Floor Scales For Industrial Laundry Facilities

Floor Scales For Industrial Laundry FacilitiesSmall-scale laundry services sometimes use a complicated, per-piece pricing system based on the size and type of material. Industrial-size laundry companies, on the other hand, will invariably charge by weight. This is a simpler system that also serves a purpose of not overloading your machine, which could cause it to break faster, or on the other hand, under loading it, which, in the long-term greatly reduces the efficiency that you could be achieving.

Whether you’re a laundry service provider; hotel; military laundry SLCR specialist; lead the laundry room operations in a medical or residential facility; spa or salon; purchasing a scale that is easy to use will help you get through the piles faster and save you money.

Set Minimum and Maximum Weights for Loads

There is no need to waste the machines’ or workers’ time, energy and money starting an incomplete load.

The president of an industrial laundry service, Joe Gudenburr reveals to Laundry Ledger that under-sized loads do not actually equate to a shorter time to dry and energy savings. He claims it also causes an unbalance in the washroom by creating a wait for the dryer.

Overloading is a more common scenario, and one that tends to stress and break machines. Including an accurate and efficient scale in your process could save your machines.

Low Profile Arlyn Scales

Mechanical beam scales with multiple moving parts were often used in commercial laundry facilities in the past. These were often difficult to read and sometimes required expensive repairs.

Our scales are onepiece with no moving parts and tend to be low off of the ground. Pair that with a slight ramp and employees can easily cart the laundry on and off of the scale, making it a quick, lightweight process and less prone to injury.

We recommend the low-profile 3200 Platform Scale that is only 1 7/8 off the ground. Outfit it with ramps and swap out the standard aluminum platform for stainless steel to create the perfect, durable, corrosion-resistant, customized scale for your industrial laundry operation.

This scale comes in a size from 20” – 48” however, you can always give us a call if you need a specific size.

About Customizing a Scale Directly with Our Plant in the U.S.A.

Arlyn Scales has been innovating in scale technology and manufacturing our own scales for almost 40 years. Our factory is in New York, so any customizations are communicated internally, without the messages getting misconstrued through a middleman. Our factory-direct sales model keeps your money from going to commissions to outside salespeople and distributors.

Our high-end technology and quality scales are competitively priced in the market. Talk to us about the struggles you are facing now in your laundry facilities or about your new, future endeavor. We have hundreds of scales and years of intimate experience with many industries. Arlyn Scales will take care of you from your first contact and help you consider your processes.

You can fill out our contact formemail us, or pick up the phone at 800-645-4301.