Digital Scale Indicator with Email Alerts Capability

Many industries use scales to keep track of inventory, weigh important mixing materials, and more. In some operations, placing an item on the scale, logging its weight, and removing it is good enough. Other situations require a container to be placed on a scale indefinitely to monitor changes in the weight of its contents.

In these situations, an automatic alert at certain weights can make a big difference in how smoothly your business operates. With the Arlyn UpScale Indicator, you can use your scale’s Setpoint Controller to send you an email at specified weights.

The Concept of Setpoints in Digital Weighing

Setpoints, in the context of digital weighing, act as predetermined weight values that trigger specific responses once reached. Think of them as benchmarks that, when attained, can initiate an action or alert. With digital scale indicators, these setpoints can be intricately configured to suit a wide array of inventory management needs. For instance, when using counting scales for inventory, setpoints can be established to notify when the stock reaches below the desired amount, ensuring that restocking or other essential actions are taken promptly. The integration of setpoints in digital weight indicator systems is revolutionizing how businesses perceive and manage their inventory scales, making them proactive rather than reactive.

By weaving digital weight data into everyday inventory processes, your business will be better equipped to handle fluctuations, manage stock efficiently, and ensure that your operations run smoothly. The evolution from traditional scales to digital scale indicators marks a significant shift in inventory management, bringing forth a plethora of opportunities for businesses to optimize their operations.

The Pivotal Role of Email Alerts in Inventory Management

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, instant access to information is the cornerstone of effective decision-making. With our UpScale digital indicator, you can now receive real-time alerts directly to your email, instead of continuously monitoring weight data or physically checking inventory scales.

For instance, consider a scenario where a specific product’s weight goes below the threshold on the counting scale. With the digital weight indicator’s email alert feature, a procurement manager can receive an immediate notification, allowing timely restocking or redistribution. This not only prevents potential sales loss but also ensures that the inventory turnover remains efficient. Another application could be in quality control; if a product batch doesn’t meet the required weight data criteria, an alert can be triggered, preventing possible quality issues.

The Arlyn UpScale Digital Indicator

Available exclusively from Arlyn Scales, the UpScale Indicator is a high-definition color touchscreen indicator designed for use with industrial scales. These indicators are extremely user-friendly with an easy-to-read screen, intuitive interface, and a swivel bracket that lets you see the screen from any angle. You can even mount the bracket on a post or wall. The Arlyn UpScale also features Enhanced Setpoint Functions that will email you weight print frames when a target weight is reached.

Email alerts based on weights and setpoints can serve many industries, including those working with gasses like helium, manufacturing facilities, and paint mixing operations. An automatic alert emailed at a specified weight can increase safety, let you know when you’re running low on something, or give you a warning if a container is about to reach capacity.

Email Alerts for Target Weights

Enhanced Setpoint Functions are often used to alert users when the contents of a container reach a certain weight. For example, you can configure your scale to send you an email when the weight on the platform is 60 lbs. In order to configure the Setpoint Controller to send you email alerts, you need a scale that is equipped with Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Setpoint emails are easy to set up. All you need to do is enable the Setpoint email function and specify which email address should receive alerts. Then you will need to create a Setpoint Command Line Configuration, enter the value at which an alert should be sent, and select “Yes” for the “Email” option. Finally, on the Setpoint Definition screen, ensure the checkbox for “Email” is checked.

Email Alerts for Low Inventory

Email alerts are typically used for monitoring weights on cylinder scales. If the weight of the cylinder drops below a certain point, you will receive an email. This function can serve other purposes, though. If you use a parts counting scale or inventory scale for inventory tracking, email alerts can be extremely useful. By storing parts containers on scales and monitoring their weights, you can be alerted when your inventory gets low. This can help reduce downtime during operations and ensure you always have the parts you need on hand.

Get Email Alerts With the Arlyn UpScale Indicator

For more than thirty years, Arlyn Scales has been a leader in the design and development of weighing technology. The Arlyn UpScale is just one of our many great inventions. Upgrade your scales with the Arlyn UpScale Indicator today, and enjoy many great benefits, including email alerts.For more information about the UpScale, this feature, or any of our products, please contact our team. We are ready to answer any question and can even work with you to design custom weighing solutions for your unique business needs.