Pallet Scales for Industrial Applications

Imagine trying to live in a world where palletized shipping never became a thing. Consider that shipping pallets have greatly altered the way that almost every single type of commodity is transported. It would be almost unthinkable to live in a world that lacked this vital technology. That is why pallet scales for industrial applications are important.

Industrial Pallet Scales

People outside of the world of certain types of logistics workflows wouldn’t normally give this technology much thought. Despite that, it’s obvious that everyone enjoys the selection of products that comes with living in a modern economy. They all take advantage of it in one way or another.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about forgoing shipping pallets. There are great weighing tools out there that can help you get the job done.

At Arlyn Scales, we sell affordable, durable, and highly accurate industrial pallet floor scales. Pallets can easily be rolled onto them and weighed. Pallets are commonly used in many manufacturing, industrial and shipping facilities to transport heavy loads within the worksite.

The nature of this type of business means that there must be a convenient way to weigh heavy products loaded onto a pallet each day. many products are bought, sold, and shipped by weight. Thus, an accurate, well-built and easy-to-use floor scale directly impacts the bottom line of many industry concerns.

In some cases, you might be weighing pallets of goods that are fragile or perhaps perishable. In other situations, you may have to deal with ones that are exceptionally heavy or awkward. Regardless of what your company’s specific concerns might look like, there are a collection of scales that can address the ones that are bothering you the most. Then you’ll be able to get your pallets weighed and shipping costs calculated in no time.

A few of our products might even help you to streamline your company’s workflows. First, though, it might help to take a look at the ways that various business ventures have put this kind of equipment to use.

What Are Pallet Scales Used For?

Pallet scales and platform scales have proven to be indispensable assets in most industrial operations. These include weighing trolleys, vats and other heavy containers of product. Pallet scales are also known as floor scales since they commonly weigh pallets.

A reliable floor scale will eliminate assumptions, guesswork, or margin for error when it comes to weight calculations. These calculations are needed to verify imported and exported goods. Arlyn Scales supplies a large range of quality platform and pallet scales to accommodate weighing a variety of weighing applications.

Pallet scales are usually configured with a predetermined weighing capacity and measurements that can readily accept standard size pallets. However, Arlyn Scales can custom build weighing platforms to suit your operations. They come in several designs, including those which feature a low height profile. Our pallet scales and floor scales are available painted, epoxy-coated, and in stainless steel.

Traditional platform scales are used in everything from airline travel to commercial laundry operations. If you ever take a trip to see anyone at the local junkyard, then you more than likely are used to seeing them there as well. They measure amounts of scrap metal. Consumers, of course, are paid by the pound for the metal they return to these centers.

Assuming you know how to operate this kind of equipment, you should have no difficulty at all operating any of the pallet scales that you’re likely to see in other situations. That gives you the freedom to share tools with every member of your personnel. They can take accurate measures on a regular basis.

Our digital scale indicators make the process even easier.

Features To Look For In Industrial Pallet Floor Scales

As soon as you’ve decided to get an industrial pallet floor scale for your place of business, you’ll want to keep the following features in mind during the shopping process. While not everyone will need exactly the same type of equipment, these should represent a fairly good collection. The features should prove useful to a wide variety of technicians and workshops.

Weight Accuracy

In the shipping industry, the capacity of the land, air, or sea container is of high importance to those who must transport goods long distances. Suppose you are traveling via truck, cargo plane, or shipping vessel. The maximum transport load weight cannot be exceeded due to legal safety reasons.

Many floor scales on the market are not truly equipped to handle the abuse that comes with factory floor use while maintaining their accuracy. They are typically expensive items and because they are integral to the daily operations at most plants. You don’t want to spend valuable time re-calibrating constantly. We take pride in supplying our clients with high-quality scales that weigh with consistently high-accuracy ideal for industrial facilities.

Depending on the type of industry you’re in and how you’re shipping products, you might need to ensure the use of specifically certified scales. Those who find this to be a problem may want to consider a postal scale as well for smaller shipments.


You want to purchase a scale with a durable stainless steel scale platform. Stainless steel is naturally more resistant to the effects of spills. It should also be easy to clean since stainless steel can be washed down without fear of rusting easily.

Corrosive liquids such as chlorine, liquefied carbon dioxide or hydrogen, sodium hydroxide, phosphate, and caustic liquids are vital to many industrial facilities. Do you routinely deal with more caustic substances? We can coat the scale platform with a special corrosive resistant epoxy for safer use. This will provide even more protection from chemicals and ensure that your scale lasts for the long term.

