Arlyn Scales Wheelchair Scales for Nursing Homes: What to Know

Nursing home staffs are frequently required to obtain the weight measurements of patients for a number of reasons. Caregivers need to know that patients are maintaining a healthy weight, and it is important to know if patients are gaining or losing weight too quickly. Weight can reveal various health issues. For example, weight might indicate a patient is retaining water or can allow caregivers to identify when a patient becomes diabetic.

Patients in nursing homes often use wheelchairs. They are not always wheelchair bound—perhaps they can stand for short periods or walk small distances. But regardless, nursing homes require scales capable of accommodating wheelchairs and patients at the same time.

Arlyn Scales developed a unique wheelchair scale that allows caregivers to monitor the weight measurements of patients without requiring patients to be removed from their wheelchairs. Here is everything you need to know about Arlyn Scales’ wheelchair scales.

Wheelchair Scales Subtract the Weight of the Wheelchair

Nursing homes must acquire the weights of patients whether they sit in a wheelchair, use a walker, or are able to walk without assistance. When patients in wheelchairs are weighed, they are often weighed in the wheelchairs. And the weight of the wheelchair must be subtracted in order to determine the weight of the patient.

Arlyns Scales’ wheelchair scales can store the weights of 100s of wheelchair models. Scale operators are prompted to select the wheelchair type on the scale’s indicator and then the patient’s weight can be determined. 

Arlyn Scales’ Wheelchair Scales are …

Easy to Access:

Not every patient who resides in a nursing home can be expected to walk or step onto the weighing platform of a scale. Some patients may be able to stand up once placed on the weighing platform, while others might not be able to stand at all. Therefore, Arlyn Scales’ wheelchair accessible scales are built to accommodate wheelchair-bound and mobile patients.

The platform on our wheelchair scales stands 2 inches from the ground, which is relatively low. The scale does require a small ramp to transport wheelchairs and patients onto the platform, but because the platform is short the ramp does not take up too much floor space. If the platform were higher, a larger ramp would be essential.

Entrance and exit ramps on Arlyn Scale’s wheelchair scales have a gentle incline to make it easy for a patient or caregiver to move the wheelchair onto the scale platform.

Arlyn Scales’ wheelchair scales feature grab bars to provide stability for patients able to stand on or walk onto the scale. The scales include a rubber, non-slip mat as well to prevent falls or unexpected wheelchair rolling.


Weighing elderly patients can be a difficult task for caregivers because they are often required to provide assistance to patients standing on the scale. When helping a patient stand or sit long enough to be measured, it can be tricky to catch a glimpse of the weight reading that appears on the scale’s digital indicator.

Arlyn Scales’ wheelchair scales feature a large digital display that shows weight readings in large 1-inch block digits. Caregivers can quickly glance at the weight result without having to be super close to the display screen. And they can remain close to the patient.

Our scales include a motion compensation feature. This means if a patient is moving too much, the scale will automatically discard the weight measurement because the reading is probably inaccurate.

Customers can add a time and date feature to Arlyn Scale’s wheelchair scales for an additional $100.

Transportable and Easy to Store:

Arlyn Scale’s wheelchair scales include optional fold-up handrails and optional casters for portability. The scale is lightweight because it is constructed from aluminum.

Stainless Steel Load Cells

Load cells are an integrated component of industrial grade weighing scales. When a load is placed on a scale platform, load cells produce an electrical signal proportional to the force created by the load pressing down on the scale platform.

Load cells are commonly made from aluminum because aluminum is easy to machine and is inexpensive compared to other materials; however, aluminum is not as rugged as stainless steel.

Arlyn Scales incorporates stainless steel load cells in our wheelchair scales because stainless steel is rust-resistant, strong, and lightweight. Our wheelchair scales are capable of handling excessive loads and abuse, and can still be easily transported room to room is necessary.

Load cells on our wheelchair scales are contained in welded pockets attached to the bottom of scale platforms, which allow the scale platform to be unusually low.

Accurate and Precise Weight Readings Every Time!

As the result of high quality and durable stainless steel load cells and modern electronic design, Arlyn Scale’s wheelchair scales deliver unbeatable accuracy. Our wheelchair scales offer customers a resolution of .2-pounds. This means a patient sitting in his or her wheelchair will be measured within .2-pound of his or her true weight.

All of the scales Arlyn Scales manufacturers are shipped pre-calibrated. This means higher accuracy for our customers and no service or repair costs required.

Connectivity Options Included for Convenient Data Transfer 

Arlyn Scale’s wheelchair scales can optionally be equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth 4.0, which means weight results can be communicated to a nursing home’s electronic medical record system. You can also choose to upgrade the display to our Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator and equip it with WiFi for a wider range of communication. Our wheelchair scales are easy to transport, but with Bluetooth or WiFi connection, it’s not required. Transfer weight results wirelessly fast and simply.

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