Scheduled Data Log Emails

The weighing data collected by industrial scales plays an essential role in many business operations. As technology has advanced, so have the ways you can record and log this data. You no longer need to have someone manually handwrite or type every weight measured by your scales. With options like the Arlyn UpScale Indicator, you can easily record and log weighing data and even have this data conveniently sent directly to your email inbox for later review.

Logging and Recording Data With the Arlyn UpScale

The Arlyn UpScale Indicator is an exclusive digital touchscreen indicator for industrial scales. Not only does this scale have a large, color display that makes it easy to read weight outputs, but it also features many convenient ways for you to log weighing data. You get to choose from options like Ethernet, USB data logging, RS-232, and even Google Sheets. This allows you to find the best logging and recording method for your operation and team.

USB Data Logging

The easiest way to log data is with the USB data logging option. This enables the user to record weight (and other important data like time, group, and item information) with a USB drive. Once a thumb drive is inserted into the scale, thousands of data records can be taken. When you’re ready to download the data, simply unplug the USB drive from the scale and insert it into a computer. Now, you can download the data into an Excel spreadsheet or other database.

In addition to the convenience of USB data logging, you can also configure the Arlyn UpScale to send the data log file directly to your email. These emails can be sent on demand with the click of a button, or you can schedule them to send automatically at a specific date and time. For data log emails, you will need the scale to be connected to Ethernet or Wifi.

Setting Up Scheduled Data Log Emails

Before you can start receiving emails, you need to configure the Datalogger setup to send them. Luckily, this is easy to do. You will need to press and hold the “Send via Email” option to open the configuration screen. Here, you enter the email address you wish to receive the data at and press “OK.” You can even do a test if you want to make sure the emails will go through successfully. If you want your datalog to be cleared once the email is sent, just select the “Enable” check box prompting this action. If you don’t check this, you will receive old data logs in email attachments.

To schedule your data log emails, press and hold the “Schedule Email” option. Again, enter the email you want the data to be sent to and press the “Test” button to ensure it works. In the “Time to Start” field, enter the time the first email should be sent out. In the “Period” field, set how often subsequent emails should be sent out. The time is specified in hours, but you can use fractions like 0.1 hours for 6 minutes. Select the “Active” checkmark to enable scheduled emails. For more information on configuring emails and scheduled emails, please read the Arlyn UpScale user manual.

Automatically Receive Data Log Emails With Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales is a leader in the manufacturing and design of weighing technology, and our UpScale Indicator is just one example of our great innovations. Upgrade your existing industrial scale with the UpScale Indicator, or browse some of our latest additions like the ArlynGuard S Intrinsically Safe Ultra Precision Scale. For more information about our exclusive indicator, any of our scales, or to discuss custom weighing solutions, contact us. We are always glad to help.