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Crane scales are an essential part of a wide range of industries including construction, oil work, shipping yards, and many others. Arlyn Scales offers your shipyard, facility or construction site or laboratory high-capacity, durable crane scales for safe weighing and suspension uses. Let’s explore the use cases and details of these crane scales.

ARC-10000 Crane Scales: Versatility, Accuracy, and Strength

This crane scale from Arlyn Scales is ideal for industrial processes that involve lifting, hanging, weighing and force measurement. The crane scale is designed with a stainless steel load sensor encased in rugged housing for long-lasting service, even in harsh conditions. The housing on this crane scale is made of a special aluminum alloy and features a highly visible 1” graphic display system for easy record keeping.

Upgrades available with these Crane Scales:

  • Counting: Piece counting functionality
  • SetPoint: Set Point Controller (for Filling Operations)
  • Relay: This option is only available if you select “Set Point” Option above
  • Time & Date: Date and time output
  • Maintenance-free: moving parts eliminated with efficient design
  • Extreme accuracy: High resolution up to .5 lbs
  • Easy operation: Pushbuttons operation for automatic, keyboard tare, zero commands with memory, net/gross and more

Find optional swivel shackles and hooks for different hanging needs, making these the perfect scales for a wide range of industrial setups. Learn more below.

Most Common Uses and Types of Crane Scales

  • Scales for Hazardous Environments
    Many industrial locations have a certain hazardous or corrosive component. Arlyn Scales offers specially designed, rugged scales that will serve you whether you work near the salty ocean spray, under the hot sun, or in a factory with gases and liquids that could become corrosive, flammable or even explosive. To learn more about use cases, applications and details of these scales, contact Arlyn Scales today.
  • Crane Scales for Ship Loading
    If you’re looking to weigh items as you load them onto a ship, you’ll likely need a highly specialized scale. A typical platform scale offers a large number of uses but isn’t practical for ship loading.If you were to stop by a shipyard and watch the ships being loaded, you may notice a hanging scale affixed to the boom of a crane loading heavy items onto cargo ships. This type of scale allows you to weigh large objects and lift them at the same time, which helps to load ships faster and more efficiently compared to using other types of scales.Crane scales used in ship loading must be accurate, durable and safe even at high capacities.
  • High-Capacity Hanging Crane Scales
    If you need to determine the shipping weight of a large refrigeration case, weigh large zoo animals or weigh totes as they are removed from a shipping container, a regular platform scale will likely be of little use. Lifting, force measurement and hang weighing applications all require a special type of scale.Typically suspended from a crane, boom or cable in the air, hanging scales are a much more versatile option that allows you to simultaneously lift and weigh large objects in environments where a platform scale just isn’t practical.As this is one of the most popular categories of Crane Scales, we have adapted them based on user feedback for ease of use in the following ways.

Hanging Scales Come with a Programmable Weight Indicator

Arlyn offers a huge improvement over past weight indicators by offering your team a more visible display, and greater connectivity for easier data transfer from your scales. This will keep your industrial process moving efficiently, with rapid, accurate and simple calculations and record keeping.

Digital Crane Scales

Digital crane scales resemble a box with two hooks attached to it. One hook is mounted on top of the box, and another is fixed to the bottom. The box holds the weighing instruments and an LCD screen which displays the weight of the object.

Digital crane scales make the task of lifting objects without known weights a more efficient and speedy process. For one or two objects, weighing each object on a scale before lifting it with the crane would not be too difficult; but, for a large number of objects or a high-speed process such as a factory, these scales allow you to weigh each item that is being lifted as you lift it.

Digital crane scales come in many capacities, sizes, and price ranges to fit every need, every use, and every budget.

Wireless Crane Scales

Wireless crane systems are designed to help the weighing process from start to finish. The systems are not only designed and built to withstand any conditions, but they are also designed with their user in mind, opting for easy to read screens and wirelessly transmittable data.

Because the measurements are going from computer to computer, there is not any room for human error. Numbers will not be transposed, dropped or misread. The system will also allow the user to stand a comfortable distance away from the object being weighed and measured. Radio data transmission from scale to device easily reaches 60 yards.

Rechargeable batteries operate the scale mechanism. Internal parts that move have been taken out of the design in the hopes of ensuring a maintenance-free scale. Wireless crane scales also provide the user with a very high rate of accuracy. Its high weight resolution is up to 0.5lbs.

Read more about these scales on our blog posts below and contact us with any questions. We can even do custom solutions. At Arlyn Scales, we value our customers and strive to meet their needs wherever possible.

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