Even those scales from Arlyn that aren’t treated, however, should be able to stand up to a fair amount of abuse. That they’re made from genuine stainless steel with chromium in an alloy that helps to provide an inherent level of protection.

Other durability features could potentially be important to you, again depending on how you plan on using your scale.

Reliable And Durable

At Arlyn Scales, we also take pride in designing and manufacturing scales to meet the highest quality standards that will give you a valuable, long-lasting piece of equipment. The stainless steel construction also extends to the load cells for maximum durability. Therefore, you can roll pallet after pallet onto our industrial scales without worrying if it will become damaged. There are numerous advantages to buying our pallet scales such as:

• You can dump a heavy load even one beyond the scale’s capacity. Never worry that the load sensors that you depend on for accurate measurements will become permanently warped and ruined.

• You can get optional ramps for either side of your floor scale. Negate the need to ever raise your pallets off the ground.

• Your digital display can be made wireless, increasing safety at your plant by being able to read weights without being near to the load.

• Our display has a net/gross function to easily subtract the weight of the pallet from the actual load among many others.

Wireless displays are a special concern for many technicians. These allow data logging as well as other sophisticated features. They can help to automate certain industrial processes to a degree.

Those who need these can connect their indicators via several different technologies. Some even have all relevant information dumped into a spreadsheet.

Once everything has been properly stored in a cloud-based repository, it’s possible for users to recall it on almost any networked device. In fact, connecting a scale to a computer isn’t anywhere as difficult as it sounds. This makes this an attractive option for smaller businesses that might not otherwise have had the opportunity to take advantage of integrated equipment.

If this sounds good, then you might want to take a look at some of our other pieces of gear.

Interested In Learning More About Pallet Scales For Industrial Applications?

Arlyn Series 5200 Floor Scales is our pallet solution of choice. These scales use best of class components, including stainless steel load cells, advanced digital algorithms, and welded construction coated with a special zinc-rich epoxy for superior rust resistance.

Arlyn Series 520 Stainless Steel Floor Scales are for difficult environments that call for easy-to-use solutions. These scales use best of class components, including stainless steel construction and load cells, advanced digital algorithms and welded construction coated with a special zinc-rich epoxy for superior rust resistance.

Keeping Track Of Measurements Using Industrial Scales

While an industrial process is taking place, the measurements of materials being consumed and produced, or the measurements of material remaining to be processed, must be logged for future analysis. There are sophisticated and expensive systems available to do these kinds of things.

For example, the most common method is to run a communication cable from a central computer to each industrial scale in use. A standard communication protocol, like an RS-232, can transfer weight data from scales to computers easily.

This method isn’t always suitable for every industrial application though. For example, the computer and scale need to be close together and in the same room.

It costs a lot to run cables from industrial equipment too. There are a number of electrical codes that must be followed. The wiring may have to be routed through existing ceilings, walls, or other obstructions.

Computer Compatibility

One way to reduce the cost is to network a number of scales and have them all connect to one computer. A multi-drop protocol, like RS-485, may be employed to do this. 1 cable is routed from scale to scale and continues on to the central data collection device. An adaptor is used to convert the RS-485 data into a standard that the computer can accept, like a USB. It is not always necessary to monitor the weight in real-time.

All Arlyn Scales are available with a wide variety of industry-standard communication options including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, and RS-232. That means you’ll be able to hook them up to a wide variety of different devices even if you lack a dedicated IT department and have to do all of the work in-house. If you can hook up USB pointing devices like a mouse, then you can hook up one of these scales.

Intrinsically Safe Versions Available

For hazardous or classified environments, see Arlyn’s Intrinsically Safe ArlynGuard F Series Floor Scales. They are equipped with FM Approved display indicators and load cell sensors. The scales are designed to hold up against hazardous, explosive and flammable environments.

Regardless of the type of pallets currently in use to sort individual shipments, they will maintain consistent measurements. In fact, you could theoretically use them without any particular type of container. If this were a concern in your particular manufacturing setup, you can address it.

The Arlyn Scales Difference

Arlyn Scales has over 35 years of experience in meeting customer demands. Our products deliver on price, functionality, quality, reliability, safety, durability and performance.

Learn more about pallet scales for industrial applications by contacting Arlyn Scales. Use our online contact form with any questions or concerns about custom-made scales for your business.