Cylinder scales for the Gas Manufacturing Industry

Cylinder Scales for the Gas Manufacturing IndustryWhen you’re working with finite amounts of a substance, the tiniest miscalculation can spoil a delicate and expensive procedure. Liquefied gas cylinders are used in literally hundreds of industrial processes. Factories and workshops that deal with this kind of material need precision measuring equipment to figure out the exact amount of contents in a cylinder.

Paying attention to the pressure inside of a cylinder isn’t an effective way to figure out how much gas is inside. Pressurized cylinders tend to report the same value until the last droplets of gas have been vented from them. Aryln Cylinder Scales are designed to monitor the weight in order to determine the total amount of gas remaining. Read on to learn more about how these scales can benefit your factory operation, then email our representatives at or pick the phone and call 800-645-4301 toll free.

Cylinder Scales for Standard Sizes

Semiconductor companies and other firms that work in highly technical fields that require exact gas cylinder measurements need scales designed to work with industry-standard capacity containers. Aryln cylinder scales are designed to work with any industry-standard sizes between 60-300 lbs. Once an operator has configured a tare weight, they can be sure that the scale in question is measuring only the gas inside.

Cylinder Scales For Cylinders, Pails And TanksScales with Stainless Steel Load Cells

Durability and accuracy are the two biggest issues when working with the weights of liquefied gases. All cylinder scales from Aryln Scales use a specially designed stainless steel load cell that provides an exceptionally thin platform. The dimensions come out to only 9 1/4″x 9 1/4″, which makes them easier to load.

Gas cylinders can be extremely heavy, which can make them a pain to load onto a scale and then remove later. Since our scales feature a profile that’s only 1 3/8″ high, this process is much simpler to deal with. Companies that have exacting requirements can even request full stainless steel construction if necessary.

Scales built to these specifications include stainless steel pans, frames and legs as well as load cells. Each of these scales is precise to within a very exacting metric. Weights can usually be read as closely as within 0.02 lb., and those who need even more precise units can look into the Arlyn’s Ultra Precision Scales line.

Intrinsically Safe Gas Cylinder Scales

Some chemicals can combust at a moment’s notice.This could leave no warning for technicians working with cylinders that hold these potentially flammable gasses. Aryln’s FM-approved cylinder scales may be suitable for these environments. These units are designed to work in situations that require Intrinsically Safe scales or those that need units that are largely explosion-proof.ArlynScales_ContactUs

Data Output

Measurements are only useful when the data can be used to complete a task. Gas cylinder scales can fit a wide variety of outputs including:


• 0-5V

• 1-5V

Full function computer indicators can feature a number of other adapter including USB and even Wi-Fi connectivity. Units fitted with the sophisticated Arlyn UpScale digital indicator can use sophisticated enhanced data-logging features that are particularly useful for those working in the gas manufacturing industry. Setpoint functionality can alert you to when a specific gas cylinder is filled to a particular capacity.

Some companies may fill cylinders until they reach a certain pressure, but they’re often only filling them part of the way if they use this method. Monitoring the weight as a cylinder is filled is a much more effective way of knowing when it’s got a sufficient amount of gas inside of it. If a technician wanted to know when a cylinder reached the 30 lb. level, then they could set an UpScale indicator to output weight frames when it reaches that target weight. Local data logging systems can record weight frames to a USB stick or other external memory device. Companies looking at bringing their cylinder system into the era of cloud computing might even want to look into indicator options from Arlyn that integrate with Google Spreadsheets.

Weighing Materials in Pails & Tanks

Weighing Chemical Tanks For PlantsGas manufacturers, semiconductor companies and the like employ a wide variety of containers. These scales are designed to measure liquefied gas and other materials that are stored in pails and tanks as well. They’re capable of measuring fluids that turn into a gaseous state at standard temperature and pressure as well. Most tanks stay at maximum pressure until the last bit of liquefied gas boils off into this form. Monitoring weight bypasses this issue regardless of what kind of container a particular workshop uses.

Warehouses and other facilities that have gaseous compounds stored in a variety of form factors can reduce costs by investing in a single scale that can handle them all.

Cylinder Scales for Specific Use Cases

If you were to examine the production chains in ten different gas manufacturing facilities, then you’d probably find eleven different individual use cases. Everyone’s needs are specific, and this can complicate things when ordering industrial measurement hardware. Contact us on the web to talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives to get some more information about what kind of scales fit your specific manufacturing concerns as well as your budget.