Weighing Scales Used by the Metal Fabrication Industry

Weighing Scales Used by the Metal Fabrication IndustryWhen it comes to metal fabrication, there are quite a few components that go into ensuring that whatever you’re producing is of the highest quality. The grade of metal used in a product can make a huge difference when it comes to its strength and durability over long term use. Without accurate weight measurements, it can be difficult for fabrication companies to understand if what they’re producing is robust enough for its intended use.

Arlyn Scales Has Decades of Experience in the Metal Fabrication Industry

When it comes to turning to an industrial scale manufacturer, we understand that you have loads of options both on and offline. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, which has given us a certain sense of what works and what doesn’t in our industry. We’ve developed a bit of a niche surrounding developing the highest quality industrial scale for our customers. We manufacture a line of off the shelf industrial scales, but we also offer a whole host of custom scale solutions to meet our customer’s exact needs.

Being in the industry for so long is a testament to our high quality products, but it’s also allowed us to continue to hone our craft and develop new scale features that are welcomed by many of our customers, including those in the metal fabrication industry. Below are just a few of the features you can enjoy when you purchase a scale from our company.

Key Features and Capabilities of Our Industrial Weighing Scales

Ultra Precision Scales Offer Ultimate Flexibility

In the metal fabrication industry, you may have a need to weigh objects of all different shapes and sizes. In the past, the higher capacity scale you needed, the less precise it would be when it came to accuracy. Thanks to an internationally patented technology called Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), our Ultra Precision Scales can finally give you the best of both worlds: precision and capacity.

Our Ultra Precision Scales measure displacement as opposed to shock or stress, which allows us to manufacture these scales in a much more rugged fashion that does not sacrifice capacity or accuracy. We offer a wide range of models with capacities ranging all the way from 10 lb. to 1000 lb.

If you’re looking for precision readings at high capacities, or looking to count large batches of small items, there really is no better solution for your facility’s needs.

Stainless Steel Load Cells

One of the most fragile components of most industrial scales is the load cell. This is often because scale manufacturers will manufacture their load cells out of inferior materials like aluminum or steel and place them under more robust scale platforms to give customers a false sense of security. At Arlyn Scales, the majority of our load cells are manufactured out of stainless steel, which ensures our scales are durable and accurate both today as well as into the future. In addition to manufacturing our strain gage load cells out of stainless steel, we also install and recess four load cells into each corner of our scale platforms. This gives us a significant advantage in that it allows our scales to be much more resistant to shock loading and overloading, which are both problematic in the scale industry.

These stainless steel load cells are all sorted in groups of four based on precision readings to ensure that they’ll provide years of accurate weight readings. By matching outputs, we’re able to also eliminate the summation board, which is another common fail point in many industrial scales.

US Based Manufacturing

It may be difficult to look at US based manufacturing as a unique feature that differentiates our company, but the reality is that more and more manufacturing is making its way overseas for any number of reasons. At Arlyn Scales, all of our design and manufacturing is done right here in our own facilities located in Long Island, New York. We have an experienced team of designers and manufacturing personnel that have decades of combined experience in the industry. We look at these employees as invaluable in our goal to deliver the highest quality industrial scales to each of our customers.

With our US based manufacturing and design teams, we’re able to spot issues much earlier than companies who may have their design teams located in the US, but outsource all of their actual manufacturing overseas. This can create massive bottlenecks, which can slow production and innovation. We’ve found that by controlling the entire process we’re able to deliver a better finished product to our customers, all at an affordable price because we’re so focused on maximizing efficiencies throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Factory Direct Business Approach

Similar to what makes our US based manufacturing approach so appealing to our customers, we also sell all our scales directly to our customers. This cuts out any middlemen or distributors and in turn allows us to pass on some of these savings onto you, the customer. This also streamlines our support and allows us to work directly with our customers, as opposed to pawning the support of our products onto distributors that may simply not be able to provide the high level of support we can just based on our intimate knowledge of our products as well as the overall industry itself.

Constant Innovation to Improve the Overall Experience for Our Customers 

Another key differentiator between the way we do business and some of our customers is that we really want to be a key partner with each of our customers. We want to look at your business processes and use our expertise to help you decide where efficiencies can be gained through the use of our products. While we’re most definitely in the business of selling industrial scales, more importantly, we’re in the business of building lasting business relationships that will exist for many years to come. This is how we’ve continued to grow in the past 30 years, and we’re confident that this strategy will continue to be fruitful for our company going forward.

Reach Out Today to Learn About Any of Our Industrial Scales

If you’re interested in learning more about how our industrial scales can benefit any type of metal fabrication, feel free to reach out to us via phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form. We look forward to looking at your current processes and determining how one or more of our industrial scales could help to eliminate bottlenecks and boost profitability within your metal fabrication facility.