Options for Logging and Recording Weighing Data

The weighing data your industrial scales collect is an essential part of the manufacturing process. From ensuring that chlorine gas levels remain safe to determining the shipping cost of mailed items, weighing data plays an important role. Previously, recording this data might have involved an operator manually writing down the numbers, which can be time-consuming and risks data loss. With today’s technology, recording and logging your weighing data doesn’t need to be difficult. 

USB Data Logger

One of the easiest ways to log and record weighing data is with the Arlyn UpScale. This color touchscreen digital weight indicator is available exclusively at Arlyn Scales, and it enables you to record weighing data with a USB Data Logger. A USB thumb drive is attached to the scale, and thousands of data records (including weight, time, group and item information) can be taken. Simply remove the USB drive from the scale and download your data onto an Excel spreadsheet or other database. This makes data transfer portable and convenient. 

With the enhanced data logging functions, you can configure the indicator to email you the collected data. This can be done manually with the press of a button when you need it, or you can set up an automatic email for a specific date and time.

Log With Google Sheets

The Arlyn Upscale goes a step further and also allows you to record and log data online with Google Sheets. Create and configure a Google spreadsheet to accept the scale’s data, and you can track and log it in real-time (with a two-second delay). This gives you the ultimate flexibility to check weighing data no matter where you are.

Logging With Your PC

In addition to a USB Data Logger, Arlyn Scales also offers plenty of ways to record your data by connecting your industrial scale directly to a computer or system of computers. 


With ethernet, all you need to do is plug your scale into your local network and connect it using our Remote Indicator software. You can then record, sort, group and analyze essential weighing data right from your computer. Arlyn Scales also offers Wi-Fi options.


A USB connection is different from the USB Data Logger mentioned earlier. With a USB connection, you don’t insert a thumb drive into the scale. Instead, you connect your computer directly to the scale using USB remote software. Data can then be sent straight to an Excel spreadsheet or Access database file on your computer to be analyzed in the moment or stored for later.


In a standard setting, an RS-232 connection is used to transmit data from one piece of computerized equipment to another. When it comes to recording and logging weighing data, an RS-232 can be used to communicate between the industrial scale and equipment like printers, computers and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).


An RS-485 is similar to an RS-232, but it greatly increases the distance over which data can be transmitted. An RS-485 is a great option if you have multiple scales because it can connect all the scales together to form one network. 

Weighing Data Loggers & Recording Systems from Arlyn Scales

At Arlyn Scales, we want to help you collect accurate, real-time data from your industrial scales and other weighing products. Our high-quality scales come with different logging and recording systems to best fit your needs, and we have engineers who can create custom scales if needed. 

Contact us today to learn more about our scales and recording systems. We are here to help you find the best fit for your business.