Custom Options for an Industrial Floor Scale

Custom Options for an Industrial Floor ScaleWhen the scale you need isn’t offered as a standard option and you just can’t afford to choose something that’s “close enough,” you’ll need to work with a manufacturer that can develop a custom solution.

Yet most business in this industry is done through a distributor or dealer. Many of these intermediaries have no contact with the factory whose products they sell. You don’t have time to wait as your request is passed from middleman to middleman.

When you choose Arlyn Scales, you’ll go directly through the factory to speak with an engineer that is able to understand you and quickly develop a solution with the custom features you need.

We offer a large portfolio of designs that can be altered to suit your unique needs as well as completely custom design, development and production services. These are just a few options we offer.

Almost Any Size and Dimension

While our floor scales come in a variety of standard platform sizes and capacities, we know that no selection will offer everyone the exact size needed.

Whether you have limited floor space, uniquely shaped loads or require another device to sit on the scale platform, you can order a custom platform size from Arlyn at no cost penalty. You shouldn’t have to pay more for the convenience and price benefits other customers get just because you require a non-standard dimensions.

Our floor scales range in capacity from 2,500 lbs. to 20,000 lbs., but higher maximum capacities are available on request.

Body Material

The environment you work in may have unique hazards or corrosive agents. Our floor scales come standard in steel, but you can also choose aluminum for lightweight maneuverability, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.

Type 304 is one of the most versatile and widely used austenitic stainless steel. It’s durable and resistant to oxidation and corrosion. It’s easily cleaned and prevents product contamination. Type 304 is well suited to food manufacture and industrial kitchens as well as a variety of other environments.

Type 316 is heat resistant and even more corrosion resistant than Type 304. It’s well suited to environments that handle solutions containing sulfuric acid, chlorides, bromides, iodides and fatty acids as well as sea water, brine and similar solutions. Type 316 is often required in the manufacture of certain pharmaceuticals to prevent excessive metallic contamination.

Specialty and Custom Weighing Sensors

We also design, develop and manufacture industrial grade load cells, which are generally manufactured from stainless steel for their superior performance, accuracy and durability.

The format can be modified to fit any new or existing device. Our current portfolio includes designs that range from a 2 lb. maximum capacity to over 20,000 lbs.

We also offer a unique ultra precision technology that reaches accuracy levels simply not obtainable with standard scale technology. Our patented Ultra Precision load cells are ten to twenty times more accurate than the industry standard strain gage load cell.

I/O Ports

Every business has its own way to store and share information. We offer many input/outputs that can be used to transmit data or control the scale remotely. With so many options, we’ve made it easy to integrate our scales with your existing system.

Ethernet or WiFi

Choose either Ethernet or WiFi to monitor and control your scale through your local network. Ethernet is a cabled connection, but WiFi allows access from any remote location. Data can be stored, sorted, grouped and analyzed on any PC connected to the network.

USB Port

When you choose a USB port, you’ll have two options for capturing data.

The first is through a wired connection that allows you to import data directly into MS Excel or MS Access. We even offer a separate utility that will allow you to import data into any Windows application software.

If your scale will be used as a portable device, you can also choose to capture data on a flash drive that can later be uploaded when you’re able to access a computer.


Process massive amounts of weight data over secure connection without the expense of a dedicated server or limitations of a hard drive. All data is stored “in the cloud” and can be accessed using the internet.

Other Options

We also offer RS-232, which allows your scale to communicate with other computerized devices, RS-485, which can be used to connect several scales on a single line to form a network, voltage and current outputs that connect your scale with programmable logic controllers and chart recorders.

Setpoint Controller

Perfect for a variety of manufacturing processes, this add on device offers simple batching and PLC-type functions.

The output lines are controlled by the weight applied to the scale’s platform. You can set up to 8 target weights that can be used to operate many devices including motors, feeders, valves, mixers and solenoids. Numerous formulas can be input into the scale’s memory and recalled for later use.

Other Custom Solutions

Our portfolio also includes designs for:

  • Dispensing ingredients
  • Packaging conveyor systems
  • Shipping weights
  • Low profile load cells
  • Full feature digital indicators
  • Software and microprocessor instrumentation
  • Color touch-screen controllers
  • Laundry cart weighing kits
  • Parts counting and inventory control
  • Monitoring levels of liquefied gas
  • Intrinsically safe scales

We’ve developed several custom weighing solutions including:

  • Scales that monitor the amount of fluids perfusing into a bioreactor
  • A system with five scale platforms that are used to mix five separate ingredients housed in 55 gallon drums
  • A system that replaces an empty cylinder of liquefied gas with a full one. Two scales hold different cylinders. Gas is dispensed from one cylinder until it’s almost empty. A signal gets sent to a valve that allows the system to start dispensing from the second cylinder and alerts an operator that the second cylinder needs replacement.
  • Scales that automatically dispense chemicals into a waste water treatment facility
  • A system that automatically weighs packages on a conveyor and compares the measured weight to the expected weight.

Many of our newer designs incorporate surprisingly inexpensive Androild-based color touch screen instruments that can be configured to your industrial process.

Trust Arlyn for Your Custom Weighing Solution

We actively seek new applications that require any aspect of weighing, batching, mixing, instrumentation, controlling, recording and reporting.

We also design, test and manufacture a wide range of OEM and specialized weighing technologies that get incorporated into a variety of custom equipment.

If you have a weighing challenge no one else has been able to help you solve, contact us today and let us deliver a real solution.