Best Industrial Weighing Scales in the United States

Best Industrial Weighing Scales in the United StatesFor over 30 years, Arlyn Scales has been recognized as a leader of scale design, manufacturing, and technology. Arlyn Scales is headquartered in Long Island, New York and is proud to say that every part of the scale manufacturing process—from design to building to shipping—takes place in one location.

Create the Ideal Scale For Your Weighing Application Simple and Fast

Arlyn Scales’ selection of top-quality industrial scales includes every style and construction of scale. The company’s collection includes platform, floor, drum, bench, and counting scales, to name a few. A majority of the scales supplied by Arlyn are offered in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel constructions. And, to ensure the deliveries of scales are up to the task of whatever applications are necessary, Arlyn Scales allows customers to choose from a wide variety of customizable options with all of our scales. For example, customers can select platform size, maximum weighing capacity, internal resolution, corrosion resistant properties, and more.

The Ordering Process of Arlyn Scales’ Platform Scales Made Easy

To better illustrate how Arlyn Scales makes it simple for customers to create the scales they need, let’s hone in on platform scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales.

In general, platform scales are low profile scales with high maximum weight capacities. They are built to endure abuse from heavy objects and are intended to last a long time. Arlyn Scales manufactures platform scales in aluminum and stainless steel constructions. We recommend customers who plan to operate their scales in hazardous or corrosive environments to purchase scales made from stainless steel.

The standard 3200 Platform Scale designed and manufactured by Arlyn Scales is available in a range of platform sizes, as well as multiple maximum weight capacities and resolutions. Customers can choose one of the following platform sizes for platform scales:

  • 20-inches by 27-inches
  • 22-inches by 44-inches
  • 27-inches by 60-inches
  • 30-inches by 30-inches
  • 36-inches by 36-inches
  • 48-inches by 48-inches

Every scale’s platform sits 1 inch and 7/8 from the ground. With each platform dimension choice, customers also select 1 of 2 maximum capacity and internal resolution options:

  1. 500 pound maximum capacity and .1 pound internal resolution


  1. 1,000 pound maximum capacity and .2 lb internal resolution

On Arlyn Scales’ website, customers purchasing platform scales are prompted to choose capacity and platform size first. They are also asked to choose the digital indicator they would like, in addition to adding a ramp if desired or necessary.

Arlyn Scales offers the traditional MKE-5 digital indicator as an option and also the UPSCALE-9 digital indicator, which operates in coalition with Android devices and is fully touchscreen operable. The ramps supplied with platform scales include: 20, 30, 36, and 48 inch.

Next, customers are given the opportunity to choose add-on options. Arlyn Scales offers a multitude of add-on options with all of the scales we supply. For example, Arlyn Scales can include connectivity options on all of our scales. The connectivity options available include: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-232, USB, Datalogging, and Bluetooth. Customers can also purchase additional batteries for scales, in addition to other features that make weighing processes simpler or quicker.

Ultra Precision Scales by Arlyn Scales

For customers in need of weighing devices that are capable of weighing objects extremely accurately and precisely, Arlyn Scales offers Ultra Precision scales.

Ultra Precision scales feature Arlyn Scales’ patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, which is a breakthrough in scale technology because it’s completely different, yet more effective, than traditional scale technologies: Strain Gage and Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR).

SAW is different than Strain Gage and MFR because it does not measure strain or stress. It measures displacement. Because SAW technology measures displacement, this means Ultra Precision scales can be made from thicker materials, which consequently results in the scales being more likely to endure shock loading and overloading. Moreover, construction from thicker metal also means Ultra Precision scales can have higher maximum capacities than Strain Gage and MFR scales, but Ultra Precision scales are still able to deliver highly accurate weight readings. Results given by Ultra Precision scales are accurate with 1/100th of 1 percent objects’ true weights.

Arlyn Scales offers a range of Ultra Precision scale options. Customers can choose from a range of maximum capacity and resolution combinations, such as:

  • SAW-X
    • Maximum Capacity (MC): 10 pounds
    • Internal Resolution (IR): .0001 pound
  • SAW-T
    • MC: 25 pounds
    • IR: .0002 pounds


  • SAW-L
    • MC: 50 pounds
    • IR: .0005 pounds
  • SAW-C
    • MC: 100 pounds
    • IR: .001 pounds
  • SAW-H
    • MC: 200 pounds
    • IR: .002 pounds


Intrinsically Safe Scales for Hazardous Locations

Arlyn Scales manufactures bench, cylinder, platform, and floor scales suitable for explosive, flammable, and potentially hazardous environments. Our ArlynGuard series of scales feature heat-treated stainless steel load cells and are constructed from stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

These scales are made special for potentially harmful locations and are designed to prevent sparks, which could cause fires or explosions and consequently injure or kill nearby people. Therefore, the electronic circuitry in intrinsically safe scales made by Arlyn Scales produce very little voltage to avoid the creation of sparks.

Other than being designed to befit potentially hazardous locations, ArlynGuard scales provide just as accurate results as the other scales our company manufactures.

Find Your Scale with Arlyn Scales Today

Arlyn Scales creates high quality, accurate, and long lasting electronic weighing devices for every application. To view all of the scales Arlyn Scales supplies, visit our website today. Arlyn Scales makes the ordering process simple and fast. If you have questions about the scales Arlyn Scales manufactures, do not hesitate to give us a call today. Customers can reach Arlyn Scales’ by filling out our online contact form.