Chlorine Cylinder Scales

cylinder-scale-2Our Cylinder Scales are known for their high accuracy, low profile and corrosion resistance. With high quality materials and workmanship, our chlorine cylinder scales are the best choice for the job.

Chlorine Cylinder Scales

Our Cylinder Scales are known for their high accuracy, low profile and corrosion resistance. With high quality materials and workmanship, our chlorine cylinder scales are the best choice for the job.

How Do Cylinder Scales Work?

Cylinder scales provide a platform where a cylinder is placed for weighing. The weight of the empty cylinder must be known. If the weight of the empty cylinder is not known, it should be weighed first. Once the empty weight has been determined, the full cylinder can be weighed. The weight of the empty cylinder is subtracted from the weight of the full cylinder to give the weight of the substance inside the cylinder. This provides a reliable method of measuring substances that cannot be placed on a scale any other way. Liquid substances can be contained within a cylinder with a known weight to get an accurate measurement.

Why Use Cylinder Scales To Measure Chlorine?

Since chlorine is a gas, it can be hard to store in its natural form. Instead, chlorine is manipulated into a liquid form so that it can be placed inside pressurized cylinders. Regardless of which form it is in, chlorine can still be hard to measure. Chlorine may need to be measured to determine amounts and pricing for sale. It may need to be measured to monitor usage. Or, it may need to be measured for safety reasons with the pressurized cylinders. The best way to measure chlorine is to use cylinder scales to measure the empty and full cylinders.

Arlyn Chlorine Cylinder Scales Provide High Accuracy In Results

With some industries, accuracy of measurement might not be extremely important. In other industries, a scale might need to be accurate to minute levels. We distribute high quality scales that are designed to produce accurate results. The special design of Arlyn Scales creates a product that has fewer parts that can wear out, making a scale less accurate. Our Scales can be trusted to provide accurate results when using cylinder scales to determine the weight of a substance not easily weighed by conventional methods.

Small Load Cells

Many cylinder scale manufacturers use small load cells to determine the weight of substances with a cylinder scale. These small load cells may be made from aluminum or some other inexpensive substance. The small load cells rely on a mechanical pivot or hinge to determine the weight of the substance on the scale. When these mechanical parts or hinges wear out, the accuracy of results can be greatly reduced. While the small load cells may be much less expensive, over time they may begin to product results with much lower accuracy. For some businesses, the loss of accuracy may be a small problem. For other industries, their livelihood may revolve around the accuracy of their measurements.

Large Load Cells

Large load cells do not use mechanical parts or hinges to produce results. Therefore, the danger of mechanical parts wearing out can be avoided altogether. As their name suggests, large load cells may be much larger in size. Since these cells exist within the platform of the scale, they can create the need for a much higher platform. This can, in turn, make it much harder to get cylinders onto the scale for weighing. For some industries, the added accuracy rate might be worth the additional trouble of the higher platform.

Arlyn Chlorine Cylinder Scales Maintain A Low Profile

With our scales, businesses do not need to make a decision between the accuracy of results and the ease which materials are loaded onto the platform. We use a large load cell made from stainless steel. This stainless steel load cell is designed to be very wide instead of tall. This helps to create a low profile for the scale and the platform. With the low profile platform, cylinders can be loaded onto the platform much more easily, making the weighing process flow more smoothly. When the cylinders are easy to load, the task of weighing can be done with less effort and less time.

Arlyn Cylinder Scales Have No Moving Parts To Wear Out Quickly

We use load cells that contain no moving parts. This means that there are fewer parts of the scale that can wear out, reducing the accuracy of the scale. The moving parts of many other manufacturers scales wear out quickly. Time is wasted waiting for someone to come repair the broken parts. Eventually the parts become worn out and beyond repair, requiring that the entire scale be replaced. When scales are made of many moving parts this process of wearing away can happen much faster than it does with scales that have no moving parts. We provide the best possible products and ensures that they are made of materials that can withstand constant use and last longer than other products.

Arlyn Scales Chlorine Cylinder Scales Are Corrosion Resistant

One of the ways in which chlorine cylinder scales wear out is that parts can become corroded. Natural corrosion can greatly reduce the accuracy of the parts or can even render them completely useless. Again, with some businesses, this may not be of vital importance. But for businesses that require accuracy, corrosion can lead to unacceptable downtime. We offer corrosion resistant scales that can withstand the caustic properties of many chemicals and contain no moving parts that will wear out over time. This ensures that accurate and reliable results are produced each time a cylinder is placed on the scales.

Choose Arlyn Scales Today For Accurate and Reasonably Priced Scales

We provide a high quality product for an inexpensive price. Businesses that require precision accuracy will be pleased with the high level of accuracy produced by these cylinder scales. All customers will be grateful for the reduced need for maintenance and lower cost of repairs. Our high quality materials and innovative design work together to create a cylinder scale that can meet the needs of any business. Contact Us today and discover what a difference a high quality and reasonably priced cylinder scale can make.