Drum Scales: How To Obtain Accurate Weight Measurements

Drum Scales: How To Obtain Accurate Weight MeasurementsIf you are in a business where you need to obtain the weights of drums, then accuracy is obviously key. If you are simply estimating drum weights then you could be undercharging or overcharging your customers. If you are undercharging them then you will be losing money, and if you’re overcharging them you will lose their business and you risk losing other customers as well.

Obtaining accurate weight measurements is simply not a matter of loading your drum onto a drum scale and reading off the figures – there are a few other considerations you need to take. Here is a quick guide – courtesy of the team here at Arlyn Scales – on how to obtain accurate weight measurements when it comes to weighing drums.

Are Your Scales Capable of Providing Accurate Measurements?

The first aspect you need to consider is the accuracy of your scales, and that really comes down to them being fit for the items you’re attempting to weigh. Some scales lose accuracy under the added strain of constant heavy loads, so you need to know whether you have the correct capacity scales for the loads you are weighing.

Drums have varying capacities but the most common, 55-gallon drum weighs 40 pounds when empty, but can weigh well over 500 pounds when full. You need to make sure your drum scale is accurate at these high weights.

Are Your Scales Placed in the Correct Area?

The place in which you use your scales will have a huge effect on their accuracy. In a busy working environment people tend to get used to aspects of what is going on around them – such as noise, air movement and vibration – but a drum scale will always be affected by these things.

Vibrations especially will have a huge bearing on measurement accuracy, as the weighing platform will vibrant when in use. Take care not to position your scales close to areas where vibration is an issue, for example, close to an area with a lot of traffic or heavy machinery.

How Accurate Do Your Scales Need to Be?

When you’re measuring heavy loads of 100 pounds or even greater, it’s unlikely you are going to want to know how much your load weighs down to the nearest one thousandth of an ounce. When it comes to a drum scale, you are unlikely to use it to measure miniscule amounts of chemicals, or an ounce or two of fluid.

The accuracy of your scales comes down to resolution, and the closer the resolution to what you require, the more accurate and useful you are likely to find your scales to be. For example, if you are happy to obtain figures down to the nearest tenth of a pound when it comes to weighing drums, it’s unlikely you are going to want scales that can measure down to a tenth of an ounce.

How Much Use Are Your Scales Going to Receive?

Spending all day weighing drums is quite a task for most drum scales, so if this describes your operation, then you are going to need a very resilient set of scales. It is no good relying upon a pair of scales that are supremely accurate the moment they are placed into operation, but lose accuracy as the day wears on, and then at the end of the week they have to be completely recalibrated.

A good set of resilient industrial drum scales should be the kind that can be relied upon for years, not just days. If you work in a hectic facility, then bear that in mind when it comes to choosing the correct type of drum scale that works for you.

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Have You Purchased Your Drum Scale From the Best in the Business?

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