Electronic Shipping Scale

large-ultra-precision-scale-1In the world of shipping, orders need to be handled accurately and often quickly. This is the type of business in which customers want their packages delivered yesterday at the drop of a dime. It would seem that everyone has a last minute emergency on their hands.

In the past, shipping was handled by manual or analog scales. To weigh the package, someone would need to place it on the analog scale and make sure everything was perfectly aligned. The scale might need to be manually calibrated before it could be used. And, once the person was ready to weigh the item, it could still take a long time because the numbers could be worn off. The position in which the person was standing might also make a difference in the reading the scale appeared to be giving. So, this might spark arguments with customers.

All of these issues greatly extended the time to ship just one package. Even when there are only a few customers none of them want to feel like their time is being wasted so just imagine the chaos that might ensue if there were many customers waiting in line.

With the new electronic shipping scale of today, these types of situations may be a distant memory. Electronic shipping scales can provide accurate readings within seconds. The digital output screen displays the numbers in a clear format so the reading will be the same from every angle. Simply place the item on the scale and read the numbers from the digital output screen.

These factors work together to ensure that today’s shipping experiences can go much more quickly. Packages can be prepared for shipping much faster allowing the shipping clerk to move on to the next customer in much less time than before.

Many electronic shipping scales will have a port to allow them to be connected to a PC or a printer. This connection can allow the shipping company to integrate programs with the scale to print postage, labels, reports, etc. while the item is being weighed for shipping. This can greatly increase the speed of the shipping process.

The shipping industry moves quickly. Customers expect shippers to live up to that standard. Analog shipping scales may no longer be able to meet the needs of this fast-paced industry. An electronic shipping scale is the best way to ship many packages as quickly as possible. You may find yourself amazed at the speed and precision that is offered by these types of scales.

For more information on various types of electronic shipping scales, or to find the scale that will perfectly suit your need, please feel free to contact Arlyn Scales!