

Technicians should quickly come to note that the Arlyn UpScale comes out ahead in several ways that make it the ideal choice for anyone who wants to do sophisticated measurement work. The MKE-5 is still a very rugged choice that may appeal to those with stricter budgets.

Arlyn UpScale vs. MKE-5 Display Indicator Head-to-Head

Both of these professional digital indicators are designed to be easy to read. They’re each mounted on a stainless steel swivel bracket, so users will be able to view an accurate weight reading from any angle. Brackets can be mounted in any sturdy spot on a post, wall, or desk to give operators a fair amount of freedom when it comes to positioning the new display.

Water and humidity can kill even the sturdiest unit if they’re not properly protected. UpScale and MKE-5 indicators are both enclosed in a water-resistant injection-molded body. A rubber gasket keeps any stubborn moisture out. If it’s located in a particularly harsh environment, technicians can opt to get a stainless steel enclosure that works as hard as they do.

All of Arlyn’s digital indicators are available with industry-standard communications protocols including:


• Analog output


• RS-232

Contact us online for more information about communications options for these indicators.

Arlyn UpScale v. MKE-5 Display Indicator Features

MKE-5 Digital Indicator with Push ButtonThe seven-inch 1024×600 WSVGA display on the Arlyn UpScale beats out the resolution on many mobile devices, let alone weighing indicators. It’s a full four inches larger than the screen on the MKE-5 and supports a 16:9 aspect ratio combined with a full contextual touchscreen. MKE-5 users control the display through a click 12-button keypad.

UpScale’s microprocessor is beefier than those used in many consumer devices. The ARM Cortex A7 is a full quad-core 64-bit CPU that services a full gigabyte of RAM and 8 gigabytes of storage. MKE-5 units have much more modest figures in both respects, so they’re limited to 100 different tare weights and samples.

Unlimited tare weights and samples would be a nightmare to deal with if it weren’t for the fact that the UpScale indicator offers exclusive instant search and sorting features. Both can work with RS-485 in addition to the standard protocols. The UpScale can even transmit data over Wi-Fi.

Multi-Platform Scale Installations

Productive facilities are often pushed beyond the limits of their equipment, so multi-platform installations are extremely important. MKE-5 indicators can work with up to three strain gauge platforms. Organizations looking for something that can handle up to six regular precision platforms should have a look at the UpScale.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the UpScale can support up to four ultra precision SAW platforms. It can also track the time and current time and date without needing any optional modules.ArlynScales_ContactUs

Sophisticated Scale Indicator Setpoint Options

Setpoint definitions can be set to tackle simple PLC-style and batching functions. Either indicator offers eight outputs to transfer signals. Operators may wish to use them to turn other pieces of equipment on or off once a specific target weight is reached. That makes this a useful option for facilities that have to fill an object to a certain weight before shipping it.

Saving three Setpoint recipes in any MKE-5 unit can help to automate some types of basic tasks. What’s even nicer though, is the fact that users can set an unlimited number of recipes on the Arlyn UpScale. It also supports an enhanced Setpoint mode that opens up a number of interesting possibilities.

Emailing weight print frames when a target weight is reached makes it easy for someone at a remote workstation to know exactly when something has finished filling. This can even be used to alert someone with a cellular device if they have it set to go off when an email is received. Someone who wanted to be notified when a gas cylinder had a certain amount of material in it could configure the scale to send them an email when it does.

Enhanced Setpoint functionality also allows technicians output print frames over other standard digital protocols.

Choosing the Right Digital Weighing Indicator

Arlyn Scales is a factory direct scale manufacturer and distributor that can work with anyone to find the best choice for their business. All equipment is exclusive and made right here in the USA. Feel free to contact us via the web to find the best weighing indicator solution for your particular needs.