Industrial Scales for 2016 and the Future of the Industry

With more and more manufacturing operations being moved overseas, it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive for businesses to find quality scales that will improve production times, lower cost and improve their competitive advantage.

While some of the more expensive brands are of reasonable quality, they are generally limited to their standard lines of equipment. Businesses that require something other than the basic scale have a hard time finding an industrial scale manufacturer that can provide them with an affordable custom solution.

Recent and Current Advancements

Arlyn Scales has been manufacturing weighing scales and equipment since 1978. In that time, we’ve pioneered some of the biggest advancements in weighing technology including:

•    The industry’s first fully digital scales, which eliminated the device most likely to cause scale failure—the summation board.

•    An automatic calibration feature that eliminated manual adjustments and frequent dealer service.

•    Switching to in-house load cell manufacturing for specific types of scales, which ultimately resulted in the lowest profile scales in the industry.

•    Choosing stainless steel in the fabrication of our load cells, which increased the durability of our products, made them more accurate and contributed to the enhanced, low-profile design.

•    An affordable alternative to MFR (magnetic force restoration) scales that offers extremely high resolution, ultra sensitive measurements and industrial strength characteristics through a completely new weighing technology called surface acoustic wave. With readability twenty times better than strain gage scales, they’re also 10 times more accurate!

•    Developing a special triple-epoxy coating to replace standard enamel paint for superior corrosion and abrasion resistance.

•    Adopting new I/O connection ports as they were introduced including Ethernet, USB, WiFi, Cloud and more.

Advancements We’re Currently Working On

We’re currently working on some interesting innovative projects that will allow us to upgrade the accuracy of our scales even further, improve the interface of our intuitive digital indicators and advance system communication through SAW technology, Android interfaces and Cloud systems.

A Shift From Dealers to Factory Direct

  • What if you need higher accuracy than the industry standard?
  • What if you need a scale that’s more rugged?
  • What if you need a special platform size or capacity
  • What if you need special electronic outputs or different types of communication protocols?
  • What if you need weighing equipment that can be used in hazardous locations?
  •  What if you need a scale that’s specially designed for use in corrosive environments?
  •  What if you need help figuring out what it is you actually need?
  • Benefits of Factory Direct Purchases

Are you going to send a special request though a dealer—who will pass it to their supplier, who passes it down a long chain of intermediaries—hoping it reaches the factory intact?

Are you going to wait months for the solution you need today?

Are you going to spend more simply because each of the parties involved needs to make a profit?

Fewer weighing needs are being met by the standard product lines offered by dealers and other intermediaries. Businesses are beginning to look elsewhere for products that actually meet their needs.

Arlyn Scales offers:

•    Lower costs for higher quality products
•    Faster lead times
•    Custom and OEM solutions
•    Better and faster customer service
•    Better accountability
•    Better product knowledge

Industrial Scales

Industrial environments require platform scales that are accurate, easy to use, rugged, durable and versatile. Our industrial bench, platform, floor and cylinder scales use best of class components including stainless steel load cells, welded frames and advanced digital algorithms.

Ultra Precision Scales

For those industries that require higher accuracy at finer resolutions, we’ve created a line of Ultra Precision scales. The small 10 lb. capacity model features a resolution of 0.0001 lb. while the larger 500 lb. capacity model offers a resolution of 0.005 lb. Compare this to the 0.002 resolution for a 10 lb. capacity industrial bench scale or the 0.1 lb. resolution of a 500 lb. capacity platform scale.

For similar results you’d likely have to buy an MFR (magnetic force restoration) scale, which are limited by low maximum capacities, delicate construction and high price tags. Our Ultra Precision Scales have no capacity limitations, were created for use in tough industrial environments and cost two-thirds less than an MFR scale.

Corrosive, Explosive and Flammable Environments

Our Corrosion Resistant Scales are constructed using rugged, welded stainless steel. A unique three-part epoxy coating is applied over the stainless steel to give it excellent chemical resistance. Garnet particles are infused into the epoxy for added resistance to scratching and abrasion. Load cells are also manufactured from a special heat-treated stainless steel alloy. These features all contribute to many additional years of useful life in corrosive environments.

We also offer a line of Explosion Proof Scales that are intrinsically safe for use in an impressive range of classified hazardous area classes, divisions and groups.

Custom and OEM Weighing Solutions

Arlyn Scales offers a large portfolio of designs including scales, load cells, electronic and microprocessor instrumentation and computer software. We’ve developed a range of custom weighing equipment for variety of industries including:

•    Laundry cart weighing kits
•    Parts counting inventory control systems
•    High speed check weighing
•    Gas cylinder monitoring
•    Batching mixers

We have or can develop technology that allows you to partially or fully automate a variety of processes. Some of our most common requests are to run conveyors, operate feeders, batch and mix ingredients and operate sensors and valves.

Real solutions. That is the future of the industry.

Arlyn Scales is committed to helping our customers find the products they actually need. From standard industrial scales to completely custom weighing systems, our engineers and support staff are always focused on helping you find what you need as quickly as possible. We’ve worked with thousands of companies to find real solutions that positively impact their bottom lines and we can help you, too. Contact us today and discover the difference factory direct can make!