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chemical weighing scalesChemicals of all kinds are a part of our daily lives, whether it is the aspirin we take for our headache, the product we use to clear our clogged drains or some other chemical that goes into making millions of different and everyday products in our daily lives. A good digital scale or balance is essential for the chemistry and physics that go into making these products possible.

When it comes to weighing items like the chemicals that go into making these and other items, it is vital to take into consideration the precision and safety standards of the chemical weighing scales used in our production. Balancing chemical equations is a process of trial and error. A balanced chemical equation is when the number of the different elements in the reactants side is equal to the products side. Those working with chemical weighing scales know that a chemical equation needs to be balanced so that it follows the law of conservation of mass. These weighing scales show either kilograms or pounds because that is a common unit of measurement, but in reality, it is just an estimate of the mass as expressed in weight.

The needs of the chemical industry have changed significantly over the past few years and it is necessary to keep up with the current regulations and practices regarding weighing chemicals for industrial and other scales of all kinds. That means verifying and confirming the specifics of all types of scales, especially those that measure sometimes volatile or dangerous chemicals.

We can help you with these and other types of scales for your industrial, veterinarian or other custom weighing system needs. We carry many different types of weighing solutions at our online store. These scales have a high-quality design and have the latest features available on the market. Every digital balance includes a control panel that can be automatically calibrated to weight. Digital balances are typically made of stainless steel with synthetic material coating the top surface. Other materials for durability have also begun to emerge as they’ve been proven effective.

Chemical weighing scales are typically digital. Digital balances are very weight sensitive. The display panel shows changes in reading due to even the slightest change in weight added to the weighing panel. Since exact calculations are needed, digital chemical scales can be incredibly accurate. One of the most desirable traits in a scale is the ability to calibrate. Arlyn’s chemical weighing scales all include easy to use calibration processes. With calibration comes precision; this is the number of decimal places a scale can display your weight to, if you can see your weight as 110 lbs on one scale and 99.587 lbs on another scale, the latter scale is more precise. Combining the best features needed for chemical weighing, our digital scales are a premium choice.

Innovative Solutions for Chemical Weighing Technology Changes

The traditional model of a mechanical chemical balance resembles a typical weight balance with two arms and a pivoted horizontal beam. This type of balance is used in analytical chemistry in a laboratory setting. Innovative solutions have led to the invention of digital chemical balances that are more accurate and precise. Different types of metals can now be used to manufacture a chemical balance though stainless steel is the common types of metal used in the production of such balances.

As always, the critical components needed for the creation of chemical weighing scales need to be able to handle the various types of chemicals, both liquid and solid. It is a very competitive field, so safety and health are very important. Scale makers and sellers are well aware of the need to get it right the first time and every time.

There are four main factors in the specifications of any of the special chemical weighing scales systems:

– Accuracy

– Reliability

– Durability

– Safety

Factors of Chemical Weighing Scales


— When it comes to weighing any substance, you want precision and accuracy, but weighing chemicals makes this imperative. This is because if you don’t get chemical weights correct it could mean anything from the inefficiency of the finished product to serious issues and health risks. Because of this, chemical weighing scales can be accurate to 0.1 gram or better.

Some models are even able to take the data from the recorded weight, confirm it is the desired weight and upload the information to a management system so the person weighing it has a record of the action and can write up detailed reports that are necessary to record keeping. Many models are able to connect and send this data online or to other devices for storage.


— This is another important feature for chemical weighing scales. Customers want good quality equipment, not poorly made products that could cause issues with the accuracy of the weight of their items, especially in places like laboratories or similar locations like pharmacies, medical offices, and manufacturing plants, for example.

If a scale doesn’t perform as advertised, it could mean a serious breach of trust and any inaccuracy could even mean the finished items were no good. Due to this, a customer’s bottom line and reputation are at stake, so they need to be able to trust the company they buy their chemical weighing scales from and should check a company’s warranty on their products before buying from them.

Professional companies like us will give customers a warranty on all of their products, whether it is a chemical weighing scale or any other type of scale. You can speak to our customer service agents about the warranty on specific scales and other items.


— Customers want and need chemical weighing scales that stand up to heavy usage. For example, one of the most important components in the majority of today’s chemical weighing scales are load cells, which are best if made of stainless steel, as well as being sealed to stand up to high-pressure washes.

You can be sure to trust the durability of our chemical weighing scales. They are all made to the highest standards of durability and strength, as well as reliability and safety.


— A vital area of concern for chemical weighing scales. These types of scales must be able to meet all regulations and requirements for the type of chemicals that are weighed on them.

Chemical weighing scales, in particular, are held to a high safety standard since they may be used to weigh all sorts of chemicals that are potentially hazardous, caustic, inflammatory, as well as other safety concerns. Knowing what your exact needs are will help you to choose and purchase the correct type of chemical weighing scales for your business.

For example, any installation in hazardous places has to be intrinsically safe and others may have additional requirements. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the type of chemical weighing scales that meet your needs and your industry requirements and regulations.

Another important part of using a balance is cleaning. Scales are exposed to many chemicals that can react with the metal in the pan and corrode the surface. This will affect the accuracy of the scale.

Also, keep in mind that a potentially dangerous situation could occur if any remnants of chemicals are left on the balance pan. In many situations, more than one person uses a scale for weighing and there is a chance that conflicting chemicals could be brought into contact or that someone could be exposed to a dangerous chemical that has not been cleaned from the balance. To avoid damaging the scale or putting others in danger, the scale should be kept extremely clean.

Arlyn Scales meets the needs of their customers

We are a staunch competitor when it comes to the design and development of the latest technology in the industry of scales and weighing systems. We have been in business for more than thirty years. Our knowledgeable staff is familiar with the latest innovative tools and the newest and most up-to-date examples of chemical weighing scales systems and other scales for the industrial, veterinary or other fields.

If your company or business is in need of a chemical weighing scale or another type of industrial scale, then view our products at our online store and contact us with any questions.

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