Digital Cylinder Scales for Chemical Weighing

Digital Cylinder Scales for Chemical WeighingIf you formulate cleaning solutions, store different types of liquefied gases or anything in between, chances are you could benefit from a cylinder scale for chemical weighing.  By monitoring the cylinder weight, workers can determine the amount of gas that is remaining in the cylinder and refill or replace the cylinder as needed.  Certain cylinder scales can also be setup to notify workers when the cylinder contents are low.

Cylinder Scales from Arlyn Scales

When it comes to high quality scales that are able to hold up to the most extreme chemical environments, Arlyn Scales has been leading the entire industry for over 35 years.  Through our decades of experience, we’ve gained insight into the problems that occur in a variety of harsh, industrial environments – especially those involving liquefied gases.

Arlyn Scales is based in Long Island, New York where we design and build each of our scales and ship them factory direct to our customers around the country.  Because of our factory direct approach we’re able to deliver scales with the highest quality, latest technology with the utmost value.

Our 620-G standard cylinder scales feature a load cell made from stainless steel that is placed in a protective housing deep inside the scale frame.  This allows our scale platforms to have low profiles, enabling heavy cylinders to be easily loaded and unloaded.  These low profile platforms measure just 1.375 inches.   Our platforms come in sizes of 9.25 inches x 9.25 inches or 14 inches x 14 inches, which are used on our Liquid Tank Scales.

These cylinder scales come in three capacities of 60, 300 and 400 pounds with varying resolutions.  The 60 lb. scale features a resolution of .02lb., while our 300 and 400lb. scales feature a resolution of .1lb.

Arlyn’s Ultra Precision Cylinder Scales

If you’re looking for more precision than our 620-G scale when measuring cylinders, our ultra precision scales may better fit your needs.  These scales feature our patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology to offer resolutions of .0001lb. with a 10-pound capacity.

Our higher capacity SAW scales are better suited for weighing cylinders.  Our 50lb. model features a resolution of .00llb., and our highest capacity precision scale offers a capacity of 500lb. with a resolution of .005 lb.

Explosion-Proof Cylinder Scales

If your working conditions have been designated as hazardous based on NEC guidelines, our ArlynGuard-C scales offer your best solution for your weighing needs.  These scales are rated for a variety of hazardous areas, including Classes I-III, Division I and Groups A-G. Similar to our 620-G cylinder scales, these scales have capacities of 60, 300 and 400 pounds.

Automation With Arlyn Set Point Controller

Using our optional set point controller, customers are able to automate a variety of their processes.  Customers can store as many as eight weight readings to assist with automatic filling as well as many PLC functions.

When the digital indicator on your cylinder scale reaches the target weight, it will then send an electrical signal to either turn off or turn on a certain piece of equipment.

For instance if you’re interested in filling a drum with 50 pounds of gas you’ll have a pump that feeds the necessary amount of gas into the drum.  Once the target weight is reached the scale will send an electrical signal to turn off the pump.

You can also use the set point controller in the opposite way by monitoring the weight of gas in a cylinder and either sound an alert or even send an email to notify employees that the cylinder needs to be refilled or replaced.

The set point controller can also be used in a much more sophisticated manner.  When the pump is turned off at 50 pounds, there may be some residual liquid in the pipes and pumps.

For this instance, you can set two target weights, one at 45 pounds and another at 50 pounds, which will allow the liquid flow to slow down to a trickle at 45 pounds and at 50 pounds. The pump will be cut off completely without leaving any residue in the pumps or pipes.

You can also use our set point controller to mix liquefied gases based on a set formula, where you can have multiple cylinders, each with a specific target weight.  With a set point controller each of these cylinders can be triggered to turn on or off based on the necessary formulation.

Connectivity Methods

Aside from our digital display indicator, Arlyn Scales also offers a variety of connectivity methods, allowing you to easily have direct access to your scale’s weight data.

To control and monitor your scale over your local area network (LAN), you can use either a direct Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.  With an Ethernet connection you can plug your scale directly into your network, while a Wi-Fi connection to your scale enables you to control your scale remotely from any computer that is connected via Internet to your network.

Another popular connectivity option for our customers is USB, which is the most common PC interface.  Using our free USB Remote Software, customers can have weight data automatically sent to either a MS Excel spreadsheet or MS Access database.

For scales that are not easily accessible by computer we also offer a data-logging function that allows you to connect a USB flash drive directly to your scale to download weight data to be analyzed at a later time.

Contact Arlyn Scales for More Information

If you’re interested in any of our digital cylinder scales for chemical weighing, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced customer support team today at 800-645-4301.  When dealing with our support staff, you’ll be talking directly with the individuals that design and build each of our scales.  We look forward to helping you choose a scale that will work best for your unique needs.