Programmable Weight Indicator With Touchscreen

When you are organizing your industrial weighing functions, it is important to take small details like your  display system into account. You would be amazed at how much more efficient the right display system can make your operation, and how much the wrong one can slow it down. Imagine a factory, farmyard, 

shipping station, chemical production plant, or airport terminal. All of these locations use industrial scales as a part of their daily function. The work pace of any of these environments could be described as quick, and uptempo. Smart teams of employees organize themselves and move at a consistent pace or rhythm. Something as simple as the system you use to indicate weight can either make their job easier or more time-consuming. No matter what conditions you work in, Arlyn Scales can provide a touchscreen weight indicator that keeps you and your team working at a quick and efficient pace. You also need your screen to be fully programmable so that you can customize it to the specifications of your business. You get both the hardware and software you need to develop an efficient and safe work environment.


Digital Touchscreen Indicators From Arlyn: Innovation In A League Of Its Own

The digital touchscreen indicator by Arlyn offers an incredible range of options that traditional digital indicators simply can’t match. Let’s say, for example, that you are looking for a custom readout for your parts counting scale. All you need to do to is punch in the “total divided by the weight of single part” equation, and you will get a readout that skips exactly to the information you need most for your records. When it comes to data, storage is always important.

That’s why Arlyn Scales also offers a wide selection of storage and transmission options to help you out.

Benefits of Programmable Touchscreen Indicators from Arlyn

Below are the key features you will get to enjoy when you work with digital touchscreen indicators from Arlyn.

Easy-To-Use Touchscreen Weight Readout For An Improved Workflow

Arlyn Scales has developed a touchscreen that is powered by an adaptable and sturdy Android system. This intuitive and efficient device will offer instant access to functionalities and features that would have been unheard of for regular digital indicators. Our touchscreen device offers you the use of a Quad Core Processor with 1 GB of memory. This almost guarantees it will respond quickly to any functions you ask it to perform via its helpful touchscreen interface. You can consider this system a fully functional computer that can control and interface with your digital scale completely.

Full Weighing Operation For Extreme Temperature Environments

Some of our clients work in hot barns. Some of our clients work on snowy airport terminals. No matter what your environment, you need a digital weight indicator that will stay consistent, keep up with your workflow, and serve your business and employees well. The design team at Arlyn Scales made sure our touchscreen weight indicators support temperatures from 14°F to 104°F.

Convenient Communication And Transmission For Your Weighing Data 

Whenever you are measuring weight, one of the most important tasks you need to accomplish is recording. Recording weight is such an important part of QA for everyone from pharmaceutical and medical companies to auto paint and water treatment plants. Here is an incomplete list of your connectivity capabilities when you work with Arlyn Scales.

Ethernet/WiFi- Internet access is a basic need of nearly any business of a reasonable size in this day and age. You can open up an incredible number of possibilities when you connect your scales to your WiFi. You will be able to integrate data and information of any kind. You can also set up notifications and alerts for important situations that you would need to know about right away.

USB- Another common standby for businesses of all kinds- the USB remains one of the most frequently used methods of data transmission. Any computer with a USB cable can link into your scale’s data log through this simple hookup.

How A Unified HQ and Factory Help Arlyn Scales Serve Your Business Better

We don’t just keep our headquarters in Long Island, our production process is there as well. Why is this important? Because so many of our competitors have outsourced their production process overseas. While this certainly does have its advantages, here at Arlyn, we believe you lose a certain cohesion between the different arms of your company. Not only does our unified production and HQ setup let us answer questions more fully and more accurately, we are also able to identify and implement plans based on how the industry is trending, and what people need out of their scales in this day and age.

Arlyn Scales: Provider of Top-Quality Programmable Digital Touchscreen Weight Indicators

I know what you are asking yourself: Why should I trust Arlyn Scales when it comes to digital touchscreen indicators for my industrial scales? The answer starts with this: Arlyn Scales has been an innovator and an industry leader when it comes to scales for any industrial environment for over 30 years. Headquartered in Long Island, New York, Arlyn Scales has held to its commitment to deliver the most durable, reliable and high-quality scales at fair and competitive prices.

How To Get Scales With Touchscreen Technology Readouts For Your Industry

If you have any questions about how to integrate a weighing infrastructure into your environment, we would be happy to speak with you. Our experts have consulted on weighing problems for numerous facilities in various conditions, and we enjoy the process of problem-solving. The right touchscreen can make your workflow much easier for your employees, which is a key part of making sure your farm, factory or production plant stays productive and efficient. You may contact Arlyn Scales online or call us at 800-645-4301 to supply your facility with top-quality weighing equipment.