How Can Counting Scales Save Time?

How Can Counting Scales Save Time?Have you ever taken time to count 100 pennies? Perhaps as a kid, you did—probably because you had nothing but time. As an adult, time is a luxury and most people have opted for tossing their pennies into jar with plans to eventually count them up and put them in penny roles to cash in at the bank.

Yet, who has the time for that? That is why some genius invented the coin counter, a machine that will do the job of counting our pennies for us, saving time and money—literally!

The coin counter seems like a simple tool, but have you ever wondered how that device actually works? It is operated with a scale, of course! With a coin counter, the machine has already been programmed with all of the basic information needed to make the coin counting process work.

For instance, a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter all have different weights. As each type of coin is inserted into the coin counter, its computer can determine by weight, if what it received was a penny, nickel, dime, or quarter.

Still wondering how that works?

The computer within the coin-counter sums up the weight of each coin amount. For example, a new US penny weighs 2.5 grams. So if you put a dollar’s worth of pennies into the coin counting machine, then it would calculate a total of 250 grams, dividing it by the weight of one penny, 2.5 grams, outputting the sum of or $1.00 (100 pennies).

(Ex. 2.5 grams x 100 pennies = 250 grams and 250 grams / 2.5 grams = $1.00)

Of course, all the user has to do is feed the coin counter and let the machine do all of the calculating! That is what makes this type of technology so amazing.

Acquiring the type of technology that allows users to count doesn’t end with counting coins, although money is usually the ending factor as to why we want and even need this machinery. Being able to determine the amount of almost anything by simply weighing it has also made business and manufacturing companies easier to operate. Companies around the globe are utilizing counting scales as they can now be designed with certain functions and features that can make any work environment easier.

Inventory Control

Counting scales offer businesses the ability to count a high volume of units efficiently and accurately. This feature is most beneficial to businesses that have a high volume of stock on hand, especially if that stock is tiny!

A company that produces ballpoint pens may have a warehouse stocked with different types of pens ranging from typical plastic to a higher quality material. These assortment of pens will most likely have a different weight to them. By utilizing the counting scale, businesses can calibrate their scale with the weight of each type of pen and then weigh them in bulk instead of having someone count them one by one.

Quality Control

Counting scales can also be used to ensure quality control and it is utilized in the food industry, too. For companies who process fruit, it is sometimes required that the particular fruit being treated meet certain packing standards.

For instance, a company that sells a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries needs to make sure that only 12 berries are packed in a box for shipment. This can be done manually or with a counting scale. Investing in a counting scale that allows the user to input the weight of one strawberry gives this business the ability to weigh a bulk amount of strawberries, letting the scale count for them.

With the help of an easy calibration system, a counting scale can also record whether or not the items meet the weight limit that was set by the operator. This is to avoid any anomalies. Should an under-sized strawberry find its way into the batch, the scale counter will not read it and the consumer might get one little extra chocolate-covered strawberry!

With a feature like this, counting scales are typically connected to other sophisticated machinery creating an assembly line that can also discard any anomalies and complete the packing process.

Reducing Time, Manpower, and Money

The use of a counting scale is not solely meant for large companies. There are some small businesses that have been fortunate enough to achieve the type of success that increases their sales overnight.

That typically means that there is an increasing demand for their product and that they don’t have the manpower to fill their orders in a timely manner. This is where technology is implemented with the counting scale because it can help these businesses accurately and efficiently count high volume parts, allowing the consumer to receive their product in a timely manner.

A company that produces nuts and bolts might want to invest in a counting scale instead of paying an employee by the hour to manually count ‘x’ amount of screws to prep for packaging. Of course, this is all determined on the amount of units being manufactured.

Even with an item as light as the paperclip, a counting scale that has been implemented with Aryln Scales’ high precision and advanced digital algorithms will have the ability to weigh and count items as light as 0.0001 lbs., minimizing operator error that often happens when counting large volumes.

Service that Counts!

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