Analytical Balance for Chemical Industries

RatcliffePowerPlantBlackAndWhiteMany industries, and the chemical industry in particular, are only effective when using scales that are extremely accurate. While many companies offer scales with high-resolution readings, their capacity is often not much larger than around 1200 grams (3 lb), and this at a higher cost. These scales are fine for small applications where chemicals are measured, but if you need to measure large amounts of chemicals, you may be struggling to find a scale that offers high resolution as well as high capacity. Arlyn Scales understands the strong need for chemical scales with technology that offers a combination of both high resolution and high capacity.

Arlyn Scales has been a leader in high resolution and capacity chemical scales for over 30 years. We offer a wide variety of different scales for all different types of industries, but our most innovative scales are made for the chemical industry. We are a US based company located in Long Island, New York. All of our scales are manufactured in our state of the art factory, unlike many of our competitors who are merely assemble components purchased from other a variety of other manufacturers.

We learned long ago that by manufacturing our own subassemblies, we are able to better control the quality of our products as well as offer cost savings to our customers. By purchasing a scale from Arlyn Scales, you are buying direct from the factory, which often means significant savings. Our scales offer several advantages for your chemical weighing needs.

Improved Load Cells

For the past 60 years or so, the most popular scale technology involved strain gage load cell. If you are not familiar with the term, a load cell is a metal apparatus that absorbs movement from a scale platform to determine the weight of anything placed on the platform. With a strain gage load cell there are sections of the metal that are very thin. This means that it cannot bend very far before it experiences plastic deformation, which limits the resolution that can be achieved and leaves the load cell vulnerable to shock and overload damage.

Arlyn Scales has pioneered an entirely new line of scales to solve the problem of inaccurate load cells, once and for all. We are extremely proud of the technological advances in our Ultra Precision Scales. These scales utilize Surface Acoustic Wave, or SAW, technology. This technology allows the load cell in our Ultra Precision Scales to be much thicker, which requires much less bending to take an accurate reading. In fact, an Ultra Precision Scale with SAW technology requires one-tenth of the amount of bending compared to a standard strain gage load cell. A thicker load cell also means a higher resolution and better longevity. Solid state transducers use provide a purely digital output, further improving accuracy.

Large Capacity for Chemical Applications

As mentioned above, one of the shortcomings of most scales used for chemical measuring is the low capacity available. Most scales for chemical industries top out at around 1200 grams, or 3 pounds. While this may be sufficient for small amounts of chemicals, many companies need higher capacity. Arlyn Scales Ultra Precision Scales offer much larger capacity restrictions than other scales. Our scales with SAW technology range in capacity from 10 pounds up to 500 pounds. This is a huge advantage for companies that need to consistently weigh large amounts of chemical matter.

Improved Accuracy

Many scale manufacturers sacrifice resolution and accuracy in the quest for more capacity. Arlyn Scales products are incredibly accurate, even with the added capacity. Our Ultra Precision Scales with SAW technology offer an accuracy of up to 0.005% as well as a resolution of up to 1 part in 400,000. While you may be impressed with the display resolution, the internal resolution is much better at up to 1 part in 2 million! Our Ultra Precision scales are also roughly 20 times more sensitive than strain gage scales.

Durable Construction

Because many scales in the chemical industry are used to weigh small amounts of materials, scale manufacturers tend to not place as much focus on manufacturing durable scales. At Arlyn Scales, we put as much focus on producing durable scales for the chemical industry as we do with our platform scales for the shipping industry. Our Ultra Precision Scales are built with an aluminum frame, as well as a stainless steel weighing pan, which makes for an extremely rugged scale.

Wide Range of Options

Because our Ultra Precision Scales with SAW technology are used for a variety of applications in the chemical industry among other applications, we have developed several options to fit the needs of our customers.

  • Ethernet Connectivity Ð With our SAW scales, you can easily connect to your Ethernet network to access weight readings as well as to control the scale. Workers are able to monitor and control a scale using our Remote Indicator Software. If your facility has Wi-Fi capability, you can also connect your Ultra Precision Scale to your wireless network. With Ethernet connectivity, you are able to access your scale from inside your facility as well as externally. This gives you added flexibility and access to your data and operations from anywhere in the world.
  • Set Point Ð Our set point technology allows scale users to control other machines based on measured weight readings. This is very beneficial in the chemical industry where precise amounts of material are extremely important in the formulation of a product. With Ultra Precision Scales, you can store weight values in your scale to then send electronic signals to other machines to either start or stop the refilling of various materials, allowing you to automate many of your processes.
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack Ð Our Ultra Precision Scales also offer a rechargeable battery pack to ensure that your scale is never without power. We understand that you may need to use your chemical scale in a place where power may be at a premium or not available at all.

Contact Arlyn Scales For Your Chemical Scale Needs

For more information on our Ultra Precision Scales with SAW technology, give us a call toll free at (800) 645-4301 or reach out to us online through our Contact Us page. We would love to discuss how our scales can provide you with added accuracy and capacity at your chemical facility.