Industrial Weighing Scales for 1000 kg Capacity And Above

+1000kg Industrial Weighing ScalesWhen it comes to handling heavier loads, you want a heavy-duty scale. Operators also want high-precision for these heavier loads, so as to prepare them for shipping, packaging or transportation. Accurate records can make all the difference for the subsequent costs involved with moving these items. That is why you want a scale that can handle such a weight range, with an LCD display. The more precise they are, the more accuracy you receive.

Each of our scale platforms with a high weight capacity is designed for precision and sensitivity. We have models and series that involve bench scales, or floor scales, depending on your needs. Our industry-lead weight precision is perfectly suited for your manufacturing or industrial needs and can handle your heavier demands.

How We Design For A Larger Weight Range

We use stainless steel pans and platforms. Stainless steel has a high durability level, as well as extreme heat thresholds and corrosion resistance. It is also rustproof and stands up well for a long amount of time. This means it is less likely to break under the strain of heavy objects. We prefer using stainless steel as opposed to aluminum, another standard material used for industrial scales, to fabricate our load cells and build a platform.

Our scales feature load cells that are placed within the frame of the scale. This protects them from the potential damage of handling heavier items. We also make sure that our load cells are fabricated from stainless steel. This ensures that they can handle more strain than other types of load cells and prevents potential damage from overloading or shock loading.

To ensure that you have portability, in the case of needing to move a scale around a warehouse, we provide an optional rechargeable battery option. This allows operators to transport the scale without worrying about an external power source, apart from ensuring the batteries are properly charged. Such an option is especially useful if a business is transporting multiple items at a time and needs the scale to be in multiple places, or when power outlets cannot be used due to water or chemical hazards.

In addition, we use LCD crystal displays to show digital readings. One drawback of LED displays is that they consume a lot of power, and thus, as a result, can potentially waste energy during regular operations. We also offer a touchscreen option for a display to increase convenience for our customers, which are water-resistant in the case of damp or wet environments.

Industries That Use High Capacity Weighing Scales

Which businesses require scales that can handle a minimum of 1000 kilograms, which is about 2200 lb? Plenty, as a matter of fact, need to handle that much bulk in a short amount of time and to measure it accurately.

Floor ScalePharmaceuticals is one example of an industry that requires scales that can handle 1000 kilograms or more. Think of how many medications are manufactured on a regular basis, so that people can protect their health or treat themselves in the case of illness. The raw materials need to be distributed, weighed, and assembled into the finished medications with as much accuracy as possible.

Food processing is the same way, except for items that people eat rather than medications. Tons of food are processed every day, from meats to dry goods. All of that needs to be weighed in bulk to handle the high demand since everyone needs to eat to stay alive. Thus, the grains, meats, and other ingredients involved need to have a scale that can handle the load, and be cleaned easily to meet federal regulations.

Mining is another area that requires bulk transportation. Consider how miners have to extract necessary metals and other elements from within the solid rock. The amount that is removed and possibly smelted can prove heavy, especially before it is reduced to a standard material. Being able to weight ores and metals allows miners to assess their output on a regular basis and ensure that buyers pay accurate prices for them.

Find Your Ideal Scales With High Resolution At Arlyn Scale

Arlyn Scales wants to ensure that you have the proper scales for your industrial application. From hanging scales to precision balances, we have spent years perfecting various series for different industries. Whether you need to weigh dangerous chemicals, raw materials, or other heavy items, we have the right load cells and platforms for any occasion. What’s more, we are willing to customize to suit your needs.

Reach out to us today when you are ready to get started. Our reps can answer all your questions about available scale series and possible customizations. Arlyn Scales wants to help lighten your load, and measure it in a literal sense. Let us do so with the right bench or platform scales.