Top 3 Benefits of USB Remote Software on Industrial Scales

Top 3 Benefits of USB Remote Software on Industrial ScalesWeight scales are indispensable in many industries, allowing you to know the remaining weight of process chemicals or materials that’s left to be used in your application. It enhances your ability to monitor and control your process, especially if you are trying to use fewer raw materials. This can be very difficult and time consuming, if you are doing this manually and merely using the digital scale readout. This is where connectivity of your scales can help.

Along with the digital indicator, Arlyn scales can be enhanced by adding a variety of output formats that allow you to feed your scale measurements directly into a computer. These formats include RS-232, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB, and the the Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection is probably the easiest to utilize with most computer equipment. This will allow you to connect your scale to a desktop computer, or even with a laptop that can then be taken away for processing.

Here are three excellent benefits of using USB connectivity on your scales to improve your weighing processes:

  1. Scale Control through your Computer

Having USB connectivity on your scale allows you to control your scale directly from your computer. By using the computer to control the scale, you can remove the manual processes required in weighing and recording the weight data. This can allow you to have alarms set on your computer software to warn operators when the process is running out of the materials used in the process.

This may not seem like a great feat, but it is the first step in using your scales to automate some of your processes. By having your scale report to a computer, you can then use the computer to control the valves, mixers and feeders used in a process. With computer control of your scale, you can remove the variations and errors caused by manual additions and modifications to the process.

  1. Data Analysis for Better Process Control

If you are trying to improve your weighing process, the first thing you need to do is to have it under control. To do this, you need to make sure that your process inputs and outputs are consistent rather than fluctuating considerably. There are many applications available to analyze data, but all of these applications need to have the data input in order to work.

While this can be done manually, it is much easier, efficient and timely to have this input done automatically by connecting your scale to a computer. By reducing the amount of time it takes to get the data into your computer, you can react more quickly to any adverse conditions that are indicated in the analysis and correct problems before they happen.

  1. Store Data for Later Use

Even if you are using your data immediately as it is collected, there is also a great benefit to performing further analysis on the data to find ways to improve your processes and save additional resources. By utilizing the USB port on the scale to report directly to your computer, you can store weight data on your computer for future use.

This will allow you to thoroughly investigate the data for any anomalies that can indicate areas for improvement of the entire process, which can lead to savings in time and money. What better reason do you need to find the right way to provide inter-connectivity of your weighing equipment?

What Makes Arlyn Scales Great?

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