Low Profile Scales: 3 Use Cases

Low Profile Scales: 3 Use CasesThere are many types of scales used in the industrial arena, and low profile scales are one of the most versatile types of scales on the market. They can be used in any number of areas, including manufacturing, production facilities and even farming. Their low profile means they are ideal for the easy loading and off-loading of items that need to be weighed.

A low profile scale is so-called because the platform that is supported by load cells is just a bit above ground level. Some low profile scales can be designed so that they are embedded into the ground, leaving the weighing platform at ground level itself. In the case of items to be weighed, this means loading and off-loading is painless. In the case of farming or veterinarian establishments, animals can be guided onto the scales without having to climb, which might otherwise make them nervous.

Cases for Low Profile Scales Usage

Below are several use cases for low profile scales that may apply to your own needs.

Floor Scales

As mentioned above, perhaps the most common use of a low profile scale is as a floor scale. These can either be flush to the floor in a pit, or with ramps for pallet truck access.

If you transport items to your low profile scale with a pallet jack, then it is always best to have the scale fitted with a ramp. It is too difficult and fatigue inducing to expect loads to be placed upon the scale with a pallet truck if no ramp is provided. If your low profile scale does not have a ramp, then you will need to load items using a forklift.

If you have the option, try to have your low profile scale installed into a pit, so that the load cell-bearing platform sits flush to the floor. That way any item that needs weighing can be maneuvered onto the scale effortlessly.

Veterinary Scales

In order to check an animal’s health, it is necessary for its weight to be documented and monitored. Small scales are reasonable for small animals, but when it comes to larger and exotic animals, you are going to need a scale that can handle these larger capacities.

Naturally, when inside any manner of veterinary establishment an animal will already be unsettled by the environment. Suddenly picking it up and placing it onto a scale is likely to be a distressing experience. If agitated, keeping the animal in place and motionless while on the scale becomes an almost impossible task.

A low profile scale is the perfect option for the weighing of larger animals. The low profile of the scale platform means that the animal just has to ‘step up’ onto the platform in order to be weighed. They would view such as experience as ‘natural’ as opposed to being lifted, and are likely to be much-better behaved as a result.

Agricultural Scales

When selling animals for introduction into the food production industry or for other needs, they are typically priced by weight as opposed to number. Weighing individual animals can be a time-consuming process, which is why it is important that you have the correct tools for the job. Agricultural scales needs to be sturdy and versatile, and need to function without issues in external environments. Naturally, animals prefer to be outside rather than in, so if you introduce livestock to an unfamiliar internal environment, you are only asking for trouble.

Low profile scales are ideal for agricultural use and are sturdy enough to withstand constant use and much of what the elements can throw at them. Additionally, low profile scales have features that allow it to be used as pig sorting device. Here, pigs pass over low profile scales on their way to a feeding station. Depending on the pig’s weight, they are then directed to a specified feeding pen, meaning pigs that are underweight receive more food. Pigs that are a specific, desired weight can be sorted automatically for transportation. The separation of pigs in this manner means that larger pigs do not dominate the food, while smaller pigs do not end up under-nourished.

All low profile scales can be provided with a number of optional extras, including automated data-logging, Internet connectivity and enhanced information displays.

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