620X Industrial Bench Scales with Strain Gauge Technology

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Each industrial weighing application requires different levels of accuracy and resolution. But every application needs bench scales that are well designed, durable, cost-effective, and easy to use. See more product details
Product Code Capacity & Resolution Platform Size Price
620X 10 lb x 0.002 lb 12” x 16” $499


Each industrial weighing application requires different levels of accuracy and resolution. But every application needs bench scales that are well designed, durable, cost-effective and easy to use. When you have industrial bench scales with gauging technology, then you have increased workplace safety as well as productivity.


Not every industrial weighing situation requires the same resolution. While accuracy specifications and platform sizes may vary, they all need well designed, durable scales. When scales are well-designed, they assist with accurate measurements in the workplace. Such endeavors ensure that products are manufactured consistently. Arlyn Scales offers quality Industrial Bench Scales ranging from our Standard 6200 strain gauge scales to the select level D-6200 family. They all carry the unrivaled accuracy of the SAW Ultra Precision scales. Explosion environment models are also available. In all cases, our Factory Direct cost is much, much lower than any other equivalent scale.

Adaptable For Any Work Setting

Industrial bench scales integrate well into any manufacturing, industrial or educational setup. Certain models can be used indoors or outdoors, in laboratories or industrial workspaces. They will adjust to any changes in temperature or humidity. For this reason, our bench scales prioritize portability options. Our smallest one, the 620X, is a mere ten pounds, while the largest, the SAW-H, weighs in at 200 pounds. This means that there are portability options.

Affordable Models That Reduce Costs

When you need accurate measurements on a budget, bench scales provide them. We have a wide range of scales that you can customize by changing the resolution, attachment, or indicator. If you are on a lower budget, then the digital indicator will work, while the ArlynScales Upscale Touchscreen is a great upgrade for specialized accuracy. Bench scales also reduce costs with accurate measurement. Consider how much raw material is potentially wasted during production when used in excess. No one wants to create waste. On the other end, operations have to be stopped and adjusted when not enough materials are used. Using a bench-scale reduces both of these scenarios.

Sensitive Readings, But Not Sensitive To Use.

A stainless steel load cell means you’ll have a scale that can handle rough use and still provide precise weight results. They will adjust for the tiniest changes in weight while factoring in heat or coolness affecting the products on the scale. Stainless is designed to handle any humidity, extreme changes in temperature, and other environmental conditions. It is also waterproof, which means they can be cleaned frequently without fear of rust or other damage. This makes it a viable option for using industrial weighing.

Easy To Use

Instead of a simplistic, hard to understand numeric readout, Arlyn Bench Scales utilize state of the art graphics display systems. This means that the scale operator can pay attention to his work. Then they save time instead of trying to figure out how to make the scale work. A low learning curve also means that scale operation training is reduced for new employees. Departments within a business can streamline the weighing process and prioritize other tasks.

High Precision

Series 6200 scales give excellent readability of 0.02 lb with a capacity of 100 lb. The D-620C doubles that readability to 0.01 lb, with the same capacity. Our SAW-C Ultra Precision unit provides incredible readability of 0.001 lb, also with 100 lb capacity. Increased precision and accurate measurements ensure that quality control is consistent for products. Rather than operators having to handle heavy loads of products and manually checking them, the bench scales shorten the process and make products safer. This is especially crucial in highly regulated industries such as food processing.

Communication Choices

The modern industrial environment is interconnected. All Arlyn Scales are available with a wide variety of industry-standard communication options including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, and RS-232. Each scale can also

Intrinsically Safe Versions Available

Generally, accurate scales reduce For hazardous or classified environments, see Arlyn’s Intrinsically Safe ArlynGuard B Series Bench Scales and ArlynGuard S Series Ultra Precision Scales. They are equipped with FM Approved display indicators and load cell sensors.

Get High-Capacity Weigh Platforms From Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales engineers have welded modern technology with industrial demands to upgrade scale designs. They have added SAW technology to increase sensitivity for measurement, and even include customized options. Having a customized scale will assist with efficiency in unconventional workplaces. Are you ready to find out more? Reach out to our representatives to get information on our selection of industrial scales, for manufacturing and other purposes. Trust our heavy-duty bench scales to offer highly accurate results, and to streamline operations within any business industry.

Available Upgrades

Display Attachment
  • Remote Cable
  • Swing Arm (MKE-5)
  • Analog Output 4-20mA (or 0-5VDC)
  • RS-232 Serial Port
  • USB Communication (w/ Virtual Serial Communication)
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Connectivity
  • WiFi TCP/IP Connectivity (UpScale)
  • Label, Paper and Card Printer (RS232)
  • Bluetooth/USB 58mm Thermal Printer (UpScale)
  • Barcode Functions - Printing and Scanning (UpScale)
Setpoint Control
  • Setpoints (Filling Ops, Relay Ctrl, etc)
  • Relays (AC/DC)
  • Alerts (Buzzer Alarm)
  • Light Tower: 2/3 Light Columns
Counting Operation
  • Parts Counting
Data Collection
  • Flow Rate Function with Alarms (UpScale)
  • Battery Pack
  • NEMA Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Remote Buttons (ZERO, TARE, PRINT, CYCLE)


MKE-5 Digital Indicator 1" High Graphics LCD digits. Updates between 0.1 to 0.5 sec. Adjustable. (Swing Arm or Remote Cable)
UPSCALE-9 Indicator Upgrade to Arlyn UpScale 7" Color LCD Touchscreen. Fully Customizable. (Remote Cable only)
Overload Condition Warning at 102% capacity, protected to 150% capacity.
Platform Dimensions (620X and up) 12" x 16", Approximately 17 lbs shipping weight.
Power Requirements 117/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Optional 24VDC Available.
Accuracy 0.1% of full scale.
Operating Temperature 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 65°C)
Weight Features Adjustable Filter constants, adjustable display speed, automatic calibration.
Minimum Sampling Rate 10 Hz