Drum Scales: How to Accurately Weigh Industrial and Hazardous Fluids


Drum Scales -How to Accurately Weigh Industrial and Hazardous FluidsMany industries require the weight reading of liquid materials. Depending on the type of business and the destination or purpose of the material in question, companies might be looking to acquire volume, gross weight, or net weight.

Measuring liquids are often more difficult than weighing solid objects, such as boxes or people, because liquids cannot be weighed without a container to hold them. Liquid materials in industrial settings are usually stored in drums. The most common drum size is 55 gallons with a diameter of 24-inches and when a drum of this size is filled with liquid, it can weigh between 500 and 800 pounds.

Arlyn Scales’ Drum Scales

To obtain accurate measurements of liquids in any industrial setting, consumers must purchase a scale capable of delivering accurate results. Arlyn Scales, a leader of design and manufacturing in the weighing industry for over 30 years, offers customers extremely accurate, durable, and long lasting drum scales suitable for various types of industrial environments.

Arlyn Scales Series 3250 Drum Scales are available in two capacities: 500 pounds and 1,000 pounds. The 325D, 500-pound capacity scale has a readability of .1 pounds and the 325M, 1,000-pound capacity scale has a readability of .2 pounds. A company regularly weighing 800-pound drums should purchase a drum scale with a maximum capacity of 1,000-pounds.

Subtracting the Weight of the Drum

To get an accurate weight reading of liquid inside of a drum, drum scales must be able to accurately determine the weight of the drum so its weight can be subtracted from the gross weight of the load. Drum scales made by Arlyn Scales accurately determine the weight of drums and automatically subtract the weight from the gross weight. Arlyn Scales’ drum scales are also capable of storing drum measurements for future use.

Durable Drum Scales are Vulnerable to Moisture and Shock Loading

Drums are normally pretty heavy and getting them onto scale platforms can easily cause damage to a scale that is not designed to withstand abuse. Drum carts and forklifts are often used to transport drums on and off scale platforms. This can make drum scales vulnerable to horizontal shock loading. Furthermore, drums hold liquid! Drum scales should be built to resist damage just in case drums near or on the scale platform were to leak or spill. This is especially important for companies working with hazardous liquids, such as acid or chemicals.

Stainless Steel Load Cells: The Solution 

Arlyn Scales has found that using 4 stainless steel load cells in our industrial scales has numerous benefits. For example, stainless steel load cells survive shock loading and overloading better than aluminum or steel-plated load cells. And stainless steel load cells are able to resist damage from moisture.

Drum scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales can handle the occasional spill of hazardous or non-hazardous liquids. And they can endure the weight of heavy drums and accidental hits by drum carts or forklifts. Scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales are also able to re-calibrate themselves, which ensures highly accurate results always.

Low Platforms Make For Easy Loading and Unloading

Drum scales made by Arlyn Scales are made standard with 36-inch by 36-inch platforms that stand 1 7/8-inch from the ground. Platforms are also available in 27-inch by 60-inch and 30-inch by 30-inch dimensions. If desired, customers can request different platform sizes.

Arlyn Scales includes a small 36-inch by 18-inch ramp with our drum scales to allow for the easy loading and unloading of drums, canisters, pails, or any other object being placed onto the scale platform. The ramp does not take up a lot of space because the scale platform is so low to the ground. Moreover, the ramp is super tough. It can endure the weight of continuous rolling drums being moved up and down the ramp.

The size of the scale platform is the entire active weighing area because Arlyn Scales’ drum scales do not have rails. Drum scales made by Arlyn Scales can measure objects that overhang the scale platform and double as pallet scales.

Additional Drum Scale Features

Drum Scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales are highly accurate, durable, and easy to load and unload. They resist damage from heavy loads and harsh liquids, which make them ideal for companies working with hazardous and non-hazardous materials. In addition to stainless steel load cells and low platforms, Arlyn Scales offers a number of features with our drum scales that make scale operation simple quick for customers and produces accurate weight readings.

Graphics LCD Display

Arlyn Scales’ drum scales feature easy-to-read graphics LCD displays, which have full numeric keypads, easy-to-navigate menu driven interfaces, and large memory capacities. Digital indicators offer scale operators unit conversion, net and gross weight measurements, and tare and zero. Unit conversions include: pounds, kilograms, ounces, and grams

Connectivity Options 

Arlyn Scales offers customers a number of connectivity options that make it possible for scales to connect to printers and computers. Using RS-232, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB connectivity options, customers can collect the data recorded by their industrial drum scales and analyze the information in many ways. For example, with the collected data, companies can improve their operations by making sure weight measurements are consistent and not fluctuating.

By downloading Arlyn Scales’ software for remote capability, companies can control their industrial scales from a distance and store the information their scales collect. The information can then be imported into various Microsoft programs, such as Excel and Access, and analyzed.

Learn More About Arlyn Scales’ Drum Scales

Weighing liquids can be a laborious task, but it doesn’t have to be. Arlyn Scales supplies high quality and long lasting drum scales capable of delivering accurate weight readings. And the best part is: Arlyn Scales offers top-quality industrial drum scales at factory-direct pricing.

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