Laundry Scales with Improved Efficiency

Laundry Scales with Improved EfficiencyIf you work in or manage a facility where laundry is handled, you understand the importance of accurately weighing garments and linens. There are countless industrial scales on the market, but when you’re weighing large amounts of laundry several times per day, it’s important that the equipment you choose is up to the task.

At Arlyn Scales, we have been manufacturing scales for more than 30 years, which gives us a unique level of experience when it comes to laundry scales. We’ve watched scale technology improve over the past several decades and continue to improve our own scales to ensure they meet the needs of our customers across a wide array of industries.

If you’re looking for a laundry scale in particular, our versatile Arlyn 3200 Series Platform Scale may meet your needs as closely as anything on the market. This scale offers a number of unique features which will prove beneficial based on the ruggedness you’re looking for in an industrial scale.

Arlyn 3200 Series Platform Scales

The Arlyn 3200 Series Platform Scales offers a number of unique features that make it a solid choice for any organization or facility that’s handling large amounts of laundry. A few of these features include:

Rugged Construction

Commercial laundry facilities require scales that can keep up with thousands of pounds of laundry on a daily basis. Our Arlyn 3200 Series Platform Scale offers a number of features that will ensure it can last for many years within your facility.

We offer both aluminum and stainless steel models, each featuring stainless steel load cells for added protection and durability. Most other scales manufacturers will use less rugged metals such as steel or aluminum for their load cells, but we’ve found our stainless steel load cells to stand up much better to the rigors of commercial laundry facilities. Steel plated load cells, which are used by many of our competitors, can develop pitting which can in turn lead to corrosion.

One of the primary benefits of stainless steel load cells, especially when used in laundry facilities, is that they’re less susceptible to damage due to shock loading (when an item is suddenly dropped on a scale), or overloading (when a scale is loaded well past its capacity rating).

Our stainless steel load cells are built to withstand the daily tasks that are common in a commercial laundry facility. These load cells are actually heat treated for increased ruggedness and all of the electrical components feature a silicone coating to provide an even greater level of protection.

Low Profile Scale Platforms

One of the most common ways that laundry items are weighed is with the help of a laundry cart. These carts can be extremely heavy, and while they do have wheels, they can be difficult to move, especially when they’re filled with hundreds of pounds of laundry.

The problem with many scales is that they have relatively high scale platforms which can make loading and unloading laundry carts quite difficult. Thanks to our low profile scale platforms, in conjunction with an optional ramp, your team members will be able to easily load laundry carts onto a scale to ensure the loads are well within your industrial scale’s capacity limits.

Another key benefit of low profile platforms is the benefit they can have on your employees. Moving laundry carts on and off of scales multiple times per day can be extremely taxing on your employees and we’re confident that they would appreciate any incremental benefits that you can introduce to help make their jobs easier.

Our platform scales feature platforms that are just 1 & 7/8” high, which in conjunction with our ramp can make light work of even the heaviest of laundry carts.

Moisture Resistance

Regardless of the type of laundry your facility processes, there’s a good chance that the laundered items will be wet at times, which means that drippings from the chemicals used during cleaning could affect the internal components of your industrial scale.

To combat this problem, many scale manufacturers will apply a basic enamel paint to a scale’s steel platform, which only provides a small amount of protection. These types of scales will often experience surface scratches from laundry carts and other equipment, which will quickly turn into corrosion because of the limitations of the hardware paint. Once a scale begins to corrode, it can quickly expand and affect other areas that may still be painted on the surface. Over the long term, corrosion can significantly reduce the proper functionality of any industrial scale.

At Arlyn Scales we offer two different types of protective coatings, which both offer added protection compared to the hardware paint that’s often used by many of our competitors. Below is a bit of information on each of these options:

  • Zinc-rich galvanized epoxy – This epoxy is only used on our steel models where it comes standard. The use of zinc particles helps to protect any exposed steel and helps prevent any chemicals or compounds from migrating to other areas of the scale.
  • Triple epoxy with mica particles – This model is only available as an added option on our stainless steel scales. This epoxy offers a variety of benefits including corrosion resistance and it also acts as a chemical and moisture barrier to prevent caustic chemicals from penetrating and compromising the integrity of your platform scale.

Data Accessibility

Commercial laundry facilities often require the use of laundry scales with high capacities. Our platform scales feature two capacity options:

  • 500 lbs., with a resolution of 0.01 lbs.
  • 1000 lbs., with a resolution of 0.02 lbs.

In addition to the large capacity options, our laundry scales feature a variety of communication options that allow you to have near instant access to weight data. Using USB, Ethernet, WiFi, RS-232, and a myriad of other connection types, you’ll easily be able to access and analyze weight data for your entire laundry facility.

Interested in Purchasing One of Our Laundry Scales?

As expensive as commercial laundry equipment can be, it’s critical that you’re not overloading your washing machines and commercial dryers. By purchasing a high-quality platform scale from Arlyn Scales you can ensure that you’re not overloading your equipment, which will, in turn, help you to boost your facility’s efficiency on a daily basis. For more information on any of our industrial scales, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form.