Heavy Duty Scales for the Mining Industry

Strip_coal_miningIn an industry where accurate weighing data is worth its weight in gold, finding the proper weighing equipment is an important consideration. How do you know what equipment you can rely on when it comes to retrieving consistent, precise, and accurate weighing data each and every time, in all sorts of weather conditions? It is certainly not easy to maneuver your way through the world of scales, but being forewarned is being forearmed when your decisions are based on solid information.

Customer Service

There is no place like home when it comes to purchasing a heavy-duty industrial scale. Arlyn Scales are one hundred percent U.S. manufactured. Should there be any concerns after the purchase, our team of experts is at the ready to answer all your questions. This can be a significant benefit, especially if your day to day work flow relies on the scale’s operation.

Highly trained sales teams are definite assets when purchasing scales suited to your industry. Chances are you will eventually have questions; so why not be sure that there is a reliable team that is knowledgeable enough to answer them? Guiding you in the proper fashion with your budget in mind is exactly how we do business at Arlyn Scales. Knowing what you need, when you need it is our job and providing the best possible solution is our mission.

This commitment is a preventative measure. We love hearing feedback from our customers and have total regard for all and any feedback. It is by having open communication that we feel we have been able to provide scales that exceed the industry’s expectations and standards.

Superior Subassemblies

Knowing what it takes to deliver accurate and precise weighing readings in extremely rugged circumstances is the hallmark of a reputable company. Their scales will only be as good as their subassemblies. Not all factories have the quality control that is necessary when it comes to producing state of the art scales. At Arlyn Scales, we manufacture our own subassemblies for use in our equipment.

Find out what subassemblies have been placed in your current floor scale. Are they manufactured from aluminum, a nickel-plated alloy or stainless steel? Aluminum certainly has its place, but in weighing operations where a rugged scale is necessary, the only real option is stainless steel.

As a material, it is more expensive but it is one that has no substitute.

High quality, temperature stable, stainless steel load cells like the ones we manufacture are reliable and have been constructed for rugged applications where shock and overload damage control is a must.

The method of placement in the scale is another important consideration that will affect the useful life of the scale.

Proper Handling

Once you have secured the facts about the materials, you will want to make sure that the load cells have been placed properly in the scale platform. Inferior scales are manufactured by bolting the load cells into the scale frame. Moisture, water and other corrosive materials will have direct access to these load cells, rendering the scale useless in a matter of time.

Arlyn Scales engineering team has integrated the load cells into the scales design in such a way that they are protected from liquid and corrosive material damage. Our stainless steel load cells are placed in machine pocketed housing in each of the four corners of the scale’s frame. This method allows for a lower profile scale, minimizing the height to 2.8 inches for greater ease of use.

Superior Platforms

Platforms are manufactured either in aluminum for greater portability or stainless steel for extreme rugged handling. The scale’s purpose will dictate the proper selection of platform composition. However, once again, how is that material used? Is it placed over a welded frame or a frame that is not built to withstand the high weighing capacity of the mining industry?

Our 5200 series platforms are made out of the highest grade of stainless steel with welded frames and are diamond plated to guarantee against slippage. Additionally, we offer the option of an additional protective coating comprised of a three part-galvanized epoxy.

You will find that most weighing platforms are sprayed with enamel paint or offer a protective powder coat. Although these methods will suffice for some industries, they will not hold up under the heavy usage of pallet jacks and forklifts. Eventually, the platforms will be scratched and once the rust sets in, it will spread underneath the paint, which will ultimately render the scale useless. To prevent the formation of rust, we use zinc, which is singlehandedly responsible for protection against rust formation.

If your preferred method of placement onto the scale is by pallet jack, you will want to select a scale manufacturer that offers ramps in varying sizes, which allows you to choose the perfect fit for your industrial environment. Our sturdy ramps come in three, four, five and six foot lengths so that all environments can be accommodated. Additionally with the low profile of 2.8 inches, the slope of our ramps is very slight which protects your weight loads from shifting and protects your employees from unnecessary injury.


All industries, including the mining industry, require that weights are documented in some manner. The easiest way is to use a computer. Does your current scale have connectivity options such as wireless Ethernet, RS- 232, RS- 485, Data logging, Set point and a state of the art Scale Indicator? If not, you may be without the necessary functionality to keep pace with today’s demands.

The bi directional interface of the RS software allows for controlling the scale and data input from an offsite workstation. With the RS-485 software, you will be able to operate up to ten scales from the distance of up to four thousand feet.

Arlyn Scales 5200 series scales are completely manufactured in our New York based warehouse. Built to last, our floor scales will always deliver weighing data that can be relied upon day after day, year after year. Offered in weighing capacities from twenty five hundred pounds to twenty thousand pounds, or even custom capacities if necessary, these extremely durable scales can handle every aspect of the mining industry’s requirements.

Arlyn Scales employs the best technical advisers who are at the ready to answer all of your weight related questions. Our team of weight specialized engineers are capable of creating a customized version of our 5200 floor scale should your requirements differ from the standard offerings at a budget conscious cost.

Contact Arlyn Scales for more information by calling us at 800.645.4301.