Industrial Scales that Weigh Liquefied Gas

Industrial Scales that Weigh Liquefied GasProcesses that use liquefied gas can be very sensitive to the amount of material added, so it is important to know that you are always adding the right amount. If you add too little, the process will not work properly; but add too much, and you can have an expensive waste of gas even if you do not have a problem with the process.

Measuring the amount of material in an accurate and precise way is critical to having a well-run process with good process control. This is why you should consider highly precise scales to control the amount of material used.

While many materials in cylinders are monitored by the amount of pressure in the tank this is not always an accurate measurement method since with liquefied gases the pressure will remain fairly constant throughout the life of the container, and it is difficult to use. Because manufacturing processes use very pure gases, and each gas has a unique specific gravity, you can easily use the weight of the gas to determine how much of the gas is in a container. With a highly precise scale, this can be done extremely accurately, and if you know how much is in a container before and after use, it is easy to know exactly how much was added or removed.

Arlyn Cylinder Scales: Designed for Accuracy and Precision When You Need It

Using the industry standard for cylinder weights (60 pounds and 300 pounds), the design team at Arlyn Scales has come up with the perfect scales specifically for the purpose of measuring gases in cylinders. The design incorporates a special stainless steel load cell so that the scale can provide an extremely thin platform height for easy loading and unloading of cylinders. While these scales are specifically designed for the needs of the cylinder industry, they are also able to accommodate pails, tanks and gas cabinets so long as they are within the rated capacity of the scale.

  • Series 620G Gas Cylinder Scale: With a profile of only 1 3/8”, this is one of the thinnest scales around with the capacity to measure cylinders to the precision required. Available with either the UpScale color touch indicator or the MKE5 indicators, depending on your needs, this scale also includes a variety of output formats for data collection and monitoring. These include Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet and RS-232. There are three different ranges of scale capacity and resolution: 60 pounds with a 0.02-pound resolution, 300 pounds with a 0.1-pound resolution, and 400 pounds with a 0.1-pound resolution. You can choose the standard platform size of 9 1/4” by 9 1/4” or the larger platform size of 14” by 14”, depending on your needs.

Can Your Liquefied Gas Additions Be Automated?

One way to make your process more repeatable, more consistent and safer is to have your liquefied chemicals automatically added rather than expecting perfect human intervention to add just the right amount to the process at just the right time. If you can use the measurements in your process to direct when you will add a certain chemical, and how much you add, you can ensure the amount added is perfect every time. Never too little so that the reaction doesn’t work, and never too much so that you either waste material or have unreacted chemical included after the reaction.

One of the perfect ways to do this for liquefied chemicals is to have the scale wired directly into your process so that you use the weight measurements to control the chemical additions. Using an optional set point controller from Arlyn Scales is the best way to accomplish this automation. Our set point controllers are designed to set up to 8 target weights at a time, which in turn, will control solid-state relays that can be set to turn other equipment on or off. In this way, you can open or close a valve, control a mixer, start or stop a feeder, turn a solenoid or motor on or off or control many other devices within the process that you want to control.

You can therefore use automated measurements to direct the perfect amount of chemicals to be added in a filling and mixing operation of a process. Simply use the setup menu on the scale to input the formulas needed to control how you want the output lines to behave.

It is even possible to have many different formulas saved in the scale memory so that you can recall them when needed within your process. This is an easy way to make your manufacturing run much more smoothly, and to prevent accidents, by using the amount of gas in a cylinder to automate the process.

For the Best Cylinder Scales and the Best Customer Service Look to Arlyn Scales

Buying a scale is not just about finding anything that can weigh your products; it is about getting the right level of customer service to help you find the right scale for your unique task. In the time that Arlyn Scales has been a leading designer and manufacturer of scales for over 30 years, we have learned a thing or two about what it takes to satisfy our customers by finding the right scale for their needs the first time, every time.  If you are looking for an industrial, veterinary or a custom designed scale, the team at Arlyn Scales is the place to turn.

To give you the best value for your investment, we ship our products directly from our manufacturing facility in Long Island, NY so that we can eliminate price markups and time delays that come from distributing through dealers. If you are local to Long Island, NY, we can be reached by phone at 516-593-4465, and national customers can call us toll free at 1-800-645-4301. We can also be contacted online where one of our team members will work to get you all the information you may need related to your scale purchase. If you are ready to find the optimal scale for your unique task, call us at Arlyn Scales. We are ready to serve you.