Upscale Display Indicators with User-Friendly Interfaces

Upscale Display Indicators with User-Friendly InterfacesThe ideal scale display controller would have an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, be technologically advanced, be able to take a knocking or a little water and perform in colder or warmer climates and be cordless so you can use it anywhere with any scale and be capable of performing more complicated functions. That’s a long list, but there’s no need to look further than Arlyn’s UpScale Touchscreen Indicator, now in series number 9.


Intuitive Screen, Using Familiar Layouts and Technology

Android-powered, the screen works very much like a website or phone menu. Anyone who has a smartphone or can navigate a tablet can navigate our Graphical User Interface (GUI) screens. The front page is clean, indicating only the necessary information for clarity.

Just like the conventions of a website, three grey dots close together in the very top right corner indicate there are more menus available, making menus comparatively easier to navigate than other brand controllers.

Upscale Display Indicators with User-Friendly Interfaces

       Source: Screenshot from Arlyn Scales UpScale Display Indicator user manual

When the scale perceives there is something to weigh, the indicator glows a red dot called the “Stability Indicator” until the object is stable enough to get an accurate reading. Then the dot lights up in green to let the user know the object is stable and a good reading was taken, as in the diagram below. This simple system cuts out any doubts.

Upscale Display Indicators with User-Friendly Interfaces

Source: Screenshot from Arlyn Scales UpScale Display Indicator user manual


Other technology is also very familiarly used, such as USB sticks (also known as thumb drives or flash drives). See the “customizable” section below for a list of different output options.

As you can expect with most touchscreen panels, swiping is also activated and is an intuitive part of the interface experience.

The most frequently-used buttons are on the bottom right corner and the most needed information in a concise table at the bottom center.

Don’t hesitate to  with us. Tell us about your business needs and we’ll give you suggestions, no obligations.

With very few training hours anyone can master the many functions. A quickstart document of two pages gives users all they will need for the basics. A full user’s manual explains the more complicated tasks, step-by-step and with screenshots, such as:

  • setting up data
  • preferences
  • saving the weights for tares (unladen weight)
  • exporting to email

Importantly, the software supports more complicated tare functions, such as instant search/sorting, database tare storage, and more.

This is an excerpt from the full user manual:

“A more accurate and convenient way to tare weights is to define and store them in memory. You may define as many tares as you like within the scale’s memory capacity. Your scale has up to 4GB of storage available, providing virtually unlimited space for saving tares and other data.

To view the currently stored tares:

1) Touch the QUICK MENU button and go to “Settings” to enter the scale’s Setup Menu.

2) Touch and Drag the left panel downwards to show the Tares section. Then touch the “Tare Definitions” selection.

3) You will be shown a list of all tares that are currently saved in memory. If there are none then “None Defined” will be shown. See below (image].”

Flexibility and Portability

Firstly, the controller does not have to be mechanically attached to the scale, it can be attached to a desk, a wall, etc.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be plugged in! One of the valuable innovations is that the console can rely on a battery pack  – making it truly portable when you don’t have a plug nearby. The battery can last 1-2 hours, with extra rechargeable batteries available for purchase.

The UpScale controller is non-proprietary, meaning it doesn’t have special cables that you can only purchase from Arlyn Scales. For instance, it can work with a regular HDMI cable and comes with 5-pin DIN connector.

It works with any scale, notably, even with other brands. With our 30 years of experience in the field, this would simply be an opportunity for Arlyn Scales to build a relationship with you and introduce you to some of our high-tech and competitively priced scales for your future needs.

Tell us where you use scales in your business and we’ll help you figure out if the UpScale is a good model for you. You can feel free to ask any other questions at the link above.

Customizable (see customization pricing form here):

Output options range from

  • Analog
  • Ethernet
  • WiFi
  • RS—232
  • USB
  • Flow Rate
  • Remote Buttons (uber-useful!)
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Buzzing alarms
  • Data logging with export and email capabilities
  • Counting, yes, these scales can be configured to count how many pieces are on the weighing platform. The display it will note it as “pcs” instead of “lb”

Powerful Console

The UpScale Display Indicator runs on a powerful Quad Core processor. Sounds just like a computer, doesn’t it? Just wait. 8GB of storage. Android-based. 1GB of DDR3 RAM for more than enough power to run multiple processes at the same time.


The unit is also water-resistant, manufactured with a rubber gasket and molded enclosure. Optional is a stainless steel enclosure (body) for better protection against corrosive chemicals and the knocks and bumps it might suffer. Operating temperature range is 14°F to 104°F.

Contact us to find out more about how this  can be used with any of your scales.