Material Handling Scales Made in the USA

Imagine a world where people have good-paying jobs that they hold for many years until retirement. Younger people in this world want to learn useful trades that they will hang onto for life. The manufacturing, mining and agricultural sectors are strong, which means companies are willing to keep jobs close to home.

This doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Making this dream world a reality starts with buying industrial equipment that’s manufactured in the USA. Arlyn Scales is dedicated to creating and maintaining domestic jobs. Any material handling scales purchased from the company help to support continued economic development right here in the states.

Product Lines Made in America

Perhaps most important, however, is the fact that Arlyn Scales has made sure to offer products that meet the needs of nearly every industry. Sadly, some companies that continue to make products domestically have had to drastically reduce their inventory. They focus on merely one or two lines in order to drop costs.

Technical staff at Arlyn Scales has not proposed these cutbacks. The company continues to provide all of the following options for those who need material handling equipment:

All of these devices come directly from the factory and are made in the United States.

material handling scales

Modified Load Cell Design

Countless sources offer load cells. A quick look through any industrial parts catalog can prove that. Arlyn Scales designs, develops and produces their own rugged cells. Most of these are made from stainless steel, which keeps them in good condition for many years to come.

The company’s existing portfolio includes cells as small as two pounds in capacity. The largest go as high as 20,000 pounds. The format and size of any cell can be modified to fit new or existing devices, which makes Arlyn a very flexible provider for anyone who needs parts that fit the specifications of a certain project.

No one material handling scale design can tackle every single job, which is why this kind of flexibility is so important for those who have exacting needs. Fortunately, this also gives Arlyn the freedom to take custom orders without having to outsource anything to a foreign country. The same supply chains that handle all of Arlyn’s projects can complete all of the work done on these orders.

Custom Scale Application Orders

Being able to design material handling scales based around preexisting parts can cut down on how long it takes to finish a product. It also helps to ensure that needed components always make their way into designs that require them.

Countless applications require accuracy levels that are far more precise than what you might expect out of traditional strain gauge load cells. Arlyn’s portfolio includes patented Ultra Precision cells that can be anywhere from 10-20x more accurate than classical technologies. This makes them attractive for exacting material handling situations.

Laundry cart weighing kits are a good example of the kind of custom work that Arlyn has done in the past. Onboard weight sensors can determine the amount of laundry in carts assembled for some specialty customers. Parts counting and inventory control is another case where custom design came into play.

Multiple bins located on a shelf were monitored in a workshop to determine the total number of parts in an inventory after determining the exact weight of a single component. Wireless network connections communicated the information to a central database. Low inventory levels in the workshop triggered automatic messages, so technicians were able to make sure there were enough parts at each facility regardless of where they might be physically located.

For many years, companies have had to rely on imported foreign products to fill this niche. They might have worried about receiving support, since it can be difficult to track down contact information for companies overseas. Fortunately, Arlyn Scales’ products aren’t just made in the USA. They’re also supported from a domestic office.

Support for Legacy Scales

Support is a topic that many companies are concerned about when they plan an investment. Few firms want to buy a piece of industrial equipment without being sure of the fact that they’ll still be able to get documentation and specification sheets for it in the future. Arlyn continues to support units equipped with older pre-2007 MKE-5 indicators, which should help to illustrate just how dedicated the company is ensuring that manufacturing techs have the knowledge they need to work with machinery no matter the age of it. Arlyn Scales will continue to provide documents for scales shipped today for quite some time, thus eliminating concerns about not being able to find it later.

Scales Made to Order in the USA

This is only a small example of what Arlyn Scales can do for small-to-medium sized businesses that want to support American jobs. Competition from foreign companies is making it harder to keep manufacturing jobs at home. Arlyn offers a wide variety of solutions that can make this prospect easier to handle in your factory. For instance, high-speed check weighing adapted to conveyor belts can offer industry-best speeds and accuracy without tying up technicians who could be working on more important tasks. Contact us today and tell us more about your company’s specific needs