Bulk Mailing Requires Precision Weighing




Email is obviously a popular method of communication. It is used in private and business-oriented worlds to share ideas and information quickly and easily. Email is a great way to request details regarding products and services for businesses and customers. Messages are sent over great distances and it is fast, simple, and cheap to do so via email. Furthermore, email is used for advertising purposes. In fact, massive and unwanted email advertising is known as spam. Surely, you’ve heard of that?

Email Isn’t The Solution For Everything

Undoubtedly, email has earned its rightful place as a main method of communication. However, “old-fashioned” postal mail continues to maintain a valid position in the distribution of information. There is nothing like glossy and colorful brochures you can hold in your hands to learn more about products and services. Haven’t you ever thumbed through a postcard advertising deck? It’s kind of fun, right? Additionally, political mailings catch the eye of voters and stock reports convey large amounts of information in easy-to-read standard formats. Then there are the things that simply can’t be sent via email, like free samples.

The USPS and Bulk Mailing

The United States Postal Service has devised a pricing system that offers special rates to organizations that produce large batches of mail. These prices are dependent on multiple factors… For example, part of the pricing revolves around the pre-sorting work that an organization can provide before putting their mail in to the USPS’s domain. This usually involves using full zip codes and bar coding, which makes the amount of work needed by the USPS less than normal.

Companies must accurately convey information to the USPS for things like this to work. Also, it ensures accurate payments for bulk mailing services. The most important piece of information needed by the USPS is the number of items being mailed and the weight of each item. It is the responsibility of the bulk mailer to make sure that the numbers of pieces in an order are calculated accurately. Can you guess how this is done?

Bulk Mailing Is Determined By Weight

If you guessed ‘weight,’ then you’re right. All of the pieces in a bulk mailing must be identical to each other in weight. If the weight of 1 item is accurately known, then it is possible to weigh an entire batch of items and determine the total number of pieces being processed.

Bulk Mail Scale Systems

To determine the weight of an entire bulk mailing, bulk mail scale systems are used. Scales used for this purpose must have 2 opposite qualifications. 1) It must be able to weigh a large amount of items at one time; 2) it must have a high weight capacity. Additionally, the scale must be able to determine the weight of a single piece of mail, which means the scale must have high sensitivity.

Let’s say the scale has a weight capacity of 100 pounds. Standard scales with a capacity of 100 pounds typically have a resolution of .02 lb. A single piece of mail might only weigh 1 ounce, or maybe even less. A standard scale cannot accurately measure items that weigh this little.

One way to increase accuracy is to weigh 10 sample pieces instead of just one. This increases the single piece accuracy by a factor of 10 times. However, this is still not an accurate representation of the actual weight. Another method is to use 2 electronic scales for the entire bulk mailing system. The main scale can have a capacity of 100 pounds, while the sampling digital scale can have a much smaller capacity. A standard electronic scale with a 1-pound capacity will have a resolution that is 100x better than the 100-pound scale. In addition to weighing 10 samples at one time, a person can achieve extreme accuracy.

Bulk Mailing Scale With High Native Accuracy

Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision Scales are the best option for bulk mailing scale systems. It’s the easiest option compared to what’s describe above and you will receive extreme accuracy from our Ultra Precision Scales. These scales deliver accuracy and resolution that is 20x better than standard industrial scales. In many scales, this can allow a single scale to be used for preparing bulk mailings. These scales are more rugged than standard electronic scales and useful when large mail totes are dropped onto the scale platforms. Shock load and overload can be a major cause of scale failure, but Ultra Precision Scales resist shock load and overload.

Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

Inside every Ultra Precision Scale manufactured by Arlyn Scales, there are 2 Surface Acoustic Wave transducers. The transducers are installed at a set distance apart underneath the scale’s weighing platform. When an object is placed on the platform, the distance between the transducers increases and the new distance is in correlation with the weight of the load on the platform.

The transducers in Ultra Precision Scales are the most vital component of the weighing process. 1 transducer acts as a transmitter, while the other transducer serves as a receiver. When a load is placed on the scale platform, the transmitting transducer sends a wave to the receiving transducer. The receiving transducer takes the wave, amplifies it, and sends it back to the first transducer—and the wave continues to go back and forth between the 2 transducers. SAW technology measures the time it takes for the initial wave to travel from the transmitting transducer to the receiving transducer and the measurements are recorded digitally.

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