Scale Accuracy and Platform Size: How to Customize an Industrial Scale to Fit Your Needs

Scale Accuracy and Platform Size: How to Customize an Industrial Scale to Fit Your NeedsPlatform scales are arguably the most used scale style within industrial settings: recycling plants use platform scales to weigh the input and output of various materials; laundry services use platform scales to determine the prices of clothing bundles; and airports use platform scales to measure luggage in order to uphold weight guidelines.

Clearly, platform scales are a popular scale choice; however, no platform scale is identical to the next. Platform scales vary in size, construction, accuracy, and more.

Arlyn Scales, a leader of design, manufacturing, and scale technology within the weighing industry, offers consumers a wide selection of quality platform scales. Our collection includes a range of platform size and construction options, meaning every customer can customize a platform scale to meet his or her specific needs.

Arlyn Scales Platform Scales 

Our company creates a number of high quality, durable, and accurate platform scales. Customers can choose from the following platform scale selections:

Model 320D—Arlyn Scales makes platform scales with maximum capacities ranging from 500-pounds to 1,000-pounds. The Model 320D has a capacity of 500-pounds, a readability of .1-pound, and an internal resolution of 1 part in 500,000. This scale style comes standard with a 20-inch by 27-inch platform size.

320M—The 320M offers scale operators a maximum capacity of 1,000-pounds, a readability of .2-pounds, and an internal resolution of 1 part in 500,000. The standard version of the 320M also comes with a 20-inch by 27-inch platform.

320M 36-inch by 36-inch—Arlyn Scales’ 320M 36” x 36” scale offers customers the same maximum capacity, readability, and internal resolution as the 320M; however, the platform size is larger.

Arlyn Scales’ Series 3200 scales are electric, digital platform scales. Each scale offers customers incredible accuracy with 1 in 500,000 internal resolution and .1 and .2-pound readability. The larger the platform size, the less accurate the scale’s weight readings are; however, an accurate reading within .2-pound of an object’s true weight is still pretty incredible.

How to Choose Platform Size

Our company’s platform scales come standard in 20” x 27” or 36” x 36” platform sizes; however, Arlyn Scales can custom-make platforms in any size ranging from 20” x 27” and 48-inches by 48-inches. To figure out which size platform is right for you, consider what you need to weigh. For example, if you need to weigh small packages or pallets, you might not need a very large weighing platform. On the other hand, if you plan on measuring large horses or other immense objects, you might want to consider purchasing a sizable platform.

The bigger the platform of the scale, the higher the cost of the scale will be. Avoid buying a scale with a bigger platform size than you need and save money while you’re at it. Purchase the perfect platform scale with the right dimensions for your needs with Arlyn Scales.

The Construction of Arlyn Scales Platform Scales 

Whichever platform size you choose, purchasers of Arlyn Scales’ platform scales are guaranteed to receive a high quality, durable, and pre-calibrated scale directly from our manufacturing site. All of our platform scales, no matter what size the platform, feature a platform that is 1 & 7/8-inch off the ground. We understand many users of platform scale require easy loading and unloading. Therefore, we designed our platform scales with low platforms for this exact purpose.

Stainless Steel Load Cells in Every Platform Scale

Arlyn Scales’ platform scales are available in complete aluminum and stainless steel construction, yet every one of our scales contains stainless steel load cells. Constantly at risk of being damaged by dropped loads and accidental abuse, load cells are the most vital part of the scale and must be protected. Stainless steel load cells prevent damage more effectively than aluminum or steel-coated cells.

If you’re on a budget or your scale will be in an environment completely free of moisture, we recommend our aluminum-constructed scale. Aluminum is much lighter than stainless steel and less expensive. It is not as durable as stainless steel, but not every environment needs an extremely hardwearing scale. Aluminum scales are also easier to move than stainless steel-constructed scales. If your scale will, however, be exposed to a corrosion-threatening environment, definitely consider purchasing the stainless steel scale option.

Why Arlyn Scales’ Platform Scales are #1

Platform scales made by other scale manufacturers are typically made using strain gage or magnetic force restoration scale technologies. Although these 2 technologies have improved immensely over time, they are unable to provide the same accuracy and cost-effectiveness as our company’s scales today.

Before our scales were designed and created, many platform scales featured one load cell in the center of the scale. If loads were not placed directly in the center of the scale, the scale would produce inaccurate weight readings. Moreover, scales of the past generally had platforms that were way too tall, which made loading and unloading difficult. Many scales required long ramps to make up for the platform height, which consumed floor space.

With 4 stainless steel load cells in each platform scale we manufacture, our scales deliver incredible durability and accuracy. The stainless steel-constructed load cells provide the scale with improved water resistance and protect the load cells from corrosion. They also provide the scale with stability, which makes it easier for the scale to deliver scale operators with quick and accurate weight readings.

Learn More By Visiting Arlyn Scales’ Website 

If you want to know more about Arlyn Scales’ platform scales, visit our website today. You can view our entire collection of high quality, durable scales and learn more about the construction of and technology used within our scales. View all of our platform scale options in more detail and explore the many platform sizes and scale features available.

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