55-Gallon Drum Scales for Sale

drum-scale-2Arlyn Scales designs and manufactures state of the art weighing scales for a multitude of applications. Our philosophy is one that embraces the feedback of our customers and incorporates it into the design savvy of our engineers. We believe in improving functionality with a regard for providing our customers with cost savings. We have incorporated the best features into our 325M Drum Scale ensuring accuracy, durability, dependability, longevity and ease of use.

Use of Drum Scales

Drum Scales are designed for the specific application of weighing drums and barrels. The drums are typically 55 gallons and have a circumference of 24 inches. They can be filled with chemicals, detergents or other liquids.

There are many reasons that drums are weighed. In all of the drum weighing environments, the number one factor is weight accuracy. There are many restrictions for shipping these containers and it is imperative to ascertain their weight with complete accuracy in order for the drums to meet the stringent shipping regulations.

In mixing applications, the net weight of the substance will need to be ascertained to ensure correct formulations. In some instances, the ingredients are combined and formulated directly in the barrel. Under these circumstances, the accuracy and reliability of the drum scale is essential to the process.

Arlyn Scales has designed and incorporated all of these requirements into our state of the art 325M Drum Scale ensuring accuracy, durability, dependability, longevity and ease of use. Moreover this scale has a capacity of up to 1,000 lbs. with a readability of 0.2 lbs., which translates to not only an extremely high precision weight reading but great shock load capacity as well.

Very Low Profile

In factory settings, where space is always at a premium, the Arlyn 325M Drum scale has the complete advantage.

The profile of its 36 by 36 active weighing area is only 1 7/8 high. Included with this model is a ramp making this scale perfect for using wheeled carts, dollies, or direct drum rolling. The added benefit of our ultra low profile design is that the ramp can be shorter. In scales with higher profiles, the ramps tend to be as large as the weighing platform itself. Our shorter ramp is fabricated to occupy significantly less floor space.

Tough and dependable, the aluminum, non slip, diamond plate platform and the welded aluminum frame are guaranteed to withstand the extremely heavy weight loading and unloading that occurs in industrial settings.

In addition, to ensure absolute rugged handling, we have installed welded channels under the scale platform for added strength and rigidity.

No Side Rails

Our scales have been designed without side rails. This feature has been known to save time and money for without the restrictive nature of side rails, you have easy access to the weighing platform. This feature ensures the safety of your workers as well as preventing potential spillage.

Rugged Load Cell Construction

Arlyn Scales engineers have determined that the overload and shock factor that occurs when using a drum cart or manually rolling the drum onto the scale’s platform was one of the main issues that needed to be addressed when designing a scale that could meet the requirements of every industry required to weigh drums of material.

We concluded that the placement of four load cells placed in each of the four corners of the platform would contribute greatly to the greater abuse resistance of these units.

We also determined that the damage that can occur to these load cells would render them useless unless they were fabricated from a high-density metal. Most load cells in these applications are fabricated from aluminum. However this material is very much subject to damage from overload.

High-end scales, such as our 325M drum scale, are built with special stainless steel load cells. This special load cell is better equipped to withstand accidental shock overload and possible contact with moisture and or chemicals. The stainless steel will tolerate a more corrosive environment, offering longer lifetime operation.

Ease of Use

The display unit with this model is an easy to read 5 inch LCD screen that can provide status information with remote system control. You also have the option of choosing among various weight units such as pounds, kg, ounces, etc.

Other features include an optional 8 level set point controller that may be used for automatically filling drums, or for simple batching functions.

In situations where accessibility to standard wall outlets is limited, the scales can be customized with with a 12 vdc vehicle input or a rechargeable battery. Our battery packs are installed inside the scale indicator so as not to interfere with the operation of the scale itself.

Technical Functionality

Managing data efficiently can be achieved with our advanced technical communications options. The data collected from these scales can be used with printers or computers thanks to a serial RS-232 communication port or the more common Universal Serial Bus (USB).

Our Set Point controller allows you to set up to 8 target weights for applications of filling and mixing. This time- saving feature allows you to store your formulas for future use.

You can rest assured that all drum-weighing conditions have been accommodated in the design and manufacture of this rugged and durable Arlyn 325M Drum scale.

For more information about our drum scales, please contact us by calling 800.645.4301.