Integrating Weighing Equipment to Processes: Analog vs Digital Outputs

Industrial Scales With Analog and Digital Outputs

Weighing is an integral part of many industrial processes. Scales are often used to facilitate quality control, automate tasks, and minimize waste. Sometimes they’re even used to monitor large inventories of small parts. Weight data is often collected and transferred to an external device for storage and analysis to ensure that a system is running efficiently.

Data transfer can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The I/O port you choose will ultimately depend on the purpose of the connection, the system you’re connecting to, and whether that connection is analog or digital.

Arlyn Scales offers a variety of communication ports, storage devices, and transfer options that allow your scale to easily integrate with your existing system and give you full control over your data.

So whether you’re tracking an inventory, automating a mixing operation or monitoring levels of liquefied gas, you’ll have the storage and export capability that you require.

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Arlyn Scales’ Integration Capabilities

Custom Integration Solutions

Arlyn Scales stands at the forefront of providing custom scale integration solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries. With a deep understanding of the nuances involved in different sectors, we leverage our technical expertise to deliver weighing solutions that fit seamlessly into any production process.

Advanced Communication Methods

In today’s digital age, the ability to communicate effectively with industrial equipment is crucial. Our scales offer an array of advanced communication methods, including USB, Ethernet, and WiFi options, facilitating easy and efficient data transfer.

This variety ensures that irrespective of your existing systems, our weighing equipment can be integrated smoothly, allowing for real-time data logging and management. These communication capabilities are essential for making informed decisions and saving time in fast-paced industrial environments.

Compatibility and Connectivity

One of the key challenges in integrating new equipment into existing processes is ensuring compatibility and connectivity. Arlyn Scales addresses this challenge head-on, with scales designed for easy integration into various systems.

This is achieved through versatile communication interfaces and protocols, ensuring that Arlyn Scales’ products can seamlessly connect with existing management systems, enhancing the overall efficiency of the production process.

Integration Process Using Different Outputs

USB Port

The most widely used interface today, the universal serial bus (USB) is a wired connection that allows you to plug your scale into virtually any computer or device. Use it with our free Remote USB software to automatically import data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Access database file for easy storage and review. This option also allows you to access, monitor, and control your scale through the connected computer or device.

Data logging and USB Flash Drives

If you operate your scale in an area that has no internet access, or power source or you need a portable weighing solution, our data logging system allows you to store hundreds of thousands of readings on a flash drive. Simply remove the drive and plug it into your computer when you want to view or transfer the data.


Run this wired connection through your router and access your scale’s data through your local network. Paired with our free Remote Indicator software, you can monitor and control the scale or export weight data directly from your scale. Data will be recorded on your computer where you can sort, group and analyze the data.


Eliminate the cost of installing cables and access your scale from any remote location with this wireless network connection. If your scale will remain stationary but isn’t located near the router, WiFi is the perfect option. It works just like Ethernet but offers the freedom of a wireless connection. Access, monitor and control your scale from any on- or off-site location.


The latest advancement in data technology, cloud computing allows you to process massive amounts of data over a secure connection with no hard drives or dedicated servers. Data is simply stored “in the cloud” and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This is the perfect option if you need to compile data from a variety of locations in one easy-to-access system. See Arlyn’s AxChange monitoring application.


Share data with other computerized equipment using this standard communication protocol. It can also be used to print labels, operate programmable logic controllers and computers. Bi-directional, this interface allows the scale to both send and receive data and commands from other devices. The operating software includes a print frame definition editor that allows custom outputs, such as complex printed labels.

RS-232 Add-On

If you use the RS-232 interface to generate reports, you can include additional information with your weight data such as the date, time (12 or 24 hour format) and day of the week with this add-on. An internal clock can be set through the scale indicator’s menu system. It’s powered by an internal lithium battery that will keep time for up to 10 years, even if the power source is removed.


Connect several scales to your computer in a single network with this robust, long-distance network protocol. While other wired options like RS-232 and USB require your scale to be located near your device, RS-485 can successfully transmit data and receive commands from up to 4,000 feet away. Our RS-485-To-USB Interface allows you to directly control and log data from up to 10 scales on a single computer.

Set Point Controller

Use this device for simple batching and PLC-type functions. Up to eight target weights can be set at once and used to operate other equipment including feeders, mixers, motors, valves and solenoids. Many customers use this device to partially or fully automate industrial filling and mixing processes. You can control how the output lines behave based on the weight applied to the scale platform. Input and save numerous formulas in the scale’s memory for easy recall in the future.

Improve Your Process Weighing Systems with Better Data Integration

Process weighing systems are vital across industries, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and overall product quality.

  • In manufacturing, they ensure correct measurements for quality products, while in the pharmaceutical sector, they guarantee precise ingredient formulations for safety.
  • The food industry relies on them for portion control and consistency, reducing waste, and maintaining standards.
  • Chemical production benefits from exact measurements for safe and quality outputs.

An integrated weighing system across these sectors not only streamlines operations but also supports environmental sustainability by optimizing resources and minimizing waste. This integration is key to operational excellence and meeting industry standards.

Explore Industrial Scales From Arlyn

Arlyn Scales is a factory direct scale manufacturer that can work with you to integrate our scales and weighing devices into your existing systems.

Choose from our industrial bench, platform, cylinder, and floor scales or ask us about Ultra Precision weighing technology. It’s the first new weighing technology to be released in the last 40 years, rivaling the accuracy of force motor scales at about a third of the cost.

We also offer specialty scales and solutions including a line of explosion-proof scales that have been tested and are equipped with intrinsically safe components for use in an impressive range of classified hazardous locations. We also offer completely custom design and development solutions and gladly invite OEM interest.Contact us today to discuss your needs and find a weighing solution that meets your exact needs.