Bulk Material Weighing Systems

Bulk material weighing systems are often fast, fluid, and flexible. They handle large volumes of products to weigh on a regular basis and must be able to withstand higher amounts of weight. The latter is called a weight capacity.

Checkweighing may also be a priority when you are transporting and weighing objects at the same time, hoping to sort them with minimal human intervention.

Industries That Use Bulk Weighing

More than a few businesses need to implement bulk weighing solutions. They require products to be moved fast that are often too heavy for human operators to carry and weigh on their own. Usually, there is a high demand for efficiency, which load cells support in modern scales for this purpose.

Bulk Material Weighing Systems for Agriculture

The grains that we eat are often weighed in bulk systems, such as rice, wheat, oats, and quinoa. These are often loose and as individual grains don’t weigh much. Together, however, a huge bag of rice can be messy and heavy.

With the amount of food that people need on a regular basis, manual weighing wouldn’t be sufficient to handle the demand for raw edible materials. That’s why operators use a semi-automated weighing system to help manage the high demand.

Usually, the loose grain is placed into a bin called the Weigh Hopper. After a load cell powers the scale and sends signals, a computer subtracts the weight of the Hopper — this is known as the tare — from the total result. The tare is checked numerous times to account for when grain remains in the hopper, which can happen as it’s being discharged using garner gates.

Meanwhile, the computer constantly measures the weight until it reaches a significantly low threshold related to the initial total. This gives an accurate measurement of the grain’s weight, which can be used to determine the price sold.

Bulk Weighing Systems in Airports And Travel

These are often used in airports to sort checked-in luggage, so that people aren’t held up and that their suitcases arrive with them. Many national and international airports have thousands if not millions of travelers arriving and departing. Someone losing their suitcase can cause the airport to suffer bad publicity over the poor management of personal belongings.

In addition, some delivery postal services will use private jets to deliver packages. DHL is one such example. They need to sort fast to honor their commitments to customers who use them.

The scales need to be rugged and durable to handle this regular use. Suitcases and other checked-in luggage can prove heavy, especially when they belong to traveling families. They also need to be portable and flexible for various arrangements. That’s why the bulk weighing systems are used for luggage

Mail Weighing Systems

The United States Postal System, or USPS, uses bulk weighing systems to handle and sort physical mail. You may catch a glimpse of these facilities while going to the post office but they are large so that they can to accommodate the number of letters, catalogs, bills, bank statements, and advertisements that are sent every day. Logistics is a high priority to make sure this large volume arrives at the correct addresses on time.

Mail is still going to be a necessary service. Email cannot replace the effectiveness of physical communication. In addition, not everyone has access to electronic banking or credit card management; they need to have paper checks to make regular deposits.

When using scales for these sorts of operations, we have learned that weighing multiple pieces of mail at once is more efficient at determining an accurate average.

Each piece of bulk mail in a sorted pile is identical in terms of weight. This makes for the quickest organization in terms of delivery. Mail weight also determines the price of postage and shipping. For this reason, the scales used at large facilities need to be accurate when sorting these, to ensure that the post office receives a fair exchange for the service they perform.

Corporation mail rooms may also use similar scales, for sending outgoing notices. They need to ensure that all of the outgoing mail is ready for a daily pickup, and to sort what is incoming in turn. A smaller bulk weighing system can assist those working in the mailroom with a proper organization, and to ensure that the company is on top of their advertising and communications.

